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1/4/2020 #1

Hmmm...Well here's an idea, plus a couple of questions that I'm pretty sure you'll say no to...

But, idea. We both know the Pretty cure series happens on the same earth and in the same universe. But, what if we create a massive new world threatened by some incredibly powerful ever-present entity that can't be defeated in a single fight. So the guardian deity of this realm creates perfect copies of each pretty cure team and have them appear in this realm to live in and defend it, but with their memories erased of everything except their identities. you know Taimanin Asagi?

1/5/2020 #2

Not a bad idea...We can play around with backgrounds and stuffs too...


1/9/2020 #3

Indeed, glad you're interested.

Though lets get heartcatch going.

1/16/2020 #4

Sorry again D:

1/16/2020 #5

Well hope we can keep this going.

1/16/2020 #6


1/28/2020 . Edited 1/28/2020 #7

Is that the mascot? Can't remmebver that happening...

2/9/2020 #8
Yup that's Deo in human form asking Tsubomi out.
2/9/2020 #9
This moment is why I had us start outside the school
2/9/2020 #10
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