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Here we go Ace XD

12/27/2019 #1

(Ill control Erika, And most of the Mascots. Speaking of which, what you think of Deo? Is he good?)

12/27/2019 #2

(I think he's fine if you ask me. I guess this is after Moonlight is introduced?)

12/27/2019 #3

(Actually I want it to be before. As Id like Deo to meet and bond with the team before Moonlight returns.)

12/27/2019 #4

(Okay! I'll maek a new character to be teh cure fpr him then)

12/27/2019 #5

(You dont have to, as Id like Deo to be the one to use his Dead partner's heart seed to fight and give himself a human form.)

12/27/2019 #6

(Ohhh, mmm okay)

12/27/2019 #7

(So which episode(In the beginning) Do you want to start with?)

12/27/2019 #8

(You can choose seeinga s how I didn't touch PRecure in an awful while)

12/27/2019 #9

(Do you have to rewatch the show?)

12/27/2019 #10

(Nah, I'll be fine, hopefully XD)

12/27/2019 #11

(Then when do you think would be a good time? I know you told me to choose, but I would like your input.)

12/27/2019 #12

(There are certain things Id like to do that would be a stretch, but other than that I want to make this a good story.)

12/27/2019 . Edited 12/27/2019 #13


12/27/2019 . Edited 12/27/2019 #14

(Maybe a little after Sunshine joins? I think that would make the most sense)

12/30/2019 #15

(How so? I can change his backstory, but I put that Kaoruke was taking care of him ever since he escaped the heart tree.)

12/30/2019 #16

(Darn, what if Tsubomi knewabout him, but kept him under wraps? If not, we can start out with him before sunshine.)

1/2/2020 #17

(I like the latter . )

1/2/2020 . Edited 1/2/2020 #18

(Okay than, I guess we're starting before Sunshine. What episode exactly?)

1/2/2020 #19

(Before Ep....7?)

1/2/2020 . Edited 1/2/2020 #20

(Okei doki!)

1/2/2020 #21
(So you post first as Tsubomi and I'll control Erika?)
1/2/2020 #22

(Umm, okay? What was ep. 7 again?)

1/11/2020 #23

(...Guess You should rewatch the episode)

1/11/2020 #24

Tsubomi sighed as she pressed her cheek on her propped up hand. That boy was sure cute... She might have... fallen in love! She giggled to herself as she stared at the picture in her hands.

1/16/2020 #25

"Mmmm....?" Erika Kurumi, smoothly leaned her face in to stare suspiciously at her friend "What you looking at, Tsubomi?" She questioned her. What could she be so flushed over on their way to school?

1/16/2020 #26

Tsubomi startled up to look at her friend. Her magenta eyes wide and panicked. "Nothing! Nothing Erika, it's nothing!" She fumbled with the photo, hiding it behind her back.

2/6/2020 #27

"...Hmmm...." Erika, of course, was not convinced and the urge to press until she got the answer was strong. BUT, being that nosey doesn't help anyone "Okayy....." she'll find out eventually.

Suddenly in the girl's path, a boy with green hair stands tall with something behind his back "H-Hanasuki Tsubomi!" he shouted out, addressing the pink-haired girl with a resolve that seemed strong but hidden behind, it was as wobbly as jelly "My name is Deo, and I know we haven't met before, but Please go out with me!" he said loudly as he bent forward at a 90-degree angle, holding out in his hand a bouquet of Green Tulips to her.

2/6/2020 . Edited 2/9/2020 #28
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