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(Got it up now)
10/16/2017 #1
Neame kke

(okay!! do you have a starter or do you want me to make one tho?)

10/16/2017 #2
(I'll let you start it. Please mind that I can't handle more than a few sentences at a time.)
10/16/2017 #3
Neame kke

(Ahhh alright, is four lines fine?)

10/16/2017 #4
(Yes. Just make sure it flows well)
10/16/2017 #5
Neame kke


The first thing she saw was light; blue, bright, just like the life flashing between her eyes. Her heart was pounding between her chest and everything that happened was becoming a blur; her breath was caught in heavy pants and she managed to push back on her arms, helping her to her feet. There were softness between her feet, green and red, just like the make-belief flowers she'd seen in storybooks. The air was fresher than any she's ever felt, similar to the first gasp of a baby's breath, and her bottom lip couldn't help but tremble. This wasn't right. This isn't where she's supposed to be. She's never seen anything like this before.

Rin held a hand to her chest, trying to adjust to her surroundings. A soft screech escaped when an animal prodded it's nose against her foot, four paws with claws in each. How unfamiliar and strange.

Her fingers clipped at her dress.

The realisation struck her hard in the head: this wasn't home, she was cold, and she was lost.

10/16/2017 #6

Len was being lead by his dog as they traveled through the forest. Unfortunately, His dog was smelling a weird scent and tries to keep up with it. Once they got the source, they were surprised, a strange girl was near them. A girl wearing a dress and has very pake skin. Len was concerned for the girl. He remained caution at the possible sight of trouble.

"Easy Patches, We don't want to cause trouble for her." Len ordered his dogs.

(You can write two or three short lines for the replies now)

10/16/2017 . Edited 10/16/2017 #7
Neame kke

(alright ww i'll try my best.)

Rin felt a hitch in her throat when a voice was heard behind her. Her body spun, dress spreading around her knees as she held on guard, her back leant protectively against a tree. She searched for the sharpest weapon she could find, grabbing a pin from her dress and keeping it firm in front of her. A boy, seemingly young, held one of those creatures by a leash. The girl couldn't help but narrow her eyes, a sudden chill of the breeze flowing past to make her goosebumps rise.

"Halt!" She winced at the audacity of her tone. Must she use an uncultured language to speak with this one? Could he even understand her? "Don't – don't come closer!"

Surely, surely, this boy was an enemy. There was something about him – something that smelt different. But it matched the grass, and his eyes blended with the skies. Perhaps she was the oddity in the situation. This was something not to be handled far too rashly.

10/16/2017 #8

(try two or three sentences for the next replies)

Len was confused to see the girl so frightened and out of sense he tries to remain control of the situation. She was speaking in his language. But, he could tell it wasn't her best language.

"Come down there. We come in a peaceful matter. I'm here to help you out with whatever you need." Len explained to the girl.

(Like my reply is right now)

10/16/2017 #9
Neame kke

(okaay. i ramble quite a bit so my writing might constantly fluctuate in between very long and very short)

Ah. Understood.

He doesn't seem to be getting along too well with her words and his way of constructing sentence was proven rather odd; he could very well be thinking she's an absolute lunatic. But she'll need to get along with his kind if she's ever going to dream of finding a way back home, and by the way it looks here, alone in the woods, this boy is her best chance. Rin took a deep breath, taking a careful step towards him, wincing when fallen twigs hiding in the grass managed to scratch at her feet.

Rin avoided looking at the animal he had. "Are you the child of man?"

10/16/2017 #10

"Why yes. I am a child of man. I am named Len Kagamine. May I ask why are you here alone in this deep part of the forest?" Len asked the girl as he stands his ground.

(Try to make them shorter like mine are)

10/16/2017 #11
Neame kke

(is this better?? ;)

"No, you may not. Where I am from, I am known as a Princess." Her nose sniffed in the air. That was an outright lie – she's the daughter of a general, but she needs to dwindle this boy into gaining his respect, and claiming a title she doesn't own could be the way. "I would like to know where I am." Her gaze met his, cold and strict. "And you are to lead me back to my home, on no loose obligation, but as a demand. Is that understood?"

She scowled at the dog. How uncouth.

10/16/2017 #12

(a little better.)

"Princess. I'm surprised that you landed on planet Earth." Len elaborated. After his dig, patches, calm down, he was able to walk closer to the princess. He was very excited to meet an girl royality in his presence. "I will help you return to where you came from. But, you must tell me who you are in exchange." Len repiled to her.

10/16/2017 #13
Neame kke

Earth? Oh no– oh no, no, no. This can't be right. A planet more than a thousand distant stars away, she'd always been told to avoid this land. The people were dangerous, carrying weapons that can cause explosions and stop your heart within a few minutes of wait. Rin tried hard not to cry, stepping close enough to face the boy and resting a hand on his arm. Her lower thigh was bleeding from being scraped by the trees, the fall she made wasn't too pretty and she'd need help.

"Rin," She managed to choke out. "My name is Rin."

10/16/2017 #14

"You seem badly hurt. Did something happened as you come across this place?" Len asked in concern. He knew right then that Rin was in serious need of help as she was completely hurt and had some nasty wounds on her thigh. It look very open up she needed medical attention fast.

