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Azuria Tayutama

A personal servant. Miku thought she didn't need one, but her family kept on perstering her about the fact that it was a normal thing in aristocrat families. Nevertheless, the teal-haired girl firmly thought that it was immoral to sell people to make them their own personal pets, ones that they could treat however they wanted to. As much as she had tried to convince her parents that she didn't need a servant, they still bought one for her without her consent, and was waiting for her to introduce herself to that person, to claim her or him as hers.

Huffing, Miku went downstairs and rejoined her parents who were with a young woman, whom the teal-haired girl assumed would be her personal servant from now on. It was easy to conclude that since her clothes were slightly ripped as if she came from a poor family. She had still had long beautiful pink hair and mesmerizing crystal blue eyes. It took at least a minute for Miku to realize something...

She didn't recognize the woman at first but it was definitely Luka! Her childhood friend. She used to be so close to her before Luka moved away. It had been several years since they last saw each other.

Miku knew she would be in trouble if her parents were to realize that she knew her; after all, it would be considered disgraceful that the daughter of a rich family knew someone so poor as a servant.

"I'm Miku... you'll be my personal servant from now on," Miku introduced herself almost coldly. There was not even an ounce of friendliness in her voice.

10/27/2017 #1

After traveling by boat for a few weeks, Luka had finally arrived to the town where she was purchased. The trip had been difficult on her, being away from her family was hard, living in such poor conditions and being surrounded by sickness. She was lucky to make it there, some of the other servants didn't. When their ship docked, different workers came in back and collected the servants for transport. Luka was taken on her own into a carriage and driven off to her new home.

As she looked out the window, she recognized some parts of her old home. It had been years since her family left here, and she did miss it. They approached an even more familiar estate. Luka doubted what her mind was already conjuring up was plausible. Had she really been purchased by the family of her childhood friend? That's too ridiculous. They stopped in front of the large mansion and the worker led Luka inside. She stayed quiet like she was ordered to do, speak only when spoken to. The worker claimed his money from the family and left her alone with two strangers. She bit her lip, nervous as to what they would do with her.

When her mistress entered the room, Luka felt her eyes widened. It was Miku. But she quickly changed her expression so no one would suspect anything.

"I am Luka," She bowed. "What may I do for you this morning?"

10/27/2017 #2
Azuria Tayutama

Miku pursed her lips. When they were children, she had always known that Luka had a hard life because of her poverty, but did it seriously come to that point? Of her selling herself as a slave? She could have been thrown out in a mean family who would have tortured her however pleased them. Thankfully for her, they always properly took care of their servants even though they were scolded pretty badly by her parents when they did something wrong.

Without saying anything, Miku took Luka's wrist and quickly dragged her into her room. As soon as they were alone, she stared at her childhood friend with disbelief plastered in her face. She looked like she had gone through a lot.

"I cannot believe that it is you..." The teal-haired girl spoke softly, meeting with her eyes. "Are you all right? You must have been gone through hell..."

10/27/2017 #3

Luka was shocked my Miku's actions, but followed after her without a word. She assumed they would speak in private, knowing her parents wouldn't be pleased to know of their friendship growing up. Once they were alone, she felt guilty seeing how hurt her friend looked back at her. Luka knew her conditions had gotten worse over the years, but this was the only option to make everything better.

"I didn't have any idea I would end up here," Luka replied, knowing her condition was only upsetting her friend. "I much better, especially since I'm off that boat...I'm lucky to be here now is all I have to say."

10/27/2017 #4
Azuria Tayutama

Miku frowned and heaved a sigh. Luka was taking the situation rather well especially considering the fact that she could have died. She had always secretly wished that they would meet again, but she hadn't expected it to be under those circumstances. Luka was her slave, her servant, and she would have to treat her as such, but she didn't want to. How could she do that to her when they used to be so close? Miku even remembered the silly promise that they had once made; that they would marry each other once they would grow up. It was so naive now that she thought back on it.

Miku inhaled sharply and went through her wardrobe, picking up a dress for Luka to wear since her clothes were all torn.

"Here, you should wear this. It looks more comfortable than....whatever you are wearing right now." She murmured and sat down on her queen bed, the mattress cracking under her weight. "I am sorry, but I really will have to treat you as a slave rather than a friend from now own..."

10/27/2017 . Edited 10/27/2017 #5

Luka knew there were no other options for her, so she had to just deal with whatever she was given at this point. Any money she made was being sent back home to her family, and that was a sacrifice she was willing to make. It hurt her knowing her friendship with Miku would never get to be what it used to be. She always dreamed of reconnecting with her beloved best friend. "

"Thank you," Luka bowed slightly as she accepted the dress. She undressed herself and changed into the simple dress. It was a light grey and fit her nicely. "I understand my position here, there's no need to apologize. I signed myself up for this expecting much worse circumstances. All I am doing is taking care of my family."

10/27/2017 #6
Azuria Tayutama

Miku tried not to show her concern with the situation. Luka was such a nice person... Selling herself like that only to support her family. It was almost like she was sacrificing herself for them to have a better life. It didn't change much from back then, though; from her memory, Luka always had been taking care of others before herself despite everything she was going through. It was truly admirable, and totally miserable at the same time.

"If you understand your position, then..." The teal-haired girl stood up from her bed and opened up her arms. "Your very first order is to give me a hug... a big one!"

Miku didn't know why she was doing this, but she needed one now. Besides, she was pretty sure that Luka also needed one after all the recent events she had gone through.

10/27/2017 #7

Luka felt herself tearing up instantly and ran into Miku's arms. She hugged her precious friend, not wanting to let go.

"All this time, I missed you so much," She cried. "I was so scared, but I knew somehow, someday, I could see you again."

She felt embarrassed for crying, and quickly wiped her tears away. Her face was a shade of pink that almost matched her hair.

10/28/2017 #8
Azuria Tayutama

Miku firmly wrapped her arms around Luka. Judging by how her body was shaking, it wasn't hard to tell that her friend was currently crying. It was truly heartbreaking; it was almost like she could feel all the despair and sadness Luka went through.

"I...I missed you too, Luka. I often thought about how you were going, about if you were fine or not, but I didn't think your situation would be this...bad," she murmured emotively and pulled away to stare at her. Despite all that, Luka became a true beauty. She hadn't noticed before because of her ripped and dirty clothes, but she was completely stunning to look at even with the hell she had gone through. Noticing it now was making her heart skip a beat. "You are so pretty now... n-not that you weren't before..."

Miku helped to wipe her tears away, a warm smile parting her lips

10/28/2017 #9

She clutched tightly onto Miku's dress, almost fearing she was in a dream and would wake up without her friend beside her and be still on that ship. Trying her best to calm down, she sniffled, trying to stop crying.

"I never thought it would come to this either...But there's nothing else I can do...," Luka looked up at her. Miku hadn't changed much over the years, still the same turquoise hair with matching eyes, a precious smile that could light up a room. Already Luka felt herself blushing, but hearing those complements only made her blush more. "You're still so pretty," She smiled at her friend, feeling tears drip down her warm cheeks.

10/29/2017 #10
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