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Just Ray

Here's the form for creating an entirely new species!


Scientific Name:

Home world:

Home world appearance:




technologically advanced?:

preferred weapon?(optional):

preferred spacecraft?(optional):


can other people use this species for their OCs?:

9/6/2015 #1

Name: Cledarions

Scientific name: Cled-are-is-ex-vaporatix

Home world: Decatur#19

Homeworld appearance: Decatur#19 is an awfully strange place consisting of making any visitor feel heavy-weighted or extremely out of place. The planet's sky is a mixture of green and blue while the surface and wispy clouds are illuminated by the planet's two suns which creates a purple aura on whatever it's shining on as if someone cranked up the brightness setting on their computer to the point where the colors hurt your eyes. The inhabitants of Decatur are pacifists and physically don't need food or water all they need are homes which they have built. So it saves a lot of room on the planet letting it remain the large oddly colored thing it is. The ground looks like someone dumped paint all over it and then the colors decided to mix around into some weird murky color.

Language: Cledarian// I'll give a simple chart to show off how simple their language is in a way.


B- Dari




F- Porphis

G- Qerx

H- pür

I- thlis

J- Selas

K- Derwa

L- Kin

M- Tyrese

N- Eudilese

O- Dreft

P- Ferpin


R- Delos

S- Nezra

T- Cen

U- Awas

V- Drafa

W- Jal

X- Grelshar

Y- Grelsham

Z- Derlf

So it might be less simple than I thought. Anyway, here's a sentence with this language first English then to Cledarian. English- the cat walked down the street. Cledarian- Cenpûrarla Zérsholcen Jalsholkindrewarlawrol WroldreftjalEudilese Cenpûrarla Nezracendelosarlarlacen. So yes that's complicated but don't worry the race is telepathic so they'll probably either speak to you in your mind or not speak at all.

Appearance: Cledarions are masses of glowing gas with five colorful orbs floating around inside of them the purpose of the orbs is biologically unknown they're just there. Other then that not much can describe them besides that they come in different colors. A trail of partials is usually left behind when they float along. So to clear it up they have no bodily shape they're just wads of gas.

Reputation: They're well know for their knowledge and peaceful ways making their planet a small tourist hub for those who want to find out about themselves or who to learn more of the universe they live in.

Technologically advanced: Extremely.

Preferred weapon: Cledarions are pacifists but if times are tough they are a weapon. Meaning they'll infiltrate the mind of an enemy solder and cause them to do something that'd result in a large domino effect of death.

Preferred space craft: Cruisers

Leader: Father Galinsholl

Can other people use this species for their ocs?: Yes.

9/6/2015 #2
Jacky the Serket

Name: Zandolins and the Rarsneen

Scientific Name: Zanonica Ferindum, Rarnin Forincrum

Home world: Sarenta (applies for both of them)

Home world appearance: Sarenta's surface appearance is very similar to that of planet earth, with vibrant forests and oceans, exotic animals, rocky terrains,high mountains, all that good stuff. Of course,there are a few minor changes from this planet than earth. Unlike earth's ocean, this planet's ocean freezes over at a specific time of the year, but after a while it will then melt back and everyone can drink from the river again. The tree leaves to through much different colors than earth's tree leaves, the tree leaves on his planet to from blue to purple, and then grey when they finally fall off the tree. The fauna of hue planet is rather exotic and filled with many creatures of all different shapes and sizes. There are many species on the planet, and most of them are used for reaserch or food by the Zandolins. The earth underneath the surface of the planet is filled with expensive minerals and the like, but unfortunately, the ground is incredibly difficult to break, and it'd take a long time for the Zandolins to get any resources from the planet. The planet's ocean is surprisingly shallow, however. This does not bother any inhabitant of the planet, for most of them do not need water to actually live, and if any of them do, them it's only a small amount of water. The sky, which is always pink, similar to when the sun sets, is always without clouds, and every night you can see the moon of the planet, Zoligen, circling the planet.

