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Somewhat of a Star Wars-ish RP, but without its characters or spacecraft! just create your own characters, spaceships and entire species and have fun!
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Just Ray

here's the form for creating a soldier!





Planet/group they fight for:




good or evil?:


other items:

relations(family, friends):

personal spacecraft(only starfighters, speeders and interceptors):




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Just Ray

Name: Horatius "Hal" Bolt

Species: Moon-Human

age: 36

gender: male

Planet/group they fight for: NEC

rank: special forces commander

appearance: he is 6'1 tall and weighs approximately 178 lbs. he has yellow, cat like eyes, pale skin, and dark brown hair. he has slight stubble on his face, and wears the normal special forces commander uniform, but with small dents here and there

good or evil?: good

personality: he is a good friend outside of combat, but in battle he is a stern leader who demands perfection from his troops. he respects his superiors, but expects anyone lower in rank than him to follow his orders without question

weapons: he has a medium sized silenced plasma gun and dual energy katanas

other items: he always keeps a picture of his wife with him

relations(family, friends): his mother is deceased, his father is an engineer stationed at a moon-bunker belonging to the humans. he had a wife, but she was killed by the Ring Raiders

personal spacecraft(only starfighters, speeders and interceptors): SC-16 "Crow"

likes(optional): chess, practicing fighting, touring around on his speeder

dislikes(optional): his troops disobeying him

backstory(optional): he was born on the moon to an engineer and a normal citizen, said normal citizen dying during child birth. he quickly learned how to take care of himself, as his dad was always working on improving the technology they used. one day his city was attacked by Jupiteran soldiers. the Jupiterans were eventually defeated and fled, leaving most of their equipment behind. Hal used this technology to build his personal speeder, the Crow, as well as his energy katanas, which he made out of engine parts from a crashed starfighter. when he was sixteen, he went to earth and was recruited by the NEC as a rookie soldier. he quickly rose through the ranks to a special forces commander and became legendary among his troops as a master in close combat. when he was 28 he married a fellow special forces commander, Kayla Equila, who was captured and executed on a mission to assasinate a Ring Raider commander. since his wife's death he has become more protective over his troops, and he'd give his own life for any single one of them

9/6/2015 . Edited 3/27/2017 #2

Name: Special forces commander Krobockolis Heltic

Species: Cledarion

Age: 75 years of age. Krobockolis only has thirty years left until he collapses onto himself and burns out,If he and another one of his kind form together they'll explode and create a new cledarion, just for future reference I might make a post of how Cledarion anatomy works.

Gender: Gasses don't have genders.

Planet/ group they fight for: the U.C.O.C.B.L group. Which stands for "The universal cleaning of carbon based lifeforms." A group devoted to getting rid of the 'disease' that is any living thing that is not living gas like they are.

Rank: Special forces commander

Appearance: Krobockolis who I shall now call Krob stands at four foot five if he's resting on the ground and not floating. He doesn't really weigh that much since he's gas as previously mentioned. He has a badge that notifies bystanders that he's a special forces commander for some sort of military the fact that he's one of the main supporters of the U.C.O.C.B.L. has to remain hidden. Krob is a glowing jungle and jade green in color while a dim cyan aura surrounds him. There are two miniature puffs of gas that revolve around him when he floats. The color of the alien's five orbs are Magenta, Azure blue, honey comb orange, cyber pink, and lime green all orbs have auras around them as well all being their respected colors.

Personality: Krob takes his job extremely seriously he's a cold and charismatic being that will exploit you and weaken you before ruthlessly betraying you by bringing the whole fleet towards your home planet. So Krob is a violent, deceitful, and highly feared individual. He's disgusted by any living thing that's not a firm of gas so I guess you could call him a bigot. He's highly intelligent being one to scout out his surroundings and mapping out locations mentally. Krob is fascinated by the entire concept of gambling which is an easy weakness to take advantage of. Krob is extremely cautious around fire which could kill him by sending him into an inferno. Krob can also be killed by weapons fueled by concentrated dark matter, light sabers, and plasma based weapons. Anything else will just kind of pass through him well anything primitive like regular gun fire, arrows, or melee based attacks lasers are effective though. In some cases melee attacks are effective if they hit his orbs. Anyway Krobockolis plans on overthrowing his home planet's government once the U.C.O.C.B.L's mission is complete.

Good or evil?: Evil

Weapons: None, he is the weapon. For example Krob could reach telepathically with a fighter pilot and implement memories into that pilot's head that didn't happen then the pilot would start to realize things he hadn't and decides to off himself by crashing the craft that craft then hits one member of the fleet and then the whole fleet starts to get disorganized and messed up.

Other items: Just his badge

Relations: Well besides parents Cledarion's don't have relatives and they don't really have parents for all that long. Basically the two "parents" fuse together into one being their orbs connect they both explode and a new cledarion is created. Two years later the being of gas is mature enough to be considered a young adult. At age seven it is considered fully matured. The only friends krob has are members of the cult and citizens of his planet that and some of the natives on Neptune.

Personal space craft: The crypt queen

Likes: Gambling, science, psychology, destruction, plutonians, technology, the idea of only gas-beings.

Dislikes: The truth, other races, food, fire, clutter, primitive, cultures, and ignorance.

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Just Ray

um... accepted I think

9/6/2015 #4

It was an accidental post I'm not finished yet..

9/6/2015 #5
Just Ray

ah, I see

I was like "Um... wat?"

also, I think so far there's only bad guys aside from Hal and the two species Chief has created

9/6/2015 #6

Yup, Krob is going to be evil. He might be redeemed later on.

