Akame ga kill Rp: Trancending voice
Bored with the canon aka me ga kill why don't you Rp with us :D
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Hibiki Kurama was walking along an ordinary country path in search of his target, not to soon he had found where they lived.(now you guys begin to write :D, p.s if you are going to say something that does not concern the Rp please talk in brackets)

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-Knock knock- as the door opens Hibiki jumps in and slashes of his targets head.(feel free to post here :D)

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Chet rolled backwards to in surprise, his forehead receiving a gash. Rolling away he cried out, "Not this again!" Kicking the table over as a weak ploy to escape, and accidentally flinging the pot of tea from the table at his assailant, Chet cried, "Run while you can, guy!" This seemed like a sincere warning as opposed to a threat. These words lingered in the room as Chet dove out a window.
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psycho revenant

(All my posts will be in first person.)

I saw what was happening, and laughed. But I heard that someone was coming up behind me. I turn to see an imperial soldier walking up to me. "Back off asshole." I punched her in the face and shot her in the back of the neck with a Raging Judge.

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