Language: the Zandolins don't have a preferred language they speak/an official language to their species, which will make it difficult for social interaction between members of the species. In fact, most of the species are usually divided on who speaks what kind of language, and that's how some of them are grouped off, just to make thins easier. The Zandolins mostly speak in series of clicks and other non-verbal noises. The other species that I am making, the Rarsneen, do actually speak through verbal communication, but whatever they say always comes out sounding like gibberish to just about everyone else. It takes a long while to actually study the language of the Rarsneen, but once you learn it, there's a big chance you won't forget it.

appearance: Zandolin Appearance: A Zandolin's skin appears to be any shade of purple and sometimes magenta or pink. They have long ears, resembling that of an elf's, but slightly longer. They basically have eyes similar to that of a cat's eye mixed with a dog's eye, makig it look like a strange combination. The skin of a Zandolin can either be incredibly soft, which is during times of relaxation and peace, or it can be rough and extremely difficult to break, which is during times of combat. This skin still can change it's texture/roughness and softness even after the death of a Zandolin, which is why it can be useful for making clothes or weapon proof armor at times. The Zandolin are mostly go on all fours, but some of them can be bipedal and will prefer this method. The eyes of a Zandolin can range from yellow to white to blue and to just about any other color. Th females have a tail that end in a dark purple tip. This is similar to that of courting. The female with the longer tail or darker purple tip will be more sought out by males. Zandolins can have a huge amount of different markigs and patterns on their body. Some have been recorded to have black stripes on their back, others having dots sprinkled all over their body,and others just being bare and without markings. Clothing is rather unheard of on the Zandolin's home planet, as the Zandolin's are mostly quadrupeds, but the bipedal ones do wear at least some clothin, but it's normally the minimum amount of clothing you can get. The Zandolins have no line of defense other than their rather unique skin ability, but other than that, they are far from creatures of th battlefield, and are much more like creatures of prosperity and diplomacy.

Rarsneen Appearance: the Rarsneen skin is a bright light green in appearance, with three black markings going across their backs. The Rarsneen normally stand at 6'7, making them tower over most creatures of their home planets. They have arms similar to that of blades, and these blades can cut just about everything on their planet that they can reach. They're heads are similar to that of a mantis, and their eyes are big and dark blue in color. In their mouths that have many,many sharp the etch which can easily penetrate flesh. Unlike the Zandolins, Rarsneens are carnivorous as well as murderous. They have a Maximum of six legs which carry it's mantis-like body. Canniballism is not hard to come by in Rarsneen territory, in fact, young ones are encourage to eat their dead brethren at a young age, just to get them use to canniballism at a quicker pace. The Rarsneens don't care much about other lifeforms, as long as they get their own needs met, they're happy. Unlike the Zandolins, these are basically bred for war and destruction. In fact, it wouldn't be too difficult to be able to take one of these beasts, as long as you keep to their needs, they'll do whatever you want. The way a male shows dominance is the size of its arm blades, as well as the sharpness of them. If dominance cannot be met that way, than a fight to the death will happen between the two makes. The Rarsneen, if you couldn't tell already, are just savages that would kill anything they feel like killing, sometimes there target being their own species, so the Rarsneen always live within chaos

reputation: the Zandolin are known for their rather strict isolationist tactics. They don't want to get involve with anything, so they do not want to leave their planet. Of course, that doesn't mean that none of them leave the planet. Some Zandolins, mostly the bipedal ones, will often leave the planet to explore. Of course, no matter how hard they try, the Zandolins will need to ask for help from foreign aid every once and a while.

Rarsneen are just known to be the viscous, brute-like creatures of their homeworld, killing anything they feel like.barely any of these Rarsneen are known as intelligent, and only a few know how to actually learn other languages and even use starships. They don't have a very good reputation, that's for sure.

technologically advanced?: the Zandolin are a bit advanced, I wing how to operate starships and whatnot, they are also trying to work on some new technology which will allow them to actually be able to get the rescources they desire from their planet.

