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Regrettable as it may have been, Luka had swept aside her Christmas shopping for far longer than it was due. This was the price of her own hubris; being swept into crowded department stores and having only half a clue of what it is she's doing. She only just managed to find the toy department. But only just. "Goddamn," she muttered under her breath, absentmindedly tapping two fingers against her lips. Shopping on its own already had the tendency to make her nervous. It's part of why she put it off for so long. Yet this was arguably worse, and it'd take about forever and a half for her to get out of here. Good going on that one, really.

She fished into her purse for a piece of scrap paper. She and her daughter had been picking out toys from a catalog section about a week ago. Rana had pointed to this one doll in particular, looked up at Luka with a face that could only be described as 'utterly determined', and loudly proclaimed that this was the toy she wanted. Rana had always been so forward with her wants, in the same way that a child was. A fond smile had etched its way to her lips, up until there was the vague reminder in the back of her head. She wasn't going to be seeing much of Rana anymore, thanks to a certain asshole ex-husband. She stared at the piece of scrap, and then someone shuffled past her and bumped into Luka's side.

Ah. Right. Shopping, yes.

Luka scanned the toy department to see if she could pluck a doll off the display or something of the sort. Unfortunately for her, she had no such luck, and instead Luka would have to resort to the dreadful. Actually talking to the store clerks. Idly, Luka took her gloves off and began to slap them into her palm repeatedly. With nothing ventured came nothing gained, and Luka changed focus. Now she looked for clerks who a) didn't have a smile that could only be held together with twelve shots of botox and the weight of their sins and b) didn't look absolutely busy as hell. Seldom few of the employees matched this description, although Luka found that her eyes rested on one in particular.

Teal hair and a soft face, with eyes that seemed to hold an ocean of thoughts behind them. The endearingly cute Santa hat did nothing more than make her look better, and with Luka deciding that there was nothing to lose, she shuffled towards her. She set her gloves down on the counter and gave a warm smile. "Excuse me, I was looking for a toy," she muttered, pushing the scrap paper up to the clerk. "You wouldn't happen to have any of these in back, would you?"

10/28/2017 #1
Azuria Tayutama

The Christmas rush. As a shop clerk in the toy department, Miku was undecided between feeling enthusiastic and nervous. While she was usually paid better because she was doing overtime, she didn't have much time to relax at all; either she was bombarded by angry and impatient costumers who were searching for a certain something or excited children were running everywhere, crying at their parents to have the toys they wanted. The teal-haired female couldn't help but find it unfair, especially when couples were succumbing to their kids' pleas and sobs. Christmas' presents were supposed to be surprises, not gifts that were given because of spoiled brats who were throwing a tantrum to those who gave them birth.

Not that Miku ever wanted children in the first place, and the exasperating scenes happening before her only helped to renforce that thought.

The teal-haired girl blinked as a woman suddenly approached her, a small piece of paper in her hands that looked like was ripped off their catalog. Miku remained silent for a bit, slightly taken aback by how gorgeous that stranger was. She had the feeling she was completely losing herself in those mesmerizing crystal blue eyes, and the warm smile parting the woman's lips was only making her look even more stunning. Her soft pink hair was enhancing the colour of her pale eyes. Not only that, but she was wearing a very stylish coat that was marrying all of her feminine, mature curves. Miku could easily describe that woman as being a femme fatale.

Suddenly snapping out of it after a minute of shameless staring, the girl quickly looked at the object on the paper, slightly flustered. A doll, a very familiar one at that since it was highly demanded. If she remembered well, there should be only one left.

"A-Ah... um, I think we do. Let me check it out," She said and swiftly turned around, looking at the stock of dolls they had. Eventually she set her eyes on the one that she was looking for, and stood on her tiptoes to pick up before quickly returning to the woman with a bright smile. "You are quite the lucky one, Miss, this was the last one we had for a while."

10/28/2017 #2

The store clerk seemed jittery and out-of-place. Luka could only pity the poor thing; it mustn't have been much fun to work retail this close to the Holidays. It seemed as though Luka was wholly and entirely oblivious to her own presence, simply chalking up her nervousness to fatigue. "Take your time," she called out just as the employee disappeared to look. Of course, Luka knew that she couldn't really take her timeā€”if the increasing line of customers was anything to judge it by.

After she came out with the doll, Luka could have leaned on the counter out of relief. She'd been far too nervous to think that she'd see the doll in person. Actually, embarrassing as it was to admit, Luka had already been internalizing a list of toys to give to sweet little Rana in the doll's stead. "God, thank you," Luka spoke airily, with a grin. "You're an absolute angel. I'm sure my baby girl would have been able to fare without this specific doll, but she looked so excited when we were picking things out... Thank you again."

Blue-tipped fingernails drummed against the countertop. "Could I get that gift-wrapped?" As she spoke, Luka's hand was off the counter and in her purse, fishing out her wallet.

10/28/2017 #3
Azuria Tayutama

Miku only smiled when the woman showed how relieved she was about having the doll. It seemed like her daughter had really wanted it. While she sometimes hated her job because of all the angry customers, it was still making her day when someone looked so happy about being given that they wanted. Besides, how not to be glad? That gorgeous woman's smile could make anyone's day brighter.

Curious, the teal-haired girl looked at the client's hand and was immediately surprised not to see a wedding ring. Maybe she's divorced... Divorced with a kid. It wasn't that shocking nowadays, that married couples were divorcing. Or maybe Miku was just speculating here. Or perhaps she had a child without even getting married. Anyway, why did she care so much about that stranger's life?

Upon being asked if the toy could be gift-wrapped, she quickly nodded and did just that.

"...How old is she? Your daughter, I mean?" She asked, wanting to make small conversation while wrapping the doll carefully. She was quite curious about it.

10/31/2017 #4

Luka's eyes were focused on the girl's hands as they wrapped up the present. In fact, she was focused to the point where she had only barely heard the question. The store was busy enough, loud enough and perhaps she wouldn't have minded if Luka asked for a repeat. But she did hear the word daughter, a word that seemed to spur Luka into a happier action. "My little Rana, she's eight. This is probably the last I'll be able to buy her a doll for Christmas, you know? She picked it out herself." A fond smile came to her lips. Rana seemed to be growing further and further from her, even now. One day, would she grow away from Luka as well?

She dug into her purse for a photo. Proudly, almost as though she were boasting, she held the photo up to the cashier. "This is my girl," she said warmly. Her expression faltered, for just a brief moment. To overshare with the cashier would be silly, but the topic of the divorce lingered in Luka's mind.

11/1/2017 #5
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