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7/15/2015 . Edited 7/22/2015 #1

Name:Hibiki Kurama




Personality: as a child Hibiki was mentally tormented causing him to be crazy and insane.Later when Hibiki was adopted he learnt what it meant to be loved causing him to eventauly develop extreme kindness to his allies

History:hated by his original family he left to wonder and eventually found his adoptive family the kurama clan soon after that the capital murdered his family while he was out hunting after that he vanished going into training for 5 years.

after training for all those years he decided to become a bounty hunter soon after becoming a bounty hunter he found his teigu genso hato and soon became a renowned bounty hunter with 1 failure.

with the revolutionary army coming to light he was conflicted of which side to join and eventually decided to join the capital to try solve the problem from within.


Strengths:Hibiki's family was extremely skilled in the use of kusarigamas meaning he was taught how to wield one effectively.Hibiki's extreme skill for illusions comes from his teigu which is understandable. Hibiki's finall strength is strategy which he developed himself when he was wondering by making effective traps and using less energy to make a quick and effective victory.

Weaknesses: Hibiki's first weakness is that he is perverted meaning you can easily distract him in combat with a woman. He also has a physical weakness which is a giant wound he got when he was young going acorn his bicep hit that and Hibiki will be serverly weakened.his Biggest weakness his past he is easily caught of guard when some one talks about his past.

Sexuality: Bisexual.

7/22/2015 . Edited 7/22/2015 #2

Name: Zhange Shuugo

Age: 18

Appearance: Zhange is of a well-toned althetic build, of normal height with black short spikey hair with white tips..clothing consists of a black sleeveless shirt, black pants with red down the sides and black combat boots modified for high speed running, his Teigu is at his waist

History: Zhange is from the southern regions born into a poor small village, he had an alright life up until he was 13..his village was burned to the ground and the villagers slaughters by bandits, Zhange ran as far as he could and stumbled upon a cave which held a small hole that had Kusanagi inside of it along with snakes, the snakes did not bite him allowing him to take the sword..he would then set out to train under a former Military Officer, going into hiding with the officer to train for several years until he mastered his teigu's power, he then became a mercenary for hire

Personality: Zhange has a wide range of moods, ranging from being a flirt to women to being calm and relaxed, to being of a tactical mind, Some people say its hard to read him and know what he's thinking due to his many moods.

Weapon/s: Legendary Windblade: Kusanagi

Strengths: close combat, cooking and tactics in combat

Weaknesses: sexy people, his depression for the people he killed in his work

Allegence: Mercenary currently but can be lured to work for either side

Sexuality: bi

8/20/2015 #3

Name: Chet Forrester


Appearance: 5' 8" Caucasian male with short brown hair and dark green eyes. His build is slender and almost fragile looking. While stronger than he looks, he does not have the face of a soldier. His eyes speak of his pain, but always hidden behind the constant smirk he keeps on his face.

History: His parents were killed in a freak accident when he was only a few months old, right in front of him. Despite the odds, he was the only survivor. Being sent from foster home to foster home, even being adopted from time to time, those he was surrounded by would face death at the hands of the rich or by other means and he would always seem to get out alive, not unscathed, but alive. This has often caused him to question why he is always the one left standing, but after seeing so many more hurt themselves by worrying about him, he decided to keep smiling. If he could just keep everyone happy, and at a safe distance, then maybe. He would always find himself proven wrong. Despite this, he has done all he can to help, without really getting in the way. It seems as though some member of nobility wishes him, the last of his line, dead. Against all odds, he has survived, so much so that those who know him call him Death Ace.

Weapon/s: None

Strengths: Always seems to survive pretty much anything(I want to note I said survive. he is not untouchable or invincible. He can be mutilated, butchered, massacred. His body can be wrecked beyond imagining. He just kinda finds ways to survive, even if it just that someone on hand happens to be skilled enough in medicine to keep him alive.), Incredibly 'lucky'(I use this term as some would view his life as a curse)

Weaknesses: He is untrained, never ended a life himself, and has no idea what tactics are. He is a total civilian with no marketable talents other than his reputation, can also be spotted in a crowd because of his cursed reputation and is mildly well known

Allegence: Survival?

Sexuality: Straight

9/6/2015 #4

Both accepted.

9/16/2015 #5
Hjalti Talos
Name: Clayton Ball

Age: 18

Appearance: 5'7", he has very long brown hair, comparable to Leone when she's using Lionel Belt, as well as a fair amount of facial fuzz. He shares a shade of blue eyes with Esdeath, and often wears white utilitarian robes, filled with weapons such as throwing knives and poison darts, and he wraps a shemagh-like cloth around his neck.

History: Growing up in the countryside, he moved with his family to the capital at 18 when a group of raiders burned his village. In the capital, he found places for him to train to become a member of the Imperial Army, although he ended up not joining, realizing how much it would limit his potential. His upbringing in a desert village gave him plenty of survival instinct, and skill as an assassin, since he often had to sneak up on his food. He still wants to be a part of something related to the military, and, due to being what could best be described as a fanboy of Esdeath, has been training to join her ranks.

Weapons: Sabre, jambiya dagger, several throwing knives and poison darts, blowgun.

Strengths: A natural survivalist and killer, as well as fanboyish loyalty to Esdeath if he joins her ranks. Wide arsenal of short to mid-range weapons. Plenty of potential.

Weaknesses: Young/lack of experience, unused to cold enviroments, has a smoking vice and expensive-ish tastes, has skill but no technique or real outlet (as of yet).