The Rarsneen aren't very smart at all, stuck in a tribal stage of civilization. They do have the occasional person who's gifted in intelligence, and usually that's when a technological advancement will happen breifly. That is, if said smart person doesn't get killed before they can a curie this technological advancement.

preferred weapon?(optional): the Zandolon don't prefer any weapon, nor do they promote violence. The Rarsneen prefer their blade arms

preferred spacecraft?(optional): the Zandolin will usually jut take whatever they get. The Rarsneen barely know how to operate a starship, so they don't have a preferred one, as only a few actually know how To operate one

leader: the Zandolin leader is a grown Zandolin named Martup.the female Zandolin took charge of the Zandolin's due to a type of inheritance when her father, who was the leader of the Zandolin's before her, died to the hands of a Rarsneen who took him by surprise. Martup has hated Rarsneens ever since then, and want to find a way to make sure they don't kill any more of her people. Martup is more of a diplomatic ruler, and would rather hav peace than conflict, as most of her species. She's a very kind and almost always forgiving person. She will not be one to become a traitor, and will always be at your side.

The Rarsneen leader is a hulking beheamoth that is basically the only Rarsneen standing at 7'0 tall. The Rarsneen's name, if we were to translate to english, means 'Bloody Blade' in their language. This is more of a name he ewrned, as he has proven his strength by taking down some of the more powerful creatures on the homeplanet, the blood of these creatures seeming to stain his blades with their blood permanently. Bloody Blade rules with an iron fist, and will not be afraid to kill someone to make a point. Despite people not questioning him, Bloody Blade is a dumb brute who can't seem to figure out basic thijgs,and the only reason he's in charge is because of strength.

can other people use this species for their OCs?: you can use both!

Bonus stuff!:

Zandolin Society: The Zandolin society is a society based around wealth and good fortune. Basically, depending on how much wealth you have, the higher you are on the social scale. The social scale is similar to how humans have a middle class, lower class, and upper class. The way a Zandolin can receive money is by doing various jobs, like on earth. The currency of the Zandolins, the Cratama, is of little to no worth on other planets, which is one of the reasons why Zandolins don't usually leave their home planet. The society is also a very caring one that wants to help their lower class people, or those without money. Those without money are called 'Klanicks', and are to be helped when seen, as it is the moral thing to do. Crime is rather unheard of, this being the reason why there isn't much of a police force in most Zandolin cities. However, if one were to break the law, the punishments are rather large in terms of the Zandolins, as they are normally forgiving and peaceful creatures. The punishments involve isolation, forced labor without pay, and other things along the lines of what would be a normal sentence, but in Zandolin terms these are sometimes considered rather unfair punishments for someone who has only done simple pickpocketing. The queen has the final say in this society, which most people do not like. The queen does, however, have multiple advisors that, due to some corruption with the politics, can be bribed to advise the queen to do something that would benefit a specific group of people more than the society as a whole.

Rarsneen society: Rarsneens don't have much of a society to talk about, really. Sure, Bloody Blade is in control. but he doesn't take care of his people very well. The society is usually in chaos, every single day, and the Rarsneens are without a police force as well. Crime and murder are frequent in the Rarsneen world, as well as some other acts like cannibalism and things that would be considered normal in this community. The society is partially there, but what is there is more focused on strength of a Rarsneen than anything else. Basically, if you're strong, you're higher up on the social scale, if you're weak, you're probably going to die before your position on the social scale can be decided. They do not care for intelligent people, nor do they care for strategies or improving their society, or lack thereof. There is no currency in this society and people can just take whatever they want. They are to fend for themselves without care for the government, and they are just fine with this as it is. The people higher up on the social status have slight advantages, as a bit more protection from the government, but other than that, they get nothing. The army of the Rarsneens, which is surprisingly small, mostly because they cannot really bother with being committed to something for very long, also has a few advantages. Soldiers cannot be killed from normal Rarsneens, which is a relief towards the soldiers in the army. Females aren't treated as well in this society, and they are normally just pushed back while the males do everything else. The males do not want their mates to get into danger, so at least they have one moral. Bloody Blade is the ruler, and what he says goes, or else you will get your head cut off.

