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7/15/2015 #1

Name:world of illusions:genso hato

Apearence:a Mask with a black background and horns coming from the forehead and mouth red markings around the eyes and with long white hair attached this mask was made from a human like danger beasts face that was know for causing illusions

Ability:to cast "real" illusions manipulate living things (note user must have stronger will then thing being manipulated other wise user might suffer severe migraine).

trump hearts fear:this causes the opponent to go into an never ending illusion with the opponents biggest fear(note opponent can be taken out of illusion by feeling pain or pleasure)

user:Hibiki Kurama.

7/22/2015 #2

Name: Legendary Windblade: Kusanagi

Appearance: A black curved version of the actual Kusanagi sword

Ability: The ability to control sharpness of the blade and the wind around it once it is swung causing destruction yet peace wherever it goes, it's 'trumpcard' per say is Hurricane which brings forth a large hurricane to rain destruction on his foes, can only use Hurricane 2 times a day and only when he needs too

User: Zhange Shuugo

8/20/2015 #3


9/16/2015 #4
Hjalti Talos
Name: Sand Blade: Lalilulelo

Appearance: A simple, seemingly mundane desert raider sabre with a crystal in the hilt with a single grain of sand.

Abilities: When sand or dry dirt is near, this blade gives the wielder the power to manipulate it and use it to attack the enemy. (Not Gaara-level stuff, but enough to be a threat)

Trump: Mankoro the Sand Beast: Generates sand to create a Sand Beast, almost acting like a Summon from classical RPG games. While this beast does pose a serious threat, it is fairly weak and falls easily, but has a good enough risk-reward factor since summoning it weakens the user significantly, but it gives plenty of sand to use in battle when there is none.

Weaknesses: Water/Ice abilities.

10/11/2015 #5
Lobo Argost

Name: Dimension Cutter: Yamato

Appearance: An ordinary looking katana with a black sheath and gold decorated pommel and guard. This teigu was created from the bones of a Danger Beast said to be able to cut through any substance with the blades on its limbs.

Abilities: Yamato's primary ability is its immense cutting power, which is dependent upon the compatibility with its wielder. A master of the weapon can even cut through objects outside the blade's physical reach and slice apart objects longer or wider than the blade itself.

Trump: Zandatsu. The wielder harmonizes with the spirit of the teigu and slows their perception of time to enable more rapid and precise cuts. The duration of Zandatsu is partly dependent on the user's skill, but no one has ever been able to use it for longer than a minute at a time before needing to recoup.

Weakness: Zandatsu has a recharge time of five minutes if going for a full minute, during which the blade's cutting power is significantly decreased, making Zandatsu best employed in short, calculated bursts.

10/19/2015 #6
Dākuāmu:Gurētoīta Appearance: a small black pearl Abilities: once it bonds with a host it devours their heart becoming there core. It then breaks into a zombie like state meaning that it stop the aging process, removes the need for sustenance and rest, and boosts the users physical abilities by 20x. And grants the user rapid cellular regeneration healing the body in matter of seconds from most injuries and protect them from getting sick, infections , excetera;However this is not its main function. Its main function is to seek out other Imperial arms devour them and gain their powers to further increase its own. However it must eat the entire Imperial arms an order to gain its power eating a small portion of it for some of it may on the grant little use of its ability or none at all. Trump: it bears its own trump It has the ability to render Imperial arms useless so long if there within 15 feet of its host and once this ability is used it cannot be used again until 72 hours have pasted. Weakness: although I cannot be destroyed it can become unuseful or weaker should host begin to reject it or if hit with large amounts of electricity or fire.
12/25/2015 #7
I'm sorry for the non space in my phone condenses it when I hit reply
12/25/2015 #8
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