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Listen people, this is something I've been wondering about for quite some time.

I read in a few articles and on several homepages that Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable were not fond of each other.

Legend has it that she disliked his false teeth and hated kissing him, and did not get along with him.

I wonder if that's true, because as Rhett and Scarlett they have such an amazing chemistry on screen. I know they're actors, after all, so that's their job, no matter if they like their film partners or not.

But still, it's interesting. What do you think? Have you ever heard of this?

12/9/2009 #1

yep I've read that too but I've also read (I'm not sure whether on wikipedia or youtube) that she had a good friendship with him and Melanie's actress but couldn't get along well with Ashley!

you can check it yourself just look up either vivien leigh or GWTW or something related on wikipedia...ummm if it was on youtube, then the video will be something like "the making of Gone With the Wind" there are 14 or sommething parts so you have to be patient to get the truth! lol ;)

12/14/2009 #2

I think its pretty sad that the actor who played Ashley died by a plane crash or something...I just heard thta long time ago and dont know weather its true or not. I heard that Leigh didnt wanted to kiss Gable because of his breath. But who knows...:)

7/19/2010 #3

The man who played Ashley, actor Leslie Howard returned to England when World War Two was raging in Europe and he wanted to serve his country. As a native of England, he joned up to serve in the miltary. He was returning from Spain on a commercial flight after a trip there, when his flight was shot down, becasue the Nazi's believed that it was really the plane that carried Winston Churchill, England's Prime Minister at the time. A very sad end to a fine gentleman actor...

10/19/2010 #4

Vivien disliked kissing Clark Gable because his false teeth were ill fitting and he had bad breath because of his dentures. She did not dislike Calrk Gable as a person.

10/19/2010 #5

I read that she didn't like him as much because he tried to r*** her.

5/17/2014 #6
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