Zandolin Relgion: The majority of the Zandolins do not have a religion or anything they beleive in, so you could say that they are atheists. The fact of the matter is that only a few Zandolins are a part of a cult that worship a few gods. There's 'Klinkklok', the god of creation and life in general, then there's 'Klaklik', who is the goddess of the earth and all of it's creatures, the last one is 'Siinnok', the god of the water and the ocean. The mythology of this cult is that when Klinkklok was formed, he was alone in the universe, There was only him, and a small ball. He had basically took the ball, and started to play with it, spinning it in his hands, throwing it into the air, and throwing it at the 'ground'. Every time he had done an action like this, a piece of the balls would break out, and that was what had made the planets and the sun. After a while, this ball was basically nothing but the planet that the Zandolins reside on, Sarenta. Having lost his precious toy, Klinkklok was saddened and began to cry, his tears flooding the small sphere that was Sarenta. That was when a man had come from the tears of the creator, and this man was Siinnok. The man had comforted Klinkklok, and made him stop crying. Afterwards, he had cleaned up some of the tears, but just couldn't get rid of all of them. Sinnok and Klinkklok became great friends, and they all seemed to talk about imaginary creatures they could come up with. Klinkklok, having the power to do so, always made these creatures after they have talked about them. Then, Klinkklok had imagined a woman, a beautiful woman with hair the color of green, like grass, and skin that is incredibly tan. Of course, having the power to do so, Klinkklok had made this woman, and they quickly became married. As a wedding gift, Klinkklok gave her the planet of Sarenta, and all of the animals on the planet. With Klinkklok paying too much attention to Klaklik, he had forgotten about Siinnok, and he had became angry. For now on, every time around the Zandolin month of Jarepy to the month of Feanta, Siinnok would freeze over the tears that Klinkklok have cried, hoping to kill the animals that Klinkklok had made by getting rid of their main water source. Of course, Klinkklok would not have this, and made every creature have the ability to go long periods without water, and gave the sea creatures the ability to walk on land during these times. The Zandolins came in much later, when Klinkklok wanted to have basically a child with Klaklik, so, the two had made the first two Zandolins. The Zandolins, being blessed by these gods, quickly began to prosper and build a civilization from their world. And that's basically the gist of that. But remember, it's only a cult thing, but it's steadily growing, which will mean that there will be more followers of this cult/religion

Rarsneen Religion: The Rarsneen religion completely revolves around war and violence. Basically, the blood of the Rarsneens enemies shall go into the earth, the blood will seep down into the center of the planet and drown a beast of epic proportions, named Gallickmuck. Gallickmuck was once defeated by the only god the Rarsneens know, Kajlinta. Kajlinta had made the beast to challenge himself, being a hero of war and being able to destroy anything in the universe. It sadly turned out that the monster was too much for the god to handle, and he found it impossible to kill, but only knock out for a long time. So, one day, to get rid of the monster before it destroys everything, the god dug a large hole that led to the center of Sarenta, and had defeated the monster inside that hole. Afterwards, the god had covered the hole with dirt. To ensure that no one would be able to reach the chamber of the sleeping monster easily, the god enchanted the ground to make it near impossible to break easily. And, to make sure that the monster would never wake up again, the god would routinely kill animals and let the blood flow down to the monsters chamber, him being the god of battle and bloodshed, he was able to control blood. The monster would drink the blood in it's sleep and this would make him stay asleep. Then, when the god could take no more of the routine killing, he had made the Rarsneens, his own servants to kill for him, and killing is exactly what they did. And that sums of the Rarsneen religion, be it real or not

Zandolin Policies:

Isolation Policy: Due to the Zandolins finding out how much war could hurt an economy and the people of a nation, they had quickly made an isolation policy and had sworn never to go into any diplomatic alliances with anyone. Of course, this rule had to be broken from time to time, but they still attempt to follow it as much as they can.

The Beggar's in Need Policy: This was a recently added one, where Zandolins take a small amoutn of the taxes of citizens and give it to the beggars, in hope that they can use that money wisely enough to buy food and drink.

Controlled Marektap Policy: The drug known as Marektap, which is known for it's hallucinogenic capabilities, has been a part of their culture for a long time, but recently, there has been a law that limits the use of the drug onto only ceremonial days or rituals. The cult that was mention before, however, does not follow this law and will use the drug as much as possible.