10/16/2017 #15
Neame kke

"I can't quite recollect what's happened for me to reach here. My mind's gone dull– you absolutely must assist me." Rin responded, throwing a nasty look towards his pet. She couldn't help but feel disgusted by the sight of it, her own planet never had such oddities in their way. Those were meant to be sent away, never to be seen again. Only perfection must exist for an utopian world. "What's that creature you've got under your wing? A hunter?"

She's never seen one quite like it, and she's not too fond of the sight.

10/16/2017 #16

Len looks down at his dog. "This is my dog. My pet to be exact. He helps me search around the area for anything interesting. Then again, funding a injured girl in this forest at night I'd very interesting to say the least." He was very confused to why she called the dog a hunter. She probably never liked digs in her life and seeing one must be revolting in her eyes.

10/17/2017 #17
Neame kke

"What're you doing, wandering amongst empty grounds near sunset yourself? You seem to blend in with the younger generation of your kin, though that might be my own false interpretation of your race's lack of development in age." The wind blew past the trees. "Do you have a family? Does that beast have one, too?"

Rin carefully prodded the tip of her finger against the dog's nose.

10/17/2017 #18

"One, my dog likes to walk at night. Two, I live with my parents. They are at home at the moment. Three, I have friends. But, I have my things to do at times. Four, my dog is part of the family." Len explained to the girl.

Patches reminded still at the girl touches his nose.

10/17/2017 #19
Neame kke

"How strange. I'll harbour the thought that a child as frail as you could wander along safely in a place like this, or it's just your beast that offers you the strongest protection – enough that nobody else dares to come near you. In that case, I would like one as well." Her tone was clipped, and she moved her finger down to stroke the animal's jaw. "It's unbearably soft. You say this 'dog' is the reason why you walk after sunset, yet wouldn't that mean you're merely the servant and it the master?"

Earth is an odd place. She bent to her knees to continue observing the dog.

10/17/2017 #20
"No. That's not true. Patches and I treat each other with equal respect. I just choose to walk him at night since he likes it better. Why would I give myself a harder time to train him if I can get what we both want in the end result." He retorted as He sees Rin playing with Patches' jaw.
10/17/2017 #21
Neame kke

"Equal respect?" With something that can't even speak? She burst into a spur of multiple giggles before recollecting herself and standing up to stare at the stars. Somewhere up there, it's her home. She can't remember how she got here, but that's something she can work on. As for now.. "You'll need to help me, I'm struggling to walk on my own." Her bottom lip trembled as she tugged onto the hem of the boy's shirt.

Ah, she can't believe she's resorting to getting help from a human.

10/17/2017 #22
Len decided to the right thing and help Rin out and get to his house. Since his parents aren't home for the weekend, he can take her in and get her patched up so she can be in her way. However, he still didn't forget that she said just now. He'll have to be on his toes so she doesn't stab him in the back.
10/17/2017 #23
Neame kke

She was impatient. Maybe this wasn't the right person of their kind to ask help from, he looked as if he were hesitating. She could wander off on her way and somehow find a way to get back herself. It'd be stupid if she tried to fool him any longer as the boy doesn't seem to be the type who puts up with anything very easily. Rin felt her shoulders quake as she took a step back and leant against a tree; she'll make her hike tomorrow, her body's far too weakened to begin now.

Her breath came out in short gasps.

10/17/2017 #24
"I have a vehicle not to far from here. It should help with what we need to get you into a safe place. Would you like to try out that idea?" Len said. He knew that she needed help badly. She was just too stubborn about it. It does remind him of himself in the same well.
10/18/2017 #25
Neame kke

Rin fussed her brows. Vehicle?

Yet another word she wasn't accustomed with. Ah, but he did say it would help her, so he sucked in her pride, moved her chin down and nodded her head. Her feet wandered back towards him, grabbed onto the sleeve of the boy's shirt and clung onto him for her support. She tried to sniff onto his skin discreetly, checking if there was anything strange, before leaning back once her suspicions faded.

10/18/2017 #26
Len just went with it and lifted her into his arms. It was a good thing that Len does normal workouts during the afternoon. Now he can carry women that are around his height and weight anywhere he wants. This girl didn't have much weight. He made sure he got her to the car not too far from us.
10/18/2017 #27
Neame kke

Rin let out a gasp at being carried. Her cheeks flustered to a bright red at the suddenness, arms clinging around his shoulders to avoid being dropped. Her head leant back to watch the night skies above, and she couldn't help but release a relieved sigh at not having to carry her own weight any longer. She could be lead into a trap – trusting humans were risky, maybe be fed to one of Earth's beasts, but it doesn't matter as long as she can avoid a few minutes of pain.

"I.. forgot your name." She stressed her brows together.

10/18/2017 #28

"My name is Len. Len Kagamine." Len repeats to her.

Oncethey got to his cars. Len unlocks the the door through his starter. Patches goes into the front passenger seat first while Len puts Rin into the back seat so she can relax her body.

10/18/2017 . Edited 10/18/2017 #29
Neame kke

One smooth move with her back against the cushions and she almost cries from the pain released. It wasn't until she noticed her surroundings did she panic– she's never been in a place as confined as this before, or maybe she has, once, though she can barely remember that either – but it wasn't as small as this. She clings onto her own body, looking at him nervously.

"Where are you leading me?" Rin dares to ask.

10/18/2017 #30
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