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Scarlet Forest

@LolliGurlz Oof I'm a bit rusty but I'll love to do a IA/Yuma (I don't mind playing either one) if we can!

8/4/2018 #1,321
@scarlet PM me and we can discuss plots, I'd rather be IA
8/4/2018 #1,322

ahh i'm new here haha..

but!!! I want to roleplay yohio and I am looking for a vy2!!

i will not do anything over a pg-13 rating and im not very comfortable with gore

I may not be very active due to school and things but I will do my best 3

9/8/2018 . Edited 9/8/2018 #1,323
Hey, are you still here? If so I'd absolutely love to roleplay with you!
11/25/2018 #1,324
Natsumiya Teirin
So, it's been forever since I've rp'd here, and I wanna start doing that again. Anyone up for a fluffy yuri/yaoi/het rp?
7/11/2019 #1,325
gakupo x kaito please i wanna be seme
2/26/2020 #1,326
Sasara Nurude

What is this 2013

Use top/bottom like the rest of us

2/26/2020 #1,327
Misaki StupidSaru Yata

Hey haven't been on any of these servers in awhile so here's something. This is to be a Yaoi but can be platonic also.

Person A loves crossdressing. He knows it's wrong but he can't help what he loves, so he continues to do so. Getting bolder he begins wearing the girls uniform home from school. Everything's fine until, he's caught one day.

Person B has noticed one of his kouhai's acting strange. Disappearing immediately after school. Staring at window displays on days together. Being distant where they used to be close. Getting worried, he follows his kouhai around until he finds out why.

Having a secret between the two of them officially tied them together and we can take it from there.

Crappy plot but something I always wanted to try.

5/31/2020 #1,328
Natsumiya Teirin
@Misaki: Sounds cute! Would you take me on as a partner?
5/31/2020 #1,329
Misaki StupidSaru Yata
@Natsumiya Teirin: Sure! PM me so we can go over the details! :)
5/31/2020 #1,330
Natsumiya Teirin
@Misaki: sent~!
5/31/2020 #1,331
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