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Here we go.

Should I start the roleplay as well?

4/8/2017 #1
Natsumiya Teirin
If it's no trouble.
4/8/2017 #2

Luki was keeping his eyes to the entrance of the kingdom to make sure no one suspicious enters. He didn't know how much longer Mikuo will have him standing there watching the entrance. Nobody even know why the prince have to be so strict to everyone. But it is his duty as a knight to follow the prince commands no matter what, and he will keep that saying forever.

4/8/2017 #3
Natsumiya Teirin

Mikuo- Prince Mikuo de Cryptonia of the kingdom of Yama, the third- sat upon his throne, tapping his feet and looking for all the world like a man who had nothing to worry about. Inside, he was bored out of his fucking gourd, but he restrained himself. Things would change soon, as they inevitably did, so all he had to do now was wait.



Wait, as he'd been doing for the last few hours, for his most precious fiance to arrive.

Strict and punctual and demanding as he was, Mikuo had chosen to wait. It wasn't even that Rinto- sweet, innocent, perfect Rinto- was late, because he wasn't, but rather, he'd been so eager to see his darling princess- technically prince, but he'd been raised and treated as a girl for this very purpose- that he'd gotten up far too early to be either normal or healthy.

And so, he waited.

At the entrance of the kingdom of Yama, a carriage came rolling to the knights' station. Within was Prince Rinto de Lucifine, of the Lucefine kingdom. It was a young kingdom, with only six generations of kings to its name. It was very small, and held little military power. It was for this reason that Rinto was in Yama at all, arranged to marry its allegedly wretched prince (but he wasn't one to follow such rumors).

It was all so his people would be safe.

As the driver conversed with the captain of the guard, Rinto, dressed in a dark blue gown with pale blue petticoats and a white corset and jewelry made from the yellow sapphire which Lucifine was known for, crossed his legs (pale, thin, dainty, feminine) and peered out the window of the carriage to get a better look at the captain. He was a man with soft pink hair, and eyes a shade of blue he could only think of as innocent. He felt his face flush and quickly averted his eyes.

4/8/2017 #4

Luki was listening to the driver asking for permission to get in until he saw a familiar face on the carriage glances at him. He always saw him whenever prince Mikuo invite Prince Rinto to a party at the kingdom, he talked to the blonde at these parties at some point and it turn out that the blonde was lovely. Luki openly admit it to Prince Rinto that he is in love with him but the blonde never respond yes or no because of course Prince Mikuo step in to talk with the blonde privately.

So Prince Mikuo was having another party at the kingdom Luki assumed.

Luki widened his eyes a little in shock to see Prince Rinto and snap back to reality when the driver was quiet. ''Oh... Yes, I will let you both in.'' He said and went to open the gates. Maybe Prince Rinto will respond his love confession this time?


4/8/2017 . Edited 4/8/2017 #5
Natsumiya Teirin

As the carriage was slowly driven through the gate, Rinto met Luki's gaze and smiled, tilting his head. It was a silent invitation to speak with him later. Brief.

The kingdom of Yama was vast- significantly larger than Lucifina, certainly. There were still a good number of hours till they reached the palace, but in that time, Rinto could only think of Luki and his enchanting blue eyes.

4/8/2017 #6

Luki was looking at the carriage driving away from him, maybe the pink haired boy should stop standing at the entrance and- wait. No. He wasn't allowed to do that, he will get trouble if his not watching the entrance. But he also waited long enough for the blonde to return with a respond.

Prince Mikuo probably could called him to watch the blonde safety. That way he could talk to his lover, all alone. Where no one can interrupt anything.

That sounded nice. Luki return to close the gates once again when the carriage pass and leans his back on the gates to keep watching the entrance. He will pray that Prince Mikuo will reward him something one day for all Luki did what the prince wanted him to do.

4/8/2017 #7
Natsumiya Teirin

Eventually, escorted by a few Licifian guards, Rinto and his retainer, a young boy by the name of Yuki, arrived at the palace. It was a large and extravegant structure, and everything inside was very well made. Mikuo wouldn't stand for anything less than the best, after all.

Rinto and his companions- for he was too sweet and gentle to ever think of them as less than friends- entered the throne room. Mikuo rose from his throne and bowed politely.

"Rinto." His voice hid none of the affection he held for the younger, smaller boy before him. "I bid you a very fond welcome to my lands."

Rinto curtsied and allowed Mikuo to lightly brush his lips across his gloved knuckles.

"Thank you for your hospitality," he said, his voice even and polite- a perfect mask for his emotions, as it should be.