Army Recruitment Policy: Despite their isolationist tactics, the Zandolins must protect themselves well enough to make sure that their species do not go extinct. Due to this, the Zandolins have an age in which the people of the nation are required to sign up for the army. If not, they will be punished.

There is obviously many more policies, but these are the most prominent ones in the Zandolin society

Rarsneen Policies: They're too chaotic to have policies

Might of went a bit overboard. Hehe

9/6/2015 . Edited 9/8/2015 #3
Just Ray

Accepted, Coaster!

one thing though, you didn't necesarrily have to actually make the language, just name it.

but it's very awesome that you actually did make a language! gratz bruh!

9/6/2015 . Edited 9/6/2015 #4
Just Ray

Darn, that's a lot of info

Accepted Cheif!

9/6/2015 #5
Jacky the Serket

I love them so much!

Bloody Blade: *cuts my head off and eats it*

9/6/2015 #6

Name: Clexiri

Scientific Name: Clerixius

Home world: Zułpîrô

Home world appearance: It's a rather small dark red planet, with a big chunk blown off of it. The chunk was blown off the planet in a war, this chunk is where the elder lives.

Language: Clevirizin. They can speak English but they speak in a reptillian sort of tone

appearance: Tall dark grey creatures with scales covering there body's. They have lizard likes head. The males stand at 7 feet tall. And the females are 6 feet tall. The males have three tails each with spikes at the end. And the females have two tails with spikes at the end. There mouths are filled with razor sharp teeth and there scales are extremely sturdy. They also have wings and can fly but they usually just fly in there W shaped ships.

reputation: There well known but not in a good way. They had to change planets once because of another species invading them. They are known as hunters and are hated by many. And some are even captures and they become slaves. They will do anything not to die.

technologically advanced?: There planet has a very sturdy and strong metal which they use to make fighter jets and such. So there advanced enough.

preferred weapon?(optional): They have a device attached to there claws which whenever turned on making electric claws cover there real ones, these electric claws are very powerful and can cut through almost anything. They also have a small later just in case.

preferred spacecraft?(optional): They have there own spacecrafts which are in the shape of a W and carry weapons and such. They are pretty big as well. Being able to carry atleast four passengers at once.

leader: There elders name is Vorîž

can other people use this species for their OCs?: Definetly!

9/6/2015 . Edited 9/6/2015 #7
Just Ray

you need to make their spacecraft in the spacecraft creation if you want it to be useable, and you need to give them a scientific name

other than that, accepted!

9/6/2015 . Edited 9/6/2015 #8

The scientific name.. I don't know what it would be :0 and as for the space craft I will do that!

9/6/2015 #9
Just Ray

just put -us behind it or something. that'll make it sound Latin, and also sciency :3

9/6/2015 #10

bam, science :0

*cough* I added the name *cough*

9/6/2015 #11

Oh I forgot to add! They can speak English but they speak in a reptillian sort of tone

9/6/2015 #12
Captain Cattlehammer


Scientific Name:Mitdhous Striklitius

Home world:Midnight

Home world appearance:A cold world of Diamond and ice,The planet appears deep blue from space.It's surface is a enormous frozen ocean with Crystal spires Poking up.

Language:English,Learned from Radio brodcast and Voyager 2 Space disk

appearance:Near human,Except they have blue skin and shell plating on their arms.

reputation:The medics of the Galaxy.Essentially Doctors for Hire

technologically advanced?:Yes

preferred weapon?(optional):Cryoban Grenades (Consumes heat,Reaching 12 kelvin.)

preferred spacecraft?(optional):Silver bullet speeders


can other people use this species for their OCs?:Go ahead!

9/6/2015 #13
Just Ray

You do have to make the spacecraft you mentioned in the spacecraft creation thread before you can use it

once that's done, you're accepted!