9/6/2015 #7
Just Ray

I feel like your group would be friends with the Ring Raiders

although the Ring Raiders don't want to exterminate all life but just want to make Saturn the capital of the universe

9/6/2015 #8

They'd only spare the inhabitants of Neptune.

9/6/2015 #9
Just Ray

the Ring Raiders would only spare themselves

9/6/2015 #10


Do you know how I imagine my group would attack ships if they were trying to escape the planet. They'd travel into vents and exhausts and smother out the people inside.

9/6/2015 #11
Just Ray

Hmmm... very interesting

9/6/2015 #12
Just Ray


9/6/2015 #13


9/6/2015 #14
Jacky the Serket

Name: in native language: Alckanackia Snalnminakcoo. In English: Antholix Cericz

Species: Rarsneen

age: 23 human years

gender: male

Planet/group they fight for: fights for his home planet, Sarenta

rank: captain

appearance: the Rarsneens are not able to wear clothing, necessarily, so basically he has been painted over with the colors of his rank. The paint is very smeared and faded, however, but it did do a good enough job covering his normal brown, burnt-looking skin. His arms blades are rather all for a Rarsneens, but their mch more while, somthing a Rarsneens needs a bit more than power, yet not many of them posses the power. He's also very small for a Rarsneens, at 5'11, but that just increases his agility. He has big, mantis-like eyes as well as the rest of his body being mantis-like like the others of his species.

personality: he's one of the few smart rarsneens, and knows well enough to not get into fights with his other species, not talk back, and don't say you're the best. He's completely loyal to his species and will follow any orders. While he doesn't promote violence or cannibalism as much as the others of his species, he does preform in these activities to ensure that they don't get mad and cut his head off. Survival is the only rule he will play by, that and follow your commanding officer's orders. He takes the army seriously and will die to defend what he feels right. He will do just about anything to live, even preform canibalism, even though he hates the act of satin your own species. He keeps his blade under good care and will never leave them dirty for very long. He also is a bit of a critic of everyone, but he keeps his opinions to himself for reasons of staying alive

good or evil?: depends in what side your looking at. On a Rarsneens side, he's good, on every other side, he's bad

weapons: his blade arms

other items: none, really. They don't have working hands

relations(family, friends): he has a mother who seems to always get into trouble, and them he has to help her out of trouble. He has no friends since Rarsneens don't get along socially.

personal spacecraft(only starfighters, speeders and interceptors): none

likes(optional): fruit and vegetables, books, the world's creatures, the pink sky of his home planet

dislikes(optional): violence, canniballism, senseless fighting, other things his species usually adore.

backstory(optional): growing up as a Rarsneens is a rather tough life. No one cares that youre young, and will still cut your head off if they're made at you. As a young one, he had to practice he act of cannibaoism, which he only partook in because he was forced to, or else he would die. He also only learned how to fight in fear of keeping his life. His father died when he was a very young age, and he had to ale care of himself, and his incredibly. Joke to mother who always had had he mind to eat her son. He grew up mostly run in away from people who'd want to kill him,and had a bad reputation among his brethren. He joined the army as soon as he could, since army people have some privlages, like being untouchable by those angry rarsneens, and quickly rose through the ranks, being successful because he was quick and deadly.

9/7/2015 #15
Just Ray

accepted Chief!

9/8/2015 #16
Godzilla the Destroyer
Name:Eclipse Blackmoon. ---- species:Lunar Dragon,las of his kind. ---- age:Unknown. ----- gender:male ---- planet/group they fight for: Doesnt really fight unless somebody threatens his territory,but he defends pluto. --- rank:none,is basically a rogue. ----- appearance: a large black dragon with celestial wings,glowing blue claws, pale white eyes and a nasty set of jaws used to spit out blue flames. ---- good or evil:Both ---- personality:Ferocious and quite hotheaded. Doesnt trust anybody, and holds a great deal of power. Hell,his ancestors were able to EAT planets. (dont worry,hes not that large. Over time they shrunk down.) --- Weapons:Claws, Celestial fire, Teeth/fangs,super strength. --- other items: None ----- relations: All dead ---- spacecraft:None,can breathe and fly in space. ---- likes: Killing things,darkness ---- Dislikes:Everything and everybody else. --- backstory: Being the strongest and largest of his kind he was considered extremely powerful,but one day when he was out in space his entire planet was engulfed in flames. The cause is unknown,but now what remains is a dead,black planet filled with the bones of his brothers and sisters. He returns there from time to time,stareing,silent. His hatred is tremedous and he will stop at nothing to find out what happened.
9/10/2015 #17

Ahsoka Tano

3/9/2016 #18
Just Ray


4/24/2016 #19
Great Khan





Planet/group they fight for:NEC


appearance: 190 cm brown short mohawk. brown eyes a short beard. wears the wears the basic commander armour but with red and green details, the armour is battle scarred and in good use . Has a scar going from his forehead across his right eye.

Personality:friendly and open minded a good leader

good or evil?: good

Weapons: laser rifle

other items: An awesome sense of humor

relations(family, friends):his girlfriend and his battle brothers and his real brother

personal spacecraft(only starfighters, speeders and interceptors):none

likes(optional):blasting enemies

dislikes(optional): sith

backstory(optional):he lost his parents as a small child leaving his older brother to take care of him they lived on the streets and learned to survive the hard way and later on joined the NEC fighting for their home and with great success they climbed the ranks soon becoming commander of a newly formed legion of elite soldiers.

4/24/2016 #20
Just Ray


(A sense of humour isn't an item though just to make that clear XD)

4/24/2016 #21
Great Khan

it will be one day

4/24/2016 #22
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