Favorite Animorphs Books
Which one, of all the sixty five Animorphs books, is your favorite? Post it here!
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Sinister Shadow
Which book was your LEAST favorite? Mine was the Ellimist Chronicles. I found it very boring and unemotional. It was also kind of complicated, and had nothing to do with the rest of the series except to explain how it started. And plus, I don't like the Ellimist. I also felt that I could not get attached to the characters in the book, and without that, for me, it's kind of hard to like the story. My least favorite in the regular titles would have to be the David trilogy. Not only was it absolutely pointless (imagine the series. Now imagine the series WITHOUT the David trilogy and 48. Not much of a change, is it?), but, as Ember mentioned a while back, DAVID was in it. And I HATE David. What about you? Come on, let the comments roll! ;)
9/16/2006 #1
Ember Nickel
41: the only point of the story was in seeing Jake's priorities. And we didn't even get to do that. Unless we were supposed to read between the lines, in which case...I failed.
9/17/2006 #2
Charmed Ravenclaw
Yeah, I agree the Ellimist chronicles sucked. I didn't get ANY of it! They used too many big words - or maybe it was just because I was eleven when I read it. Also, I don't really like one of the last books where Marco's narrating, forgot what it was called - but it sure as heck was boring.
11/29/2006 #3
Ember Nickel
You mean 51? Yeah, that was on the pointless side. Very far on the pointless side. But I liked Ellimist Chronicles. I was just rereading it, and really identified with some of the dialogue (that was the point of me rereading it...). The grand scale is appropriate for such a story.
12/2/2006 #4
Hi everyone. I hated the David trilogies too. I really don't think that a kid could be that EVIL. But my absolute least favorite is #19. Cassie is such a fool!!! She risked the world for one little girl. And Aftran just happened to be the one yeerk out of about a thousand who would join the peace movement. Aftran was good for a different point of view at the yeerks, but that was it.
12/24/2006 #5
Charmed Ravenclaw
I reckoned the David trilogies were all right - they were actually quite interesting. And I liked Book 19! It was quite different to the susal books.
12/25/2006 #6
Jake chooses Cassie in book 41. It doesn't go out and say it, but it IS implied by the surprise the UNNAMED MYSTERIOUS FORCE shows at his decision. If he chose to save the world instead of her, that would have been much more practical. Especially seeing as how she would never be free with the moon as the Kandrona. Also, Jake immedietly called Cassie when he woke up, as oppossed to blowing her off the night before, showing that he's had a change of heart. That being said, the lack of any real reason for book 41 made it one of my least favorites. The ONLY way that the mysterious entity that caused all of that could be any less random was if it turned out to be The One. And on the topic of pointless, plotless books, #39 was right up there. I mean, most of the story was about a buffalo. A BUFFALO. It seemed to me that it was just reinforcing Cassie's extreme love for anything living. As if #9 where she yelled at Tobias for eating a baby skunk, #19 where she risks everything for the sake of someone who's out to get her, #24 where she doesn't want to kill the Helmacrons (of all people), #29 where she risks everything again to get Aftran out in one peace, trusting Illum, who could have easily been luring her into a trap, and #34 where she basically was willing to enter into an almost voluntary host role with Aldrea. Not to mention all her other instances of uber-caring about other people. The Yeerks really didn't NEED to repair that helmacron ship. Everyone had really forgotten about it by then, so the plot didn't demand it. Really, there didn't seem to be ANY reason for that book.
1/19/2007 #7
Sinister Shadow
Okay, even though I love #19, the thing that really pissed me off in that book is how Cassie cared more about peace with ONE YEERK than the freedom of her own FRIENDS. It's obvious she did, because if she didn't she wouldn't have not only risked her own freedom but also the freedom of her FRIENDS and the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE for A YEERK. I mean, I know Cassie has an "instinct" for these things, but that's just pushing it. I know it turned out well in the end, but it was still pushing it very far. I can't believe no one besides MARCO got mad at her for it too! Then again, it's Cassie, and no one EVER gets mad at Cassie. *rolls eyes to the top of the Eiffel tower*