9/6/2015 #14
Godzilla the Destroyer
Name:Lunar Dragon --- Scientific Name: Lunarian Dragonoid. ---- Home world:Delta 134 ---- Home world appearance: A dead black orb that used to be full of life and vicious dragons. --- Language: Dovah ---- Appearance: A large black dragon with celestial wings. ----- Reputation: Extremely territorial,powerful and violent. --- Technologically advanced:Nope. --- Preffered Weapons:Claws,fire breath, Incredible strength.-- Spacecraft : None,they are able to breathe and fly in space. ---- leader:Dead, as is the rest of the race. Last survivor is named Eclipse and his whereabouts are unknown. Was the largest of the species so he is belived to be the Alpha. --- Can other species use this as an OC: Possibley, but they must PM me on how they survived the extinction. Eclipse survived because he was out i space when it happened.
9/6/2015 #15
Just Ray

Um... this seems a bit unnecessary. if there's only 1 of the race you don't need to make this a species. I'd make it a Plutonian if I were you

and you need to accept the rulez

9/6/2015 #16
Godzilla the Destroyer
Wait,whats a Plutonian? And look,i said there can be more if wanted,but the person must pm me on how they survuved is all. ill go accept the rules.
9/6/2015 #17
Just Ray

go look at the Basic in-universe information thread. there it explains what Plutonians are

9/6/2015 #18
Godzilla the Destroyer
Alright,got it,and i guess. So....accepted?
9/6/2015 #19
Just Ray

no, sorry. I think it's better to just make Eclipse as a Plutonian OC in a solier, worker, or force user thread

9/6/2015 #20
Godzilla the Destroyer
Eclipse is actually technically an animal. He can speak and stuff but hes just a sort of smart brute! Hes a outcast among outcast and would probably live in a cave on Pluto.
9/6/2015 #21
Just Ray

there is no animal creation, so you'd either have to make him fit in with the other stuff or make a different OC

9/6/2015 #22
Godzilla the Destroyer
Well,i dont want to make it on a seperate thing.....But uh.....Yeah fine he'll be a Plutonian. Nothing specific considering hes a fighter but not in the army. A rogue,if you will.
9/6/2015 #23
The Jackal Animatronic

Name:fur weasel

Scientific Name:silitiff

Home world:'World Superior' is what they call it but the proper name is planet sorrow

Home world appearance:it is a world covered in one quarter ice,one quarter desert,and one half rainforest they have created smooth paths to each of their cities.

Language:they communicate with each other with a series of squeaks,hisses, and tongue wiggling...they communicate to other species telepathically. (although you can block them out with tinfoil hats...)

appearance:they appear to be weasel like creatures without arms or legs.but they have long prehensile tails with a tuft of fur hiding a deadly bone blade on the end they also secretly have short stubby arms and legs but the don't use them instead they slither across the ground like snakes they can also unhinge their jaw like snakes.

reputation:most of them are ruthless and brutal space pirates.

technologically advanced?:yes, in fact no one else has figured out how to use their technology...Because it's weird...

preferred weapon?(optional): It is a weird mix between a blaster and a grenade launcher which is operated with their tongue.

preferred spacecraft?(optional):They have unique space crafts that are only produced on their world these spacecrafts are also operated with their tongues and are called weasel-flyers.

leader: HISSS!*tongue wiggle* translation:Madam greatness

can other people use this species for their OCs?:yes.

6/28/2016 #24
The Jackal Animatronic


Scientific Name: Wolfren-rye Actus

Home world:Neo46218

Home world appearance: the world is mostly forests,deserts,and fresh water lakes...the Waito people live in huts with there being only one factory on their planet and very little harm to their planet's biosphere...They also have five great salt lakes and four mountains.

Language: they speak a language of whispers that is very quiet called Whisper Tongue

appearance: they are thin creatures with long thin arms, legs, snouts with many sharp pointed teeth, fluffy prehensile tails, fluffy gold fur and long fluffy light gold-ish white-ish manes , large red eyes, long multiple forked tongues that are fused into one multi pointed tongue, claws, they tend to have stubs where horns once were and are growing back or still have curved horns, they wear jewelry often.

reputation: they are known for making G.H.O.S.T units and being extremely peaceful.

technologically advanced?: yes.

preferred weapon?(optional):none, because they are Pacifists.

preferred spacecraft?(optional):a basic space fairing ship with weak weapons.

leader: Kai the wise

can other people use this species for their OCs?:yes

8/18/2016 . Edited 9/26/2016 #25
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