Galaxy Battles!
Somewhat of a Star Wars-ish RP, but without its characters or spacecraft! just create your own characters, spaceships and entire species and have fun!
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Just Ray

here's some information to help you with your OCs a bit and to give you a clear image of how this stuff if built up:

first off, the existing species you can choose from:

-Human (just looks like a human)

-Moon-Human (looks like a human, but more pale and with cat like eyes)

-Mercurian (very short and stubby with rocky skin in gray, black or red)

-Venusian (insect like in appearance, with 8 eyes and green or brown skin, about the size of normal humans, 4 arms)

-Martian (look almost the same as humans, but with scales instead of skin, and pure blue eyes)

-Jupiteran (tall and slender, red skin, spikes all over their bodies, bull like horns)

-Saturnian (are similar in appearance to humans, but with yellow, bony skin and red eyes)

-Uranian (have snake like tails instead of legs, green, yellow, or orange skin, red or yellow eyes)

-Neptunian (small clouds in various colors who communicate through bird like sounds)

-Plutonian (the outcasts of the other planets are sent here, so can look like any other species)

Next, the groups an OC can be part of:



-the NEC (New Earth Council) (Earth)

-the Red Spot Alliance (Jupiter)

-the Titan Droid Army (Jupiter/Titan) (Only Droids can be part of this group!)

-the Earth Defenders (Moon/Earth)

-Workers (All Planets)

-the Ring Raiders (Saturn)

-the abandoned (Pluto)

-and of course every planet just has their own military force

Here are the military ranks and the colors that come with it(these count for every planet and group):

-rookie: dark gray armor and a black helmet with a black visor

-soldier: dark gray armor with lime green accents and a gray helmet with a black visor

-captain: dark gray armor with yellow accents and a gray helmet wirh a yellow visor

-commander: dark gray armor with white accents and a gray helmet with a silver visor

-supporting troops(medics, mechanices, etc): light gray armor with medium azure accents and a medium azure helmet with a black visor

-special forces troops: light gray armor with red accents and a red helmet with a black visor

-special forces commander: light gray armor with red accents and a red helmet with a golden visor, along with golden shoulder pads

-general(WARNING: only moderators can make generals!): white armor with dark blue accents and a white helmet with silver visor

the basic spacecraft classes:

-starfighter (fast, small, max. 2 people)

-interceptor (fast, a bit larger, max. 4 people)

-gunship (normal speed, large, max. 10 people)

-cruiser (slow, very large, max. 100 people)

-dropship (slow, large, max. 55 people)

-speeder (fast, very small, max. 3 people)

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Jacky the Serket

You should add a list of species you can make your OC, like it would have humans and all that, but also the Zandolins and Rarsneens

9/6/2015 #2
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