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Somewhat of a Star Wars-ish RP, but without its characters or spacecraft! just create your own characters, spaceships and entire species and have fun!
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Just Ray

The form for Jedi and Sith!







Jedi or Sith?:

Lightsaber color:

personal spacecraft?(only speeders, starfighters, interceptors):



relations(family, friends):

9/6/2015 #1
Just Ray

Name: Qarnax Glornstar

Species: Saturnian

Age: 56

Gender: male

Appearance: a generic looking Saturnian with gray hair, gray robes and some black plated armor on his shoulders and chest

Personality: looks down on other species, and thinks the Saturnians should be superior. however, he is not officially a Saturnian citizen anymore, as he was banished for his actions against the NEC

Jedi or Sith?: Sith

Lightsaber color: Red with a black hilt

personal spacecraft?(only speeders, starfighters, interceptors): he has a generic PS-3 with the Saturnian emblem sprayed onto the front, which is basically a yellow ring with a gray dot in the middle

likes(optional): power, cheating in fights, speaking in riddles, commanding others

dislikes(optional): losing, any species aside from Saturnians

relations(family, friends): he is the leader of the Ring Raiders cult, who wants to make Saturn superior over all other species by stealing technology and relics from other species to use it as their own. he considers these people his allies, but not his friends, and will not hesitate to kill them if necessary

9/6/2015 #2

ahsoka Tano
species unknown
age 17

3/9/2016 #3
Just Ray


4/24/2016 #4
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