"Truly, it is an honor to be in your company, Your Highness."

With the formalities out of the way, Mikuo turned to one of his guards posted around the edges of the room.

"You there!" His voice was cold now (not that anyone expected otherwise- Rinto was the only one he'd ever speak warmly to). "Round up all the guards posted at the borders of the kingdom!"

4/8/2017 #8

One of the guards nodded casually and went to call out to all the guards to reunite them in the borders of the kingdom. Luki looks back and smile wide, so he was called and he was probably going to see Prince Rinto again. Sweet. He didn't hesitate to jog toward the kingdom to see his lover once again.

He met with the others guards at the borders.

Luki was excited to see Prince Rinto smiling kindly at him once again. He couldn't miss this, even if the blonde dresses up as a girl he didn't care. Luki wanted to be only with him.

4/8/2017 . Edited 4/8/2017 #9
Natsumiya Teirin

Next, Mikuo turned to one of the servants, feeling Rinto's gaze on him.

"Escort Rinto to his quarters."

The servant nodded and, with a bow, gestured for Rinto and his party to follow him. The blond followed, his steps soft and even. He didn't miss the change in Mikuo's voice as the man addressed his guards and servants. The hostility and blatant showing off annoyed him. It made him queasy. But he'd never show it if he could help it.

4/8/2017 #10

Luki stay still waiting for something to happen, meanwhile he was hearing other guards talking and asking questions to themselves about the blonde.

''Is it a girl or a boy? I can't tell.''

''Will he ever replace Prince Mikuo?''

''Will he and Prince Mikuo get engaged?''

The last question got the pink haired boy tense. Is that why Prince Mikuo invite Prince Rinto in the kingdom? To marry him? No. He wouldn't. He was too cold to be with anyone other than himself. Luki was sure of that the blonde boy was indeed his first and Prince Mikuo didn't have any romantic feelings for him.

4/8/2017 #11
Natsumiya Teirin

Naturally, Rinto heard none of this. Not like he'd care either way- he and Mikuo were betrothed, but it's not like he truly shared the tealet's affections for himself.

As he walked through the halls behind the servant, Rinto caught sight of Luki again and shot him a small smile.

"Meet in the usual place," he mouthed to him, so as not to be heard.

4/8/2017 #12

Luki gasp when he read the other prince lips, he wanted the pink haired to meet up of where they go. He grins and nodded at Prince Rinto. One of the guards notice Luki happy expression and looks away ignoring him.

He was finally going to be with the prince without nothing coming on his way.

4/8/2017 #13
Natsumiya Teirin

Rinto turned away quickly before anyone could see what he was doing, and continued silently trailing behind the servant leading him. Finally, he was led into a grand suite colored black and yellow- the colors of the Lucifian crest. The servant bowed once again, and then vanished, leaving Rinto and his companions to themselves.

"My Lady," began Yuki, his small voice worried, "has the journey exhausted you?"

Rinto smiled at the boy whom he loved as a little brother.

"Not I, Yuki. However, you are still a boy, so if you are tired, you may rest all you wish."

"Thank you, My Lady!" Yuki scurried off to the bedroom he remembered to be theirs during previous visits. Rinto continued smiling, even as he turned to his guards.

"You may all rest as well, if it pleases you. Thank you all for traveling with me."

"A pleasure, Highness," said the captain with a grin. The two men with him gave a salute, and then, the three of them went into the other bedroom. With a sigh, Rinto waited for a moment before opening the door and exiting the suite. He began walking down to the courtyard, pleased that no one had stopped him. Upon entering the garden area, he made his way to a nearly hidden path and walked along it till he came to a clearing walled in by a circle of white rose bushes.

Luki should be here soon...

4/8/2017 #14

Luki ran off to their hiding place without any of the guards notice or decide to question about it. He opens the door of the entrance of the garden area and saw the blonde looking at the white roses. He was looking beautiful as always already.

He took a deep breath. Will he love me? He asked himself in his thoughts. Will Prince Mikuo have his head because of this?

Luki was pretty nervous about talking to the prince, but he knew he have to do it or he will never the other feeling. He slowly walk behind Prince Rinto and a smile little. ''Your highness...'' He said passionately.

4/8/2017 #15
Natsumiya Teirin

Rinto turned around, beaming.

"Luki! I've missed you so much!" He exclaimed, wrapping his arms around the taller man.

4/8/2017 #16

Luki smile back and place his arm around the blonde waist. ''I miss you so much as well... You have no idea.'' He whispers and his eyes gone half lidded. He was happy that he gets to be with him now.