Alliegance: Empire, Esdeath

Sexuality: Wants to keep his body pure if Esdeath takes him as her own

10/11/2015 #6
Lobo Argost

Name: Takeda "the Angel of Death"

Age: 18

Appearance: Takeda wears a well kept black pinstriped suit with an ornately decorated white longcoat over it. The coat has black accents, and he wears black fingerless gloves with black leather boots. His eyes are brown, and his black hair is swept back in short spikes that he has a habit of brushing back with his hand.

Personality: Takeda is a calm individual who makes a point to keep his temper in check, and carries out his duties with cold detachment. Off the battlefield, he's surprisingly kind and gentle. He may be absolutely blood chilling to his enemies, but children adore him, and he always makes time for them. When one of his berserk buttons is pressed, you will know. These include bringing harm to children or attempting to do so, committing suicide rather than fight him, and pointlessly spilling blood for no other reason than self-gratification. He sees much of himself in General Esdeath, which is why he harbors feelings for her and will do anything to make sure her wishes are carried out. While he is aware that the Empire is corrupt because of Prime Minister Honest, and has some problem with the status quo, he does nothing to change things and continues to serve Esdeath, being too much of a blood knight to change things. Besides, he's a soldier, and doesn't view it as his place to question his orders.

History: Born in the eastern territories, Takeda is the sole heir to his family's school of swordsmanship: an Iaijutsu style that follows the philosophy of Uradachi, AKA Satsu-jinken, the murdering sword. When his family was slaughtered in their sleep by jealous rivals, Takeda sought them out over the course of several years and killed them with Yamato. Afterward, he departed for the Imperial Capital with nothing but Yamato and the clothes on his back. Once in the capital, he met Esdeath after slaying a large group of muggers without even batting an eye. His strength impressed her, and he accepted her invitation to become her subordinate.

Weapon/s: Dimension Cutter: Yamato

Strengths: Takeda is a powerful swordsman, the greatest master his family's style has ever produced. Though he enjoys a good fight, he scoffs at the idea of holding back to drag a fight out. Preferring instead to go all out each time to weed out the week and find a worthy foe. Most of all, he is no fool, and isn't easy to deceive.

Weaknesses: Cold and calculating he may be, but he isn't heartless. He's been known to briefly abandon a fight to ensure the safety of non-combatants, especially children. Even being willing to squander his trump card for the sake of protecting children.

Allegiance: Esdeath, plain and simple.

Sexuality: Esdeathsexual

10/19/2015 #7
Name: Valpurcis Age: 18 Appearance: he has pale skin ,white hair ,the white of his eyes have become black along with his nails and mouth. Normally wears formal black attire. History: he lived in a village far from the capital, he was a nice and peaceful person but could never shake this hatred he bared for the Empire. When he had become 16 he worked in the local coal mine while digging one day he discovered a black pearl buried under the dirt. When he toke it home that night he thought he heard whispers coming from the pearl when he leaned over to try to hear it better the Pearl suddenly bursted into a gelatinous thing of black tentacles and begin to enter his body. Turning him into what he is now. Weapons: uses what is on hand but usually uses hand to hand combat but there's no formal training. Has bonded with the teigu Dākuāmu:Gurētoīta which is what made him become what he is now. Strengths: has knowledge of human anatomy which he uses when he fights, bears superhuman speed and strength and a lack of pain reception. Weaknesses: due to his lack of pain he tends to be reckless in fighting and usually end up suffering quite a bit of damage which is normally not a problem due to his regeneration ability but if he suffers too much damage he will recede into the pearl and remain there for a certain period of time to recuperate. He is always agitated and insane and usually possesses homicidal tendencies making him somewhat unpredictable and dangerous. He becomes more hostile in the presence of high pitched sounds and is rendered mobile if hit by electricity or is on fire for certain period of time. Allegence: even though he is dangerous and unpredictable the Revolutionary Army found him and he ended up joining their ranks mainly so he can take out his anger on the Empire or rather those who are corrupting it. Sexuality: has little interest but is straight. ( i do apologize for the non spacing my phone when I submit the post condenses everything together.)
12/25/2015 #8
psycho revenant

Name: Jonathan "Scumicide" Grafton

Age: 15

Appearance: Bloodshot hazel eyes, various Death and Thrash metal shirts. His manifested Teigu "Forger" taking up his right forearm, along with Slayer carved into both arms. Scars from torture and war cover his chest and back. Black hair, and has "Fuck you." in runes carved into his forehead. 5'11, lanky. Black hair.

History: He was born to the Grafton family, the immediate family being part of the IRA, after being tortured until he was thirteen, his friends broke him out, a war broke out between him, Jason, Kayla, Karla, and Lloyd. After multiple massacres of the soldiers the rest of the family commanded, he located them, and killed them in the style of Tom Lynn Sells. At the start of the war, he found out about Death and Thrash metal, which inspired his battle results.

Weapons: The Forger, a Teigu that creates war material, weapons, soldiers, all the stuff needed for total war. His consciousness was placed in it, somehow making it invincible. Imagine the Star Forge from Star wars, mounted on a guy's forearm.

Strengths: The infinite armory, droid soldiers, fights like a madman, can hunt down his enemies, no matter where they are, master of the Rough and Tumble and Metal fighting styles, constant flow of combat drugs, utterly fearless.

Weaknesses: Insanity has some disadvantages, not that patient, tends to have to be held back from killing people that don't deserve to live. Weak to pleasure, can be counter productive to ambushes if he has to wait.

Allegiance: Himself, essentially anyone that kills corrupt people.

Sexuality: Straight.

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