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Just Ray

The form for making a group!


Amount of members:


spacecraft they use:



well known?:


special clothing(optional):

special weaponry(optional):

9/6/2015 #1

Name: U.C.O.C.B.L.







Amount of members: The Cult is alarmingly big as of now making about a whopping 40% of their planet's population members. Which isn't good, this cult wants to temporarily break away from their peaceful ways in order to fulfill their main mission. However people were getting sick of the passive ways long before the cult that's why they're joining in but do they really understand that the main goal is genocide?

Goal:To exterminate all carbon based life forms meaning everything that isn't a cloud of gas like them universally yes it sounds like a big yet impossible goal but maybe one day they'll achieve it their plan is to go to galaxy to galaxy in large numbers and start a gigantic massacre

Spacecraft they use: The main type they use are cruisers so they can carry more members inside. The ships are almost like a gigantic oval with two observation wings on their sides. The color scheme of their fleet is just a painting of their leader and the word "Purity." The two observation wings contain maps of soon to be conquered galaxies and other schedules. Then there's the bunks which are chambers the members rest in until they are only two hours away from their destination.

Home-World: Decatur#19

Emblem: The five multi-colored orbs every cledarion owns

Well known: Yes, but not taken seriously by other planet's since they're just gas but on their home planet they're feared.

Respected: The leader of their Home-World despises them tarnishing his traditions and the race's ancient ways. Most citizens fear the cult.

Special clothing : No

Special weaponry: No

9/6/2015 #2
Just Ray


9/6/2015 #3

Awesome now I'm off to make a character.

Also what are your thoughts on the species so far?

9/6/2015 #4
Just Ray

I like them

9/6/2015 #5

Woo hoo!

9/6/2015 #6

Ray.. Spaceship.. Needs accepting..

9/6/2015 #7
Just Ray

it's already been accepted. Good to go means accepted, Salvage

9/6/2015 #8

Oh, Oki.

9/6/2015 #9

Name: U.B.H.I pronounced as Ooh-bee. Which REALLY tales away from the " fierceness" of the group.

U.naversil travelin




Amount of members: Most of the members stick together at their base, which is a popular canteen for mercenaries, scoundrels, and bounty hunters. The canteen is located in an abandoned warship that was ravaged by some centipede-like aliens. So if you're a member but somehow don't go to the canteen regularly then the rest will not acknowledge you. By counting off the members in the canteen there are at least....ten. Yeah, they aren't as well known as they think.

The ten being:

McCries-a-Lot2.0: A Droid of the old war-bringer class but due to the ubhi group's 'mechanic' his programming was severely damaged resulting the fierce war bot to have an overload in the "human understanding and behavior" data which counted all of his vital skills as garbage wear and just gave him what seemed to be human behavior. Now the robot is just a sensitive little thing who will spark up pity for anyone fighting him. He spends his time just emitting a crying noise and rolling around in a circle when he falls over due to his cylinder shape. The bot now hated by his group has been painted a baby blue in color. They then gave him a little hat and continued to let him be pathetic. There was no McCries-a-lot version one they just named him 2.0 since they thought that it sounded smart.

Grillby "lugnut" Zikbran: The "mechanic"/ "scientist" of the group. An eight armed spider like humanoid baring wrinkly bright pink skin and four eyes two being concealed by a pair of goggles rapped around his head. His "jaw" hangs low revealing a row of twisted yellow teeth and a slender tongue drenched in gunk and veins. Grillby has no experience in mechanics or science he just pretends to be smart and when he screws up he blames it on whatever he was working on or with. Grillby has two rusted mechanical arms and a peg-leg on another one if his arms. Grillby despite being humanoid in shape has no actual legs there's just a large stump. He wears a green overcoat to hide most of his grotesque body.

Jebbediah Texton: The leader of the group and the stupidest. Jebbediah before founding the group was just a big idiot baring some decently powerful strength. He was so unintelligent that he never really wore any clothes and couldn't speak his own alien language. The brute then discovered a small but somewhat famous casino in a different galaxy in which he got lucky after learning how to play the different games and eventually won a sloppily made cruiser and an overwhelming fortune. With this the tentacle like alien with stubby human like limbs bought a replica of those cowboy hats that humans wore from a small temple dedicated to preserving some artifacts found from earth. So this cowboy hat wearing suction cupped covered imbecile then bought a good load of weapons and just sat out in the canteen waiting for people to join the group that he had created.

