Galaxy Battles!
Somewhat of a Star Wars-ish RP, but without its characters or spacecraft! just create your own characters, spaceships and entire species and have fun!
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Just Ray

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a bunch of people just went around RPing in this thread

Now have fun!

9/6/2015 #1
Just Ray

Hal was getting very close to the world of Sarenta. he had been sent by his superiors because rumors had been going around that a group of Jupiteran troopers was going to attack the Zandolin, and he and some other special forces troopers had to help defend the planet if these rumors were true "This is commander Hal Bolt of the NEC, requesting permission to land"

9/6/2015 #2
Jacky the Serket

The Zandolins were currently walking through their village. Well, it wasn't like a village, but more like a big city made out of wooden hugs and whatnot.

The Zandolin leader, Martup, was sort of dazing out in her house, the house beig made just for her since she was a leader. Now, I'm guessing what Hal said was a transmission to the planet, so,Martup heard the transmission and lazily looked over at her radio. Also assuming that he has a translation thingy, she understood the message and let out a series of clicks. In English, she'd be asking why they wanted to land.

((if I'm making too many assumptions, sorry))

9/6/2015 #3
Just Ray

((it's okay. I should've made it more clear))

"I was assigned with guarding you and your citizens from a possible Jupiteran attack" he sent back through his radio with translator thing

9/6/2015 #4
Jacky the Serket

Martup raised an eyebrow at this. "Hmm?" She hummed, the translator thingy makig her series of clicks and Huns in English. "An attack, you say? Well, I'll have you know that wen though we prefer peaceful methods, we can still defend for ourselves." She said, hoping she was sounding formal enough

9/6/2015 #5
Just Ray

Hal shrugged "I need to follow my orders though. I'll just circle around the planet and warn you whenever I see Jupiteran spacecraft approaching, alright?" he transmitted back

9/6/2015 #6
Jacky the Serket

Martup rolled her eyes. "Alright, sure." She said, her skin slowly changing texture into its rough form. She'd probably have to explain why ships are circling the planet now, and she really didn't know how well that would go. She just took the throne a month ago, and the people were still new to her rule, so she had to make a good impression.

9/6/2015 #7
Just Ray

Hal started circling around the planet and ordered his troops to do the same

9/6/2015 #8
Jacky the Serket

Martup slowly exited the leader house and looked up into the sky, making a series of faint clicking sounds which was her species' version of muttering something. She was stressed, that was not a lie.

The Rarsneens, meanwhile, were currently looking like they were on the brink of chaos, but that's how thy were usually like anyways

9/6/2015 #9
Just Ray

Hal just kept circling around the planet

9/6/2015 #10
Jacky the Serket

Martup then went back into the house. She picked up her radio thingy and messages Hal's ship. "Uh, why would these people attack us, exactly?" She asked. Her skin was by now incredibly rough, and it would be difficult to hurt her at all. She was nervous, and this happened when she was nervous.

9/6/2015 #11

(Erm.. Ray, I have a spacecraft that needs accepting

9/6/2015 #12
Just Ray

(good to go means accepted, my friend XD)

Hal transmitted back "Well, Jupiter has declared war to earth and, since your species has a representative in the NEC, they want to enslave your kind so that they cannot help us, which is why we are here to protect you from them"

9/6/2015 #13
Jacky the Serket

"Oh...alright." She muttered, keeping the fear out of her voice as best as she could.

9/6/2015 #14
Just Ray

"Um... this is really none of my business, ma'am... but I think you should warn your people that there's potential danger coming, so they can either hide or prepare to fight. it's better than letting them be surprised, and increases your chances of winning the battle, if it comes, that is" Hal transmitted. he usually respected the decisions of someone in a higher positing than him, but this was regarding the safety of innocent people, so he needed to make sure the right decision was made

9/6/2015 #15
Jacky the Serket

"Uh, yes, yes. Quite right. Uh, excuse me real quick." She ran off and outside of her house.

9/6/2015 #16
Just Ray

Hal sighed in relief that she was going to do the right thing. he slowed down a little bit to be more efficient with his fuel and kept circling the planet

9/6/2015 #17
Jacky the Serket

There was footsteps on the other end of the radio. "I told them...they're not happy. Oh, I made a bad choice..." She muttered that last part under her breath.

9/6/2015 #18
Just Ray

"At least you warned them from the threat. and don't worry, ma'am. nobody likes the person who brings bad news. but in the end, they'll all be thankful that you warned them" Hal said, trying to cheer her up a bit

9/6/2015 #19

A spaceship flew towards Sarenta, being piloted by a Clerixi named Zilin

9/6/2015 #20
Jacky the Serket

She sighed. "Should've stayed out of all this.." She muttered, now sitting down on the floor. Her tail drooped to the floor and she shook her head

9/6/2015 #21
Just Ray

Hal saw the spaceship coming towards the planet and asked it, over radio transmission "Who are you?"

9/6/2015 #22
Jacky the Serket

Martup then slowly left her house, trying to not be noticed right now. She really wasn't fit for this leader thing. She quickly made her way into the forest.

9/6/2015 #23

Zilin slowed down and answered "I am Clerixi.." He replied.

9/6/2015 #24
Just Ray

"What are you here for, exactly? I was not notified that any Clerixi were going to assist in defending Serenta" Hal transmitted back to Zilin

9/6/2015 #25

Zilin then spoke "Who sayss I'm defending it?.." He then began to go closer to the planet.

9/6/2015 #26
Just Ray

Hal frowned "Are you with the Jupiterans then?" he sent an alert transmission to both the planet and his troops

9/6/2015 #27
Jacky the Serket

The alarm was heard outside of Martup's house and some of the Zandolins quickly readied themselves with some weapons. They were normally peaceful, but they can defend themselves well enough

9/6/2015 #28

Zilin then laughed "I am with noone! Unless they can give me a reason to side with them.." he answered.

9/6/2015 #29
Just Ray

Hal looked at his radar to see where Zilin was "it's not a good idea to attack. we're here with 20 starfighters, and the people down there on the planet are all armed and ready to shoot you down if they need to. so here's a warning. leave now, or we will open fire"

9/6/2015 #30
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