3/11/2007 #8
3/17/2007 #9
Sinister Shadow
*takes a deep breath* I'm okay. :P I'm okay now!
3/17/2007 #10
Seriously, dude, you are exactly right ^^ I didn't like 31..The Conspiracy. I don't know why; I think it was well planned-out, I just dread reading it. I also didn't much like the Ellimist Chronicles, because the whole time I was just like, 'Wow...this is creepy.'
3/30/2007 #11
Sinister Shadow
Rough scene. Ellimist Chronicles. -.- Um... yeah. Pointless? Probably not. Sense? Nonexistant. I didn't like the book either.
3/31/2007 #12
My least favourite Animorphs book was not the Ellimist Chronicles, but 'The Journey'... Okay, the storyline of that book was just plain strange... Spoilers ahead... Rachel and the other Animorphs have to enter Marco's body to flush out the tiny Helmacrons... Just how pointless was that? At the end of the book I was just thinking, what just happened? And also, the book about Marco in 'The Proposal' where he mixes up his morphs as a result of stress, was also a downer I liked most of the Animorph books, including the David Triology, KA Applegate is a fantastic author...! :D
4/7/2007 #13
Sinister Shadow
Aww, I liked The Proposal! The ending was so suspenseful. :P Nice views though, I agree the Journey was eyeroll-worthy, albeit funny.
4/13/2007 #14
I liked the humor. I tolerated the plot. I hated Nora.
4/13/2007 #15
the first time i read the Ellimist chronicles i hated it and couldn't get past the first 3 pages. but a few years later i read it, just to show that i read every Animorph thing K.A. Applegate wrote, i actually really liked it so yeah. i LOVED the animorph series in general, but my least favorite books...i'd have to say are, The Familiar (where on the cover, Jake morphs himself), The Mutation (Jake morphing into a killer whale), and The Unexpected (Cassie morphs kangaroo). mostly b/c they seemed unnecessary to the general plot. also, i've never been a huge fan of the ones with Cassie as the narrator...she was just never my favorite character.
7/16/2007 #16
Charmed Ravenclaw
Hmm, maybe I should try rereading The Ellimist again now that I'm about 5 years older than when I tried the first time. My poor 11 year old brain couldn't cope! Come to think about it, K.A., should have been smarter about writing that book. Her audience was mainly at an age where they couldn't understand those big words used there.
7/18/2007 #17
that's what i figured. like, it was years b4 i picked up TEC again, and it worked for me then.
7/18/2007 #18
[q]Jake chooses Cassie in book 41. It doesn't go out and say it, but it IS implied by the surprise the UNNAMED MYSTERIOUS FORCE shows at his decision. If he chose to save the world instead of her, that would have been much more practical. Especially seeing as how she would never be free with the moon as the Kandrona. Also, Jake immedietly called Cassie when he woke up, as oppossed to blowing her off the night before, showing that he's had a change of heart.[/q] Are you sure about that? I thought it was the other way round. I mean, it's [i]Jake[/i] . It's pretty obvious from the series that he sees the bigger picture, at whatever cost. People don't generally put aside their personal priorities for other things. Maybe that surprised the superior being. DAMNABLEST! It has been so LONG since I read any animorphs books. I can't remember the quotes! And as for calling Cassie, maybe he just wanted to confirm it was all a dream. Him giving up on her. While we're on this book, has anyone figured out why Rachel didn't morph to repair her injuries? I could think of no plausible reason whatsoever.
8/31/2007 #19
I think Jake chose to save Cassie. During the series, we get several examples that Jake cannot put aside his personal feelings. He and Marco both see the bigger picture, but Marco can the parts of it that he wants to see, tuning out morals and other 'trivial' things. Jake cannot. About Rachel, the superior being could be toying with Jake?
9/1/2007 #20
Sinister Shadow
Yeah, Jake can be ruthless, but Marco is on a completely different level of ruthless than Jake is. If his heart wasn't in the right place, Marco would make an excellent villain. :P Jake does let his feelings get in the way, which is human of course, and he was in love with Cassie. I also think he chose her for this very reason. Considering the type of personality he has, it seems likely.
3/9/2008 #21

