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There was this blonde with rainbow highlights on the lower part of her hair visiting a hospital to help these who needs. She looks at a secretary. ''Excuse me, can I sign up to be a nurse volunteer? It will just be for a few days.'' Mayu said waiting for the secretary to handle the sign up. ''Here young lady, return it to me when you wrote all of this.''

Mayu sit down and took out her favorite pen to start writing up.

1/4/2018 #1
Fukase was laying on his bed. He was waiting for the next nurse to come in for his standard routine. He survived a lethal house fire from a party weeks ago. Now, he just wishing he could back in time to make sure he won't go to the party at all.
1/4/2018 #2

Mayu looks at the paper looking for the next patient. The secretary let her volunteer today in her first day, oh well help is the best. ''Fukase...'' She mumbles as she went to the room that was said in the list. ''Ummm... Fukase?'' She said not sure if this was the right room and looks back at the paper.

1/4/2018 #3
Fukase hears a voice from the door and wave to the person. It was probably another volunteer doing their first day. "That's me." Fukase said.
1/4/2018 #4

The blonde head perk up when the patient spoke to her and walks beside his bed. ''Hello, I'm a volunteer for a few days. They told me to give you your breakfast.'' She said preparing the table and place the breakfast down. Mayu study at his face for a moment to check what accident he had. ''Ah.. Do you got burned?''

1/4/2018 #5
Fukase looks up at the pretty nurse smiled. "Yes. But, it was a lot worse on the first day I was put here." Fukase could tell that this girl was a newbie at this nurse job.a pretty nurse wouldn't have hurt to have around.
1/4/2018 #6
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