Gelthor "McSnipesSnipes" Bethram: is possibly one of the smartest people of the group. However he can't speak at all after Jebbediah punched him in the throat thinking that he said something offensive. Gelthor is a reptilian being nearing the age of sixty who is a slightly experienced sniper making him a valuable asset to the group. Not much else is to say about him except that he's pretty trigger happy being one to fire at any person that upsets him.

Gloppy: Gloppy is one of the biggest dunces from Decatur#19 the planet known for having extremely intelligent beings. This guy however was kicked off the planet being the quote "Village idiot" that nobody could benefit from. He is a Cledarion with a rare defect of how he's structured he only has four glowing orbs inside of his body of neon pink gas instead of five . Gloppy seemed to be a scientific curiosity to most cledarions but that didn't matter most just wanted off the planet for he could get pretty destructive without intending to do so.

Xemthropax en' zorg otherwise known as "Dog" : Xemthropax is in no way like the others he's just a rarnseeen wanting to escape the captivity Jebbediah has placed him in. The rarnseeen made it up into space by stowing away on Gloppy's ship. Gloppy then brought the losses off rarnseeen back to the group claiming that it was a pet to be kept.

P.a.e.s Droid unit number one "Helpy-guy": Since Jebbediah couldn't find more people for his group he took in about four damaged P.a.e.s. Droids that were thrown out of a passing ship. Unit number one despite P.a.e.s. druids not being made for medical care Jebbediah is trying to force it to do so. By even training it to help others in the group however this intensive training is not the slightest bit effective since"Helpy guy's" main audio comprehension chip is busted.

P.a.e.s Droid units number two & three:These two units have no name and are just two Droids that got stuck together during manufacturing they can still speak but can't move since all of their limbs are just bent or are busted completely. One could compare them to those pieces of candy that get morphed together in the package. They've been doused in orange paint by Grillby for no apparent reason.

P.a.e.s Droid unit four "Stupid guy!":"stupid guy" is a Droid that got his name by upsetting Jebbediah when he wouldn't move or do anything mostly because his main motherboard was snapped when he was thrown out of the ship. Of course the leader thinks the robot is just being rebellious and is quote "sleeping"

Goal: To be the "Greatest bounty hunters ever"

Spacecraft they use: Gloppy's ship fit for a good four people, which would leave Xethropax back at the base with the P.a.e.s Droids.

Home-world: They aren't really settling anywhere planet-wise but the group are from a diversity of planets.

Emblem: A silouette of the group, the figure of Jebbediah can be seen with his hands at his side and cowboy hat on his cone head. Something is lying next to the group which appears to be McCries-a-Lot2.0. Then there's Xemthropax feasting on the p.a.e.s Droids. Then there's Gloppy, Gelthor, and Grillby, they're all standing in front of a orange and purple striped back-drop. It's a surprisingly well made emblem,

Well known:Not at all, when they bust into places on different planets or galaxies and announce their name they usually get a "who"

Respected?: Nope, they can't be respected if barely anyone knows who they are

Special clothing: An orange wrist band

Special weapons: Nope, just the standard blasters.

11/7/2015 #10
Just Ray

Hmmm... interesting


11/7/2015 #11

It's always good to have some comical relief. They're the island if misfit toys for space pretty much XD

11/7/2015 #12
Just Ray

Um... Pluto is already the island of misfit toys here...

I might've read it wrong...

11/8/2015 #13
Captain Cattlehammer


11/8/2015 #14
Just Ray

Hello Al

4/24/2016 #15
The Jackal Animatronic

Name: The Universal United Space Pirates

Amount of members:846 roughly 40 per ship there are 21.15 ships .15 being ships that aren't currently flying

goal:Varied from to loot and pillage the universe to explore every corner of the universe.

spacecraft they use:pretty much any space craft they can get their hands on

homeworld: they started in Pluto

emblem: they couldn't all agree on the emblem so each crew has a different symbol but all of them have cross bones and skull of some sort.

well known?: yes.

respected?:eh...that can be argued...some people fear the Pirates and some don't...some people respect Pirates and some kill pirates...

special clothing(optional):each captain of a pirate ship has a unique bandanna underneath their unique hat.

special weaponry(optional): they could all agree one one thing...They are all very fond of explosives and semi-automatic expect rocket launchers,hand grenades,and pretty much any semi-automatic blaster...And some,actually a lot, illegal explosives and weapons.

6/28/2016 #16
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