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(can you start it off?)

10/3/2016 #1

Len was dealing with Gumi Megpoid. A very hyper green haired girl with an obsession for him. Then again, Len isn't a fan of going out. But, being with Gumi is okay in his books. She dies have the decently to wear shorts instead of skirts.

"Goid thing you're wearing shorts over a skirt." Len mentioned to the greenette

10/3/2016 #2

"Do you not like skirts?" Gumi asked. "Can you tell me why? If you don't like skirts, then what do you think of dresses?"

10/3/2016 #3

"Simple, skirts attract perverts. Dresses are different as they tend to be knee level or lower." Len answered. "Besides, you seems more normal wearing skirts."

10/3/2016 #4

"And do you only like normal?" She asked. "Is it better in your opinion if everyone is normal?"

10/3/2016 #5

He blushed " For normal, I mean in a appealing way, like not having perverts eying you when I'm holding your hand."

10/3/2016 #6

"Well that's good to hear," She held his hand, inching closer to him.

10/3/2016 #7

Len could feel Gumi pressing close to him. She really want him. Can't blame her, she needs a good men in her life.

"Let's go for a walk around the mall."

10/3/2016 #8

"Sure, sounds like fun," She smiled.

When they got there, she looked around at all the shops. "Where do you want to go?"

10/3/2016 #9

"Hot topic." Len answered. "I want to see the new things they put up"

10/3/2016 #10

"Alright, let's go then," She followed after him.

10/3/2016 #11

Once they got to the hot topic store, they noticed the new products out. Fortunately, now one was there this hour, except the employees working. Once inside, Len decides to get behind Gumi and hug her from the waist.

10/3/2016 #12

She blushed lightly, Len normally wasn't this touchy with her, and she was enjoying it.

10/3/2016 #13

Len rested his head on Gumi's shoulder. He noticed that he see Gumi's cleavage. He forgot that Gumi was wearing a v cut shirt.

He felt like a perv for a moment. "Uhhh. What do you want to buy?" He asked the greenette.

10/3/2016 #14

"Not sure yet," She left him to look around. "There's a lot here, and I want everything."

10/3/2016 #15

"Let's..try to the jewelry." Len suggested.

10/3/2016 #16

"Okay then," She walked over to the section of the store.

10/3/2016 #17

Len was showing Gumi all the jewelry they had for sell. They let him try them on Gumi. Each one was different than the last.

"Which ones you like?" Len asked her.

10/3/2016 #18

"This one," She picked up a silver charm bracelet.

10/3/2016 #19

"Let's buy it then." Len agreed.

10/3/2016 #20

"You don't have to get me it, it's fine," She assured him.

10/3/2016 #21

Len moved closer. "I want to buy it, for my special girl."

10/3/2016 #22

She leaned over and kissed his cheek. "Well thank you."

10/3/2016 #23

After buying the bracelet, Len had to walked out , given how red he was from getting a kiss from Gumi..

"Uhhh Gumi." Len begins. "Is it wrong....to think you're sexy?" He asked her.

10/3/2016 #24

"I don't think it's wrong," She told him. "It's normal for you to fancy someone."

10/3/2016 #25

"Well...I think...I think I have...a crush on you." Len confessed.

10/3/2016 #26

Gumi blushed, "R-Really? On me?"

10/3/2016 #27

"I'm positive. It's you I'm crushing on." Len assured.

(Goin to bed now)

10/3/2016 #28

Gumi blushed harder, "I think I like you too.."

10/3/2016 #29

Len moved closer for Gumi.."Can I kiss you?"

10/4/2016 #30
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