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5/2/2016 #1

A blue hair young man walked trew the outskirts of the city a cloack over him covering how hw looked. Kaito had pnce againg snuck out of the palace with out being notice he wounder around as he spotted strange men.

!Hmm they dont look like guarfs i wonder wjo theu are?' Kaito thought to himself as sudenly he was grabed frpm behind. "Look here we cought a preatty one!" One of the man said after taking of Kaito's cloack of off him

5/2/2016 #2

A boy sat in the shodow of a building, ignored unseen by everyone, watching the scene carefully. Kageito had seen this kind of situation many times, but this timmes, he would do something. Or so his scarf gestured him.

He decided to wait and snuck behind a tree.

5/2/2016 #3

The men chain Kaifo up and began walking. Kaito fried to escsped but coudent he looked around with fearful eyes

5/3/2016 #4

Kageito pats his scarf lightly and gives the hand two knives. He runs towards the men and the scarfhand stabs one of them.

5/3/2016 #5

"Augh!" one of them screamed as the others rey and attack Kaceito. Kaito watched in fasination

5/3/2016 #6

One scarfhand attacks the men and moves faster and faster, while the other hand cuts Kaito's chains.

5/3/2016 #7

Kaifo was amazed with Kageito as he blushed after all the bandits wherd defeted Kaito had gone close to Kageito "Thank you very much! I owe you my life, is their any way i could repay you?" Kaito said

5/4/2016 #8

Kageito was very intimidated by Kaito. 'He looks like a prince! He could do whatever he wants to me! Wait, calm down...'

He tried to push his thoughts away for now.

"C-could you please do something f-for me?"

5/4/2016 #9

Kairo's sparkled in delighr. "Yes of course. Whaf isit?" Kaito ask with a blush. "Oh im Kaito and you sir?" Kaito ask

5/4/2016 #10
He stuttered: "I- M-my name is Kageito! N-nice to meet you!" He blushes. "S-sir, could you please quit wandering around at night in this area and be safe? I-I mean, it's very dangerous to be outside this late!"
5/4/2016 #11

Kairo smiled kindly at him. "Im sorry i ghst wanted to explore. Oh i know if i stay with you i'll be safe! Alsp im l-lpst." Maito said

5/4/2016 #12
"I-I can show you the way to you h-home... Wh-wh-where do you live?"
5/4/2016 #13

"Do you promise to come sometime Kageito?" Kaito ask hopping

5/4/2016 #14
"Wh-what? Uh... M-maybe?" he answered confused.
5/5/2016 #15

Kai4o was deligted and hugged Kageitp. "My gome i-}s the casttle....# he said

5/5/2016 #16
Kageito hugged back happily. 'Too long without huggies!' He thought childishly. But then... "W-wait, you live i-in the c-castle? Where the royal family lives?"
5/5/2016 #17

"Of course! I can't wait to tell my brother qbout my new friend." Kaito said as then guards came. "There be is!" One said. "Oh great if th3y catch me i wont be qble to see Kageiro." Kaito mumglee

5/5/2016 #18

Kageito grabs his hand and drags him with him to the backyard of the castle.

"I-I'm s-sure you will get in trouble if the see you outside, s-so if you want to see me, I'll be here, o-okay?" he blushes again.

5/5/2016 #19

Kaito hugged Kageito againg smiling. "Alright!" he said and left into the casttle

5/5/2016 #20

Kageito sat in a bush and watches him until he couldn't see him anymore, and eats dango.

5/5/2016 #21

Tne next day Kaito was out in town but has bodyguards as he was dressed in royal clothes. "Your highness we should get back." His personal guard Rinto said. "No a bit more i havent seen Kageito." Kaito said

5/5/2016 #22

Kageito sat underneath a tree and ate dango. He was too scared to talk to Kaito.

5/5/2016 #23

Kaito had spoted Kageito and ran towards him hugging him. "Wait your highness!" Rinto said

5/5/2016 #24

"K-kya!" Kageito bluches deeply, but his scarf huggs kaito back. "S-sir!"

5/5/2016 #25

"Theirs no need to be so formal you can call me Kaito is fine." Kaito said. "Prince Kaito you shoudent run of on your own." Rinto said as he caught up with Kaito

5/5/2016 #26

"Y-yes, K-Kaito!" Kageito is scared of Rinto. ‘He could easily kill me!’

5/6/2016 #27

"I-im sorry did i s-scares you....?" Kaito ask almost about to cry thinking he upseted his friend

5/6/2016 #28

"N-no, everything i-is okay!" He stuttered. "Wh-who is that?" Kageito pointed at Rinto.

5/6/2016 #29

"*Sigh* His Rinto my body guard. My brother eaid i coudent leave tne casttle witn out an escort." Kaito said.

5/6/2016 #30
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