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Just Ray


Type(worker, soldier, co-pilot):

Planet/Group it belongs to:



tech specs:

NOTE: Droid Soldiers always belong to Jupiter, as Jupiter owns the robot soldier factory on Titan

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Captain Cattlehammer

Name:Z-45-0(Called Zeeo or Church)

Type(worker, soldier, co-pilot):Co-Pilot/Med droid

Planet/Group it belongs to:Independent.

appearance:A blue and red humanoid at around 1.9 meters,It has treads instead of legs ,and a long,spindly body with 8 arms remniscent of spiders.It has a cyberman-like head with 4 eyes

personality:Stoic and polite.Near silent.

tech specs:Arms can be outfitted with different hands.

NOTE: Droid Soldiers always belong to Jupiter, as Jupiter owns the robot soldier factory on Titan


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Just Ray


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Captain Cattlehammer

Woot woot!

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Name: P.A.E.S.-093

Type: Maintenance, piloting, cleaning, the P.A.E.S. can cover basic needs as long as they're simple and don't involve medical expertise or skills in combat. P.A.E.S. stands for//

  • Personal
  • Assistance


  • Entertainment
  • System

So the P.A.E.S can even be used as a household friend or a companion for those who are lonely and posses a good wad of cash.They tend to be like dogs they seem cute and innocent at first but then they'll begin to get annoying until the point where you think. "I still enjoy them here but why in hell do I keep them around anymore?" So basically the paes specializes in most categories excluding things that range in areas involving combat and medical knowledge

Planet/group it belongs to: The line of Droid were manufactured on Decatur#19 but are shipped to other planets and galaxies.

Appearance: The Droid stand at a maximum of two feet and weigh at two-hundred thirty-five pounds due to the build, metal, components, and all that. The p.a.e.s. is a piece of metal cut by the factory into the shape of an octagon that octagon is the body holding the main components to get the Droid to work such as the a.i chip, memory drive, voice recognition software, and even a Playlist of the owner's notes, holograms, or music. Then there's the accessories on the body which are the cup holder and holo-disk tray both located on the middle of the back. The body along with the rest of the p.a.e.s can come in a color of the buyer's choice. However, the selected color will not block out any of the black and yellow stripes going down the center of the whole droid's backside as a sign of caution. Then the head of the p.a.e.s is placed in the middle of the octagonal body the heady is a series of locks and plates forming the shape of a "0" then a lens is placed in that hole which is the p.a.e.s' way of seeing it is also a camera. The lens color can be chosen by the buyer. Finally, the Droid has no legs but in replacement it uses three wheels making the whole bottom half look like a tricycle. As for the arms their their pretty lengthy as they go down to the wheels. The arms aren't really special except for the hands attached to them which have fingers instead of clamps unlike the models produced by the race before. Note: The head can be removed from the body with some dedicated work causing the Droid to be fully aware of what's happening to it. The head can be used as a light, the headlight for a ship, there's a lot of possibilities. Also, the head can be plugged into other droid's with the same amount of work.

Personality: This goes for most Paes droids. They are obsessed with their task no matter how easy or difficult it may be. The hots are little loners and will usually try to bug you when they get 'breaks' which they repeatedly beg for. Paeses love interacting with others and getting the job done faster. If you keep the droid's in a certain area for too long alone they will start acting overly dramatic and depressed. All of these reactions are the result of an overactive a.i chip causing mood swings, egotistical behavior, and a large temper to be displayed. The cledarions are planning on having the droids scrapped or updated hopefully they're scrapped. Some hobbies the droids enjoy are piloting, gossiping, stalking, and even dancing. Like I said before they come off nice at first then you want them gone this goes for every one of them with the exception of having a modified one.

Tech specs: Camera, disk tray, cup holder

Name: J4M13 otherwise known as 'Jamie' by his nonexistent friends. J-413 by everyone since that's his serial number pressed right across his face the half of the number four and the number thirteen were engraved into his lens.

Type: The 093 model of the P.A.E.S droids specialize in most things except medicine and combat.

Planet/group it belongs to: Right now Jamie is on his own and isn't really with anyone but he still has the Decatur#19 manufacturing stamp still branded across his distracted and cup holder.

Appearance: Jamie stands at one foot three and weighs at two-hundred fifteen pounds. His octagonal body is starting to be contaminated with rust while his only decorations are the factory stamp and his serial number engraved into his lens. Since he was a factory screw up and no one bought him he still dons the milky white paint the factory gave him after being built.The engine of Jamie is close to dying out causing him to putter and unexpectedly stop when moving. His voice recognition software is all warped causing sound to go out so he can't hear whomever is speaking. The memory drive is running at an all time fine while the a.i chip is in an average condition.The locks and pads that surround his lens are all jammed up so he can't adjust the focus or zoom in on what he's trying to see. The lens is the factory default color neon blue causing him to stand out well in the dark. A good area on the side of Jamie's body was torn out by a rabid creature on the planet he was shipped to, meaning metal framing is exposed while motor oil is leaving. Jamie only uses one wheel at a time! Since he only has one sure it makes him tip over at times and makes him slightly unbalanced but he can still drag what's left of their hubcaps with him. Other than his right arm being chewed worse than a bone those are all of Jamie's damages. He wasn't thrown out due to these damages but since he was an oddly proportioned unit and was slow in programming

Personality: As previously mentioned Jamie is a bit slow. Meaning it takes a moment for him to process anything other than a demand or yes or no directed question. He'll commonly buffer, glitch, "lag" and get the occasional Virus infestation. The Droid seems to be pretty resourceful proved by the fact that he does his best to patch himself up by using a any sort of wrap or cloth he can find as a bandage on the streets. Jamie seems to have rapid mood swings at one moment he'll be eager and friendly while the next he's either screaming at you or cowering beneath a box. Other than that jamie seems to be like the other droids of his model.

Tech specs: Same as regular Droid type.

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Just Ray


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The Jackal Animatronic

Name:G.H.O.S.T unit


Heath care




unit.'GHOST unit for short.'

Type(worker, soldier, co-pilot): Worker/Medical used for search and rescue missions.

Planet/Group it belongs to: 'You can always count on a G.H.O.S.T unit to save you after a catastrophe! they are mass produced and shipped off to every planet that we have legal trade with! Curtsy of planet Neo46218!' stickers on creates and commercials... Neo46218...

appearance:As to get to patients quickly the G.H.O.S.T unit has the build of a large thin wolf that is black in color, the G.H.O.S.T unit can stand up on its hind legs and their front paws can fold out to thin hands,the G.H.O.S.T unit's wolf face can shift and flip to a friendly face with a pleasant smile. the G.H.O.S.T unit has a tail for perfect balance and claws.

personality:The G.H.O.S.T unit is always glad to help in any way possible, the G.H.O.S.T unit knows what's best for you, the G.H.O.S.T unit is helpful, friendly, and caring, the G.H.O.S.T unit is programed to be the best healthcare provider and tracker.

tech specs: the G.H.O.S.T unit is equipped with the best tracking software,silent movement, and Medical training and health kits!

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