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The world was a dark place.

War, destruction, suffering. All caused by the hands of human mortals who fight each other.

The world was pushed to the brink of destruction. The dragon watched from above as yet another war was erupting below.

"When will these fools ever learn?" the dragon thought.

With a mighty roar, the dragon swooped down towards the scuffle. With one sweep of the wing, everyone was reduced to nothing but blood, and with another sweep, all trace of humanity in that area had been exterminated. Flowers and green started to blossom as a small paradise where war had once stood started to appear under the dragon's feet. It only seemed like a few seconds to the dragon, but then again, he lived for an eternity. The dragon sighed.

"Looks like I'm going to have to destroy the humans once and for all."

Suddenly, a warm note rang out and caught it's attention. A young girl, collecting flowers, while singing a warm melody.

As it listened, the dragon started to feel sleepy, with one last whack of it's tail, it constructed a huge underground cave, before he retreated into it and began to slumber.

2/26/2017 . Edited 2/26/2017 #1

Miku knew what needed to be done to settle the dragon. She sent a message to Queen Luka, ordering for all young women and children to be brought to sing for the dragon, knowing that would ease it and protect everyone from its wrath.

Lily had just given birth to twins a few months ago, and was loving her life. They meant everything to her, and could never bear to part with them. A knock at the door caught her attention, and she went to answer it. Two soldiers stood in her doorway.

2/26/2017 #2

"Is this the Kagamine household?" one of the soldiers inquired. His tone was brief and businesslike.

2/26/2017 #3

"Yes," Lily replied. "But what are you doing here, may I ask?"

2/26/2017 #4

"The previous diva, Teto, has passed away." The soldier glanced into the house. "Your daughter, Rin Kagamine, has the power of the next diva. You are required by the government to surrender her to become the next diva."

2/26/2017 #5

"What? No!" Lily exclaimed. "She's just a baby, I need to be with her, raise her, care for her. You can't take her from me."

2/26/2017 #6

"Sorry Ma'am, government orders." The soldier however had no hint of any apologetic tone in his voice. "Do not worry, she will be safe and healthy and the Diva's family will receive prestigious treatment." The soldier raised his eyebrow. "You don't want that little boy of yours to continue growing up in poverty do you, please don't force us to make you comply."

2/26/2017 #7

"No money or treatment is a fair trade for my daughter's life!" Lily exclaimed. "You know you're just taking her from me for her to die out there!"

2/26/2017 #8

"Ma'am" the soldier was starting to lose his patience. "You are under government orders to surrender the next diva. This will be your last chance to do it peacefully." He nodded at his comrade, who placed his hand on the hilt of his sword.

2/26/2017 #9

Lily looked at her babies lying together in their crib, Len holding onto Rin. "You would threaten to kill me and leave the diva's brother alone? You're sick!"

2/26/2017 #10

"Very well, you've made your choice." The soldier drew his sword, his comrade doing the same. "Step back from the Diva, now."

2/26/2017 #11

"Never," Lily stood protectively in front of the crib, not wanting anything to happen to her babies.

2/26/2017 #12

Expecting her to do so, the soldier raised his sword and swung the hilt at Lily's head, knocking her onto the ground. "Bam!" the sound woke Len up as he stared at the two soldiers, and then at his mother on the ground. "Mama?" Len whispered.

2/26/2017 #13

Rin instantly began crying hysterically, worried where their mother was.

2/26/2017 #14

The two soldiers advanced towards the crib, at first, they had a bit of trouble figuring out which one was which, but they picked Rin up and they brought her outside to a waiting carriage.

2/26/2017 #15

Rin cried as the strangers carried her off, only wanting to be with her mother and brother.

2/26/2017 #16

Len began crying as well, not knowing where his sister was going.

2/26/2017 #17

Miku waited for the next diva to arrive, making sure the old diva's body was removed.

2/26/2017 #18

Footsteps started to sound as a priest brought Rin down into the Dragon's cave, who had been reclothed and was wrapped in a robe.

2/26/2017 #19

Miku carefully picked up the baby, "Hopefully the dragon accepts her as the next diva."

2/26/2017 #20

(should we time skip to when Len and Rin grow up?)

2/26/2017 #21

(Yes and can you start?)

2/26/2017 #22

(sure, sorry for late reply, had to do something)

He always felt something was missing.

An empty feeling in his heart, why did he feel this way?

Growing up, the fourteen year old Len Kagamine had felt like a half of him had been torn away.

He had no idea how to describe that strange feeling, but he felt a connection.

That somewhere out there... the missing piece... was waiting...

*Sigh*. Len looked out towards the vast horizon one last time before he headed back home. Ever since Rin was taken away as the diva, the government had given them a considerable upgrade to their lifestyle. "I'm home Mom." he called out, somewhat half heartedly, as he opened the door.

(I was thinking this would be the place Lily reveals to Len that he has a sister?)

2/26/2017 . Edited 2/26/2017 #23

Lily was cleaning up around the house. She always busied herself with different tasks to distract herself from the aching in her heart. All she knew was that her daughter was still alive, since they hadn't selected a new diva, but she worried about Rin everyday. Everyone heard the stories of how the dragon kills the divas, or they die from singing too long. Lily could only pray that her daughter was alive, even though she would never see her again.

"Hi Len," She smiled as he walked in. "How was your day?"

2/26/2017 #24

"It was okay I guess." Len sighed as he looked at his mother.

"Quick question Mom. Have you ever felt like... how do I say this... like a part of you is missing?"

2/26/2017 #25

Lily's eyes widened at this question. She was unsure if she should tell him the truth now. He deserved to know, but she had planned on waiting till he was older.

"No because I don't have a twin out there..."

2/27/2017 #26

Len's ears perked up. "Twin, did you say twin?"

2/27/2017 #27
Lily nodded her head. "Len, you have a twin sister. She was taken when you two were babies."
2/27/2017 #28

"What?..." faint and blurred memories started to float in his mind once again. A beautiful melody started to once again call to him faintly. So warm... yet so familiar. An image of a girl, short beautiful golden locks like the sun held together by two hairclips. Big, sea blue eyes. It appeared but then quickly disappeared in his mind.

"Why... didn't you tell me? Why did she leave?" Len had a million questions in his mind, but those two were all he could spurt out.

2/27/2017 #29
"She didn't leave...She was taken from us," Lily began tearing up.
2/27/2017 #30
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