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Rin was nervous to do so, what if it didn't really work? Cautiously she picked up the pearl, it now was on a chain that shimmered like her scales, and clasped the necklace around her neck.

3/25/2018 #121

Len stepped back, not wanting to interfere with anything that might occur when Rin put the pearl necklace around her neck.

3/26/2018 #122

When the necklace was secure, a bright light appeared from inside the pearl and completely covered Rin's body. The light blinded her, and she closed her eyes, not wanted to hurt.

3/26/2018 #123

When Len turned around, he saw that her tail had dissapeared and was replaced with human legs.

The magic worked!


Len turned bright red. The magic had removed all of her scales, not just the ones that were once her tail, and also the ones that were covering her... "parts". She was lying nude on the beach in human form .

Len turned around while doing a horrible job at hiding his embarassment.

3/26/2018 #124

Rin, unaware that this was a problem, immediately assumed this meant her legs were ugly or that something was wrong with them. She tapped Len's shoulder, "I'm sorry the magic made them so ugly..."

3/27/2018 #125

Ugly? They were beautiful and nicely complemented her slender frame.

Her touch on his shoulder made him jolt up in surprise. She was still a siren, who did not understand feeling embarassed by having other's see them nude.

"Uhm, no! They are perfect!"

Len felt his face flare up as he caught a glimpse of her again, his rational mind quashing the animalistic desires that were slowly flaring up in his mind.

"Well, this was awkward." he thought to himself.

3/27/2018 #126

"Okay..." Rin was beyond confused as to why he was acting this way.

3/27/2018 #127

"Uhm." Len was still flustered.

"Could you wait here for a bit? I'll...I'll be right back!"

Before he could let her reply, Len dashed off.

"I need to make her some clothes" he thought.

3/28/2018 #128

Rin was confused as to why he was acting so strange around her.

3/29/2018 #129

He had no idea that this would come in handy one day as Len weaved and tightened and stringed together another loop.

In the past, as a deckhand, the ship had stopped once at a coral reef island for the sailors to take a break, and he was shown by the quartermaster how to tie a grass skirt.

It actually didn't turn out too bad, and he was able to use some leftover grass and some coconut husks for a bra as well.

He ran back to Rin.

"You should, uhm. Try these on."

3/30/2018 #130
"Okay..." Rin took them and tried her best to put them on.
3/31/2018 #131

"It looks good on you." he smiled, now that she was halfway decent.

4/1/2018 #132

"Thank you," She smiled back at him genuinely.

4/1/2018 #133

She was still sitting down on the beach.

He held a hand out. "Would you like to try standing up.?"

4/2/2018 #134

"I guess..." She replied nervously, holding his hand, too scared to move.

4/2/2018 #135

"Don't worry, I got you."

He took hold of her hands.

"Let me know when you're ready, I'll hoist you up so you can get used to walking."

4/2/2018 #136

After taking a few breaths, "I'm ready," Rin tightly held his hands.

4/2/2018 #137

He hoisted her up, anticipating the fact she wouldn't be quite used to her new human legs just yet as he stood her up on the sand.

4/2/2018 #138

She stumbled into his chest, feeling weak on her new legs.

4/2/2018 #139

"Woah" he held her in his arms and held her up.

4/2/2018 #140

"Sorry," She stuttered, "This all just feels so strange to me."

4/3/2018 #141
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