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Kaito Shion V3

i am disgusted by our past and present

2/26/2020 #7,471
Sasara Nurude

At least we're all gay now. I consider that a step forward

2/26/2020 #7,472
Kaito Shion V3

we've gone from like closeted gay obsessing over yaoi n garbage to like. actually gay

2/26/2020 #7,473
Sasara Nurude


2/26/2020 #7,474
Kaito Shion V3

but was it really.

2/26/2020 #7,475
Sasara Nurude

Considering we can look back at this place with horror

I would say so

2/26/2020 . Edited 2/26/2020 #7,476
Kaito Shion V3

do you think other people are aware this forum has had quite a few new posts and theyre looking at it in horror

2/26/2020 #7,477
kaede kayano

i mean.. if they have email notifs on, Perhaps.

2/26/2020 #7,478
Sasara Nurude

"Oh God does someone want a Neko!Len rp in the year of our Lord 2020"

2/26/2020 #7,479
Kaito Shion V3

i hope the email notifs unearth some memories for them lmao

2/26/2020 #7,480
Sasara Nurude

War flashbacks

2/26/2020 #7,481
Imma start the fanfiction today based on our old selves. Still maintain that it'll be beautiful. But question is, do I make it ironically bad and write the way we used to talk, OR do I write it well and only have the plot being a shit-show?
2/27/2020 #7,482
Sasara Nurude

Oh God

2/27/2020 #7,483
Sasara Nurude

I literally cannot answer that bc I just

Oh God

2/27/2020 #7,484
Got so many plans for it bro it'll be wonderful. It's only going to be what I can remember, some bits will definitely be wrong, and I can't wait. Ready to bring back bad memories
2/27/2020 #7,485
Kaito Shion V3

there is the slightest possibility that itll unearth old drama between ppl and im not ready

2/27/2020 #7,486
nah I'll keep it to just the cringe bit
2/27/2020 #7,487
Kaito Shion V3

the clownery............ i live in fear of this fanfic. how many ppl r u including?

2/27/2020 #7,488
Sasara Nurude

No fear

"Memory lane fanfic"

One fear

2/27/2020 #7,489
Kaito Shion V3

i cant believe i have a rp on here again. it feels weird but its also unlocking some serotonin that id get in the past from refreshing the forum

3/9/2020 #7,490
Current Sea

Oh my GOD I rarely use the email I associate with this account but I went back in to verify something for Twitch and I see RECENT replies?? In 2020? Goddamn.

I don't even know where to start with talking about all this so I'll save it for discord. Will be sending many PMs and discord invites soon! I go by Bit in most places now so that's my discord tag if you get a request from me! :)

4/5/2020 #7,491

I logged in to FF for the first time in years only to find this forum-

8/3/2020 #7,492
kaede kayano

what up! i still have email notifs on here haha

8/3/2020 #7,493
Kaito Shion V3
hey who here has discord hmu lets cringe over past shit
10h #7,494
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