4/8/2017 #17
Natsumiya Teirin

Rinto sniffled and looked down.

"It was so lonely...and...and...Luki, I'm arranged to marry Mikuo!" He said fearfully.

4/8/2017 #18

Luki widened his eyes and suddenly his hands gripped to control himself, the rumors were right after all. ''N-no that can't be...'' He said scared that Rinto wasn't his. ''You can't do this Rinto...'' He said placing his shaking hands on Rinto shoulder.

4/8/2017 #19
Natsumiya Teirin

To his ears, Luki sounded as if he were in pain. Rinto started to cry, his shoulders trembling as tears began to fall.

"I don't- I don't want to, Luki! I...I w-want," he sniffled again, " I want to be with you!"

4/8/2017 #20

Luki blinks his eyes to prevent from crying. There was no way to get his lover out of this mess. ''Rinto, remember this... I love you. Even if you wasn't supposed to be mine. I will still love you until my dying days.'' He said and shut his eyes.

4/8/2017 #21
Natsumiya Teirin

This did little to comfort Rinto, and instead, the blond clung to him even harder, as the reality of the situation crashed down onto his shoulders.

He loved Luki.

But Mikuo loved him to the point of obsession- anyone could see that. If he ever found out about this, he'd kill Luki without question. Though it'd break Rinto's heart, Mikuo wouldn't care just as long as he was able to keep Rinto all to himself.

4/8/2017 #22

The pink haired man looks down at Rinto and lift his chin to make eye contacts with him. ''Please still love me if you're going to marry Prince Mikuo... Please.'' Luki said as he tears started to flow down from his cheeks. He didn't have no choice but to let the blonde married the other prince.

He looks at those inviting lips of Rinto.

4/8/2017 #23
Natsumiya Teirin

Only then does Rinto allow himself to lock his eyes onto Luki's.

"I will! I promise! I'll love you forever, even in death!" He spoke with desparation, his hands moving so that now, instead of being wrapped around Luki, they were cluching his shoulders. Before he was even aware of it, Rinto tilted his head and stood on the tips of his toes, wanting a kiss.

4/8/2017 #24

Luki slowly leans to press his lips against Rinto lips, he kiss him with a huge passion so if in case Prince Mikuo kiss him the kiss won't be amazing as this one. He brought Rinto closer to him and let go. It best to stop it now before it turn out to be a lot more if he continue any further.

He wanted to show how much he loved Rinto but now he couldn't. Rinto was for Prince Mikuo and there's no one stopping him from doing so.

4/8/2017 #25
Natsumiya Teirin

Reluctantly, Rinto allowed this and pulled away before he could accidentally make things worse. But despite his reluctance, he smiled.

Luki would always be his first kiss. Not Mikuo.

4/8/2017 #26

''Am I... Am I losing you now?'' Luki asked before looking down at the grass. ''You're going to be in the hands of Prince Mikuo after all, I don't want you to get hurt...'' He said to the blonde with a frown.

4/8/2017 #27
Natsumiya Teirin

Rinto shook his head, his face blank.

"No. You won't lose me- I'll be fine. Because...Prince Mikuo loves me. Because of that, I'll be fine, and because his love is a twisted and dark love, you, my light- precious light of my life- won't ever lose me to him." During this last phrase, he smiled, a faint and soft smile. Bittersweet.

4/8/2017 #28

Luki could feel his cheeks heat up and grabs Rinto hands to kiss it softly. ''I will still be right here to protect you my love.'' He whispered as he think of what was his going to do. If he ever sees Prince Mikuo kiss Rinto right in front of him he will go in a deep depression.

4/8/2017 . Edited 4/8/2017 #29
Natsumiya Teirin

Before Rinto could respond, he heard the sound of his name being called. Startled, even though he knew he should've been expecting it, he tensed up.


He frowned again.

"I'm sorry- if I don't go to him, he'll get suspicious."

Without giving Luki a chance to respond, Rinto walked off, out of their special clearing and closer to the entrance of the courtyard, where Mikuo was waiting for him.

"My Lord."

"Ah. There you are, dear. I had heard you came out here, but having not seen you, I worried."

"My apologies. I was admiring your white roses. They really are beautiful, you know."

Mikuo smiled at him.

"Indeed. White roses symbolize innocence and purity. If you wish it, I'll order the gardener to send some to your quarters."

"I would like it very much."

"Then it shall be done."

4/8/2017 #30
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