Favorite Animorphs Books
Which one, of all the sixty five Animorphs books, is your favorite? Post it here!
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My least favorite would be #22 or the last like seven books, starting from the return

I don't think David was evil, I actually have a lot of pity for him

I read the first chapter of the Ellimist Chorincals and thew it against the wall

The thing about the David stories is that they were so suspenceful and good and you just NEED to know what happens...and then......nothing, I hate the ending

5/27/2010 #31

I'm pretty sure that Jake chooses Cassie. Since I do have access to all of the books, I went through it and found some quotes that led me to believe that (and looking back, I didn't like Jake very much in this book. He seemed to have the Idiot Ball throughout his entire dream, even cutting him some slack for the horrible future he woke up in):

"Like life and peace? You think that's nonsense now! Don't you remember our last mission - the Ragsin Building battle? The comedown? You needed to talk when we got out and I turned you away. Just didn't want to deal with it. I was an idiot that night, Cassie. You were on target with your doubts, just like you always were. You have to realize that."

"Was I on her side? I thought I wanted to be. She'd assumed I would be. But she was so changed. Driven. Obsessed. Ultrafocused. She'd become a cog in the war machine. But then, who here wasn't? Was I a pawn in her mind? A mere tool? I knew the answer. But I didn't care. It might help me save her."

"I'd gotten careless and cocky and ruthless myself. I'd been too ready to use the others, especially Rachel."

"No. I was going to free Cassie. She needed help."

"But when I looked at her face, even though it was ten years older than in my memory, I saw only the Cassie I once knew, the Cassie I once cared for. She saw my mind working.

'No, Jake!' she yelled.

'Decide now or it's over for the girl. You won't have a second chance.'

I looked from Cassie to Marco, and didn't even hesitate.

'I'll tell you whatever you want.' "

"I'll cooperate. I'll do whatever you want. Just don't hurt her."

" 'But what about Cassie? Marco has her!"

{There's no time. SHe's prepared to die with honor.}

'Couldn't you send someone else to save her? One of your people?' I pleaded, indignant at his dismissal of her life.

Tobias shrugged.

{No one to spare.}

'I won't let her die!'"

"Reality was all wrong. Cassie. No mission was worth sacrificing her life."

"Tobias was wrong about war. What good is it if people are forgotten along the way? If one girl in one million girls is scarred and hardneed. Changed forever. What good? Only Yeerks freely give their own to see a job completed. I wasn't a Yeerk."

Help Cassie, and I doom so many more. Kandrona for an eternity. Help Cassie and mankind's fate is sealed. But I would have one more moment with Cassie by my side. We might make it. We could run. But where could we go? And with a Kandrona sun, I couldn't even starve the Yeerk out of her head..."

"Cassie...The world...I knew what I had to do. No time for indecision. I saw my goal. Save what should be valuded above all else. I leaped."


" 'Hello?'

Time stopped. Everything got extremely quiet. Except for the pounding of my heart. I knew now. I'd made a choice. I knew what I was made of. My limitations and my priorities.

'It's Jake,' I said.

No response.

'It's Jake,' I said again, voice quaking like I'd never talked to her before. As if this were the first call I'd ever made. The only call that mattered. 'Cassie, I just wanted to ask you what I should have asked you yesterdya. Are you okay?'"

12/27/2010 #32

I hated the weakness. I mean, okay Rachel was a bit crazy (and thanks to the ghostwirters she was completly mad at the end -.-) but in this book there was nothing left of Rachel's real character. Absolutly nothing. I hated it so much because I love Rachel's twisted character..

I also disliked the buffaman book and Cassies kangaroo book. They were just sp pointlesse.

About the Ellimist chronicles: I loved it. I thinks it's one of the best books in the entire serie.

12/27/2011 #33

Least favorite would have to be when they travel back in time to the land of the dinosaurs. (Or as I have always referred to it in reference to my favorite movie, the land before time) I mean, RANDOM much? It's not enough that Earth was invaded by aliens, no you have to send them to the land before time too? and they somehow killed a T-Rex??

Also, when Rachel turns into a giant with Wolverine claws? I barely remember the plot of the book, but that was just weird. For that series, I mean.

6/7/2012 #34
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