I actually liked the David chronicles. My least favorite is EASY...#54 "The Beginning". Seriously...KA could've left SO much outta that to make it SO much better. Did she REALLY have to kill Rachel? Really? REALLY? I mean...come on. That was as bad as a knife in the chest. I'm 22 and I'm still bitter :-) (Okay...that doesn't say too much for me...LOL maybe I should get over it - HA) But I tend to hold a grudge when you kill my favorite character and then just SKIP five years. W**? BLAH...don't get me started. K.A.'s great. Last book...wasn't. (Wow I'm being articulate...lol) Well - that's my opinion :-) I'll step off my soap box now

4/5/2008 #22
Charmed Ravenclaw

That is well and truly understandable the last book did suck. But compared to some of K.A's other endings (Remnants and Everworld) I think it was the best one out of there.

4/7/2008 #23

WOW...I'm glad that I never got into Remnants or Everworld then. I couldn't imagine her crushing an audience anymore than she did with Animorphs...so that takes REAL talent to top the awful Animorphs ending with Remnants and Everworld. I just want to say SORRY to ALL those fans of those two series...that had to hurt :-) (BTW...other than KA's rough endings...I adore her as a author. I felt I should add that b/c she did kinda introduce to us this lil' ol series that we love....so I've got to give her credit there) :-D If only she'd learn that people do like somewhat happy endings. I'm not asking for sunshine and butterflies and everyone lives happily ever after and skips off into the sunset or anything...but just don't kill any major character off (ESPECIALLY MY FAVORITE CHARACTER) and then leave everyone with no closure...and skip five years to show how everyone's life is pretty much sucky. Well...it was her book series...I guess she can do what she wants. (But in my own head...I just pretend I never read the last book...LOL. If I pretend I didn't read it...it didn't happen. HA.)

4/7/2008 #24
Charmed Ravenclaw

Everworld's ending sucked more than Remnants. At least Remnants somewhat concluded. Everworld didn't. Honestly I can understand people on this site ditching stories but as a paid professional you shouldn't ditch your own series like that. Think about the fans!

I dunno, there are problems with having all the major characters to survive though. But I do see how she could have alternatively done it. She could have done it so we see how war has made Rachel crazy though and shown us that as a consequence rather than killing her off though. That way it would have maintained the book's dark themes on how war changes people with all the major characters surviving without being too hunky dory.

*WARNING Spoiler to Harry Potter fans of the last book!*

J.K. Rowling ended her series a litle too hunky dory for my taste. She did the flash forward thing too and I just found it so weird how everything was so happy after all the dark stuff that happened. All the REALLY h*** central characters survived. I was kind of expecting more deaths. A lot of my friends were disappointed in a sense that Harry didn't die the whole heroic death thing. But Yeah, there's an example of a book series ending too happily with the MOST important characters all surviving.

4/11/2008 #25
Artemis Thorne

I think Megamorphs #3 sucks......I don't get the timeline......What happens,anyway?Suddenly you're here then there...or now then later...it's so confusing.....

P.S. Hate History.....eventhough I get a good grade.......

6/2/2008 #26
Catalog Cats

Least favorite? EASY. The ending, where she killed Rachel, who was one of my favorite characters.

First book I ever read that made me cry. Then I threw it across the room and spent the next half-hour or so in a state of fury toward the author. Then my little 9-year-old fanfiction writer's mind set to work composing a better ending. Don't ask me what it was, I forgot it. It definately wasn't worth writing, nothing I come up with is worth writing.

But it made me feel better. D=

9/24/2008 #27

Charmed Ravenclaw -not that this is a Harry Potter Forum but- I think Harry's life should have followed Jake's in the sense that he would have been the lonely, famous hero still head over heels with war and not acting as if the sunshines out of Ginny's scrawny a**.

9/27/2008 #28
Charmed Ravenclaw

My apologies, I didn't mean to twist the forum that way.

I was just commenting on how both authors managed to end their series real badly - Harry was just too happy, and animorphs... I guess I can live with the way she ended now. Didn't appreciate it when I was younger of course but considering the endings to Remnants and Everworld, it is the best one.

9/30/2008 #29

The ending was beautiful, and what brought me back to the series. It's the one well handled long series ending ever IMO.

My least favorite book is #47. So much potential, so disappointing. You'd figure she'd have something brilliant written for David's return. The David Books were excellent, they provided the Animorphs with a villain who completely exploited their weaknesses, unlike them exploiting the Visser's weaknesses, as usual. That they won in a realistic way was amazing, and a major testament to the strength of the series. It was a major letdown, him trying to provoke something from Rachel that she decided she didn't want ten books before.

9/7/2009 #30
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