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Mikuo sitted up and looks at Kaito. "I-I won't punish you..." He said and remember what Shion said about Kaito, there's something he wanted.
1/15/2017 #301
Hibari D18

Kaito Hugged Mikuo as he sobed enjoing the otbers warm touch

1/15/2017 #302

Mikuo put his arm around Kaito and rest his head on Kaito head. ''Don't cry... I'm here. I will always be here.'' He said and smile.

1/16/2017 #303
Hibari D18

Kaito sobs decreased as he clung to Mikuo

1/16/2017 #304

Mikuo looked at Kaito and smile. ''See? It's ok...'' He mumbles.

1/16/2017 #305
Hibari D18

Kaito still clung to Mikuo as he fell asleep

1/16/2017 #306

The teal haired boy look down at Kaito. ''His sleeping...'' He mumbles.

1/17/2017 #307
Hibari D18

Kaito was sound asleep clutching Meiko's shirt as his face looked peaceful

1/17/2017 #308

Mikuo slowly let him lay down on the bed carefully not to wake him up.

1/18/2017 #309
Hibari D18

Taito knocked on the door. "Master the king has requested your presence, My Lord." Taito called

1/18/2017 #310

''The king... Father.'' Mikuo said and stand up. ''I will be there.'' He said opening the door.

1/18/2017 #311
Hibari D18

Kaito role up and was hugging Mikuos pillow in his sleep Taito nodded his head.

1/18/2017 #312

''Very well...'' The teal haired said and goes to the king and more likely his father.

1/19/2017 #313
Hibari D18

"Mikuo have you chosen a bfide of any of tjd fair laydies off the kingdom." The king said

1/19/2017 #314

''A bride...'' Mikuo question that himself and thinks. ''No.'' He said still thinking, was he really forced to marry someone at this moment? He liked Kaito but he don't want his father disappointed.

1/20/2017 #315
Hibari D18

Kaito continued to hug Mikuo in his sleep as he smilled mumbeling about ice cream. He haden't had a good sleep in a verry long time. 'I wish to stay with Maeter forever.' Kaito thought in his dream a smilling Mukuo with a happy Kaito.

11/30/2017 #316
Hibari D18
11/30/2017 #317

(I'm sorry it took very long as well-)

In the next morning Mikuo was woke up with one of the butler poking him on the head. ''Get up Prince Mikuo. We have served you breakfast.'' Butler Len said waiting for the teal haired to sit up groaning a little. ''It's too early for that no?'' Len shake his head and chuckles. ''Nope. It's a proper time to get up. Please Prince Mikuo the breakfast is good.'' Butler Len said before walking off.

Mikuo sigh and glances at Kaito. ''Gues I have to wake him up...'' He poke his stomach gently. ''Kaito?''

1/4/2018 #318
Hibari D18

kaito was laying on the bed under the covers fastly asleep. Taito had woken up hours ago and was helping the servants around the casttle.

3/10/2018 #319


3/21/2018 #320
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