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He bit the corner of his lip as he looked at her, his hands trailing down her hips to try and keep her a bit still. "You okay?" He asked calmly and quietly.

2/2/2018 #601
Neame kke

When he held onto her hips, she let out another cry. Her waist jolted deeper against his own until her stomach slammed against his ー and Rin accidentally stuck out her tongue to roll it down the side of his cheek, tasting the smooth flesh and it's light flavours, like sour cherry and honeycomb that makes her mewl.

"A ー aaaaah... yes," She tilted her head back, "N ーnng! I'm sorry!"

2/2/2018 #602

Sorry for delay! Life kinda shat on me)

He watched her movements with almost a smirk as he held her still, that is of course until she had licked him. He bit his lip softly before replying to her. "Don't be sorry... and calm down..." He said, trailing off as his hands went to grope her rear gently.

2/7/2018 #603
Neame kke

(it's okay2! 'shat on me', heck, same...)

When his hands palmed her rear she couldn't help but cry even more, especially when the smirk on his mouth left those features and she'd dreaded whatever she'd done to make him turn meek. Her thumb wiped away the saliva on his cheek, feeling the itch to apologise again. "I can't ー not when you're, hnn..! H-holding me like this, it's.. it's strange!"

Oh god, Rin wants to die. She'd actually licked someone.

What's wrong with her??

2/11/2018 #604

He smiled softly as he held her still, his hands gently rubbing her. He watched her motions as he heard her. "Is it a bad strange?" He asked as he was trying his best not to tease her.

2/13/2018 #605
Neame kke

"Strange strange!" Rin squealed. She composed herself by burying her face in his hair and letting out quiet little sobs that begged for more pleasure. Her voice is cheeky when she finally speaks, repeating similar words to the response she'd said before. "It wasn't particularly pleasant, b-but.. but not at all bad."

The young lady lets out a warm breath by his ear.

"It tickled."

2/13/2018 . Edited 2/13/2018 #606

He laughed softly as he gently groped her rear. "It tickled huh? What else should I try..." His voice trailed off, though it was clear he had some plans, once he knew she was going to be game.

2/15/2018 #607
Neame kke

She tilted her head at the sound of his voice. Oddly.. the Prince sounded mischievous, and she wasn't sure whether that would do her much good in this current position. Those palms on her bottom aren't doing much to ease any nerves either.

"Mmm..." Rin whined softly to urge him on.

2/16/2018 #608
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