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Below is a list of all the stories nominated so far for the Supernatural Fan Fiction Monthly Awards competition, listed alphabetically by the month in which they were competing. Please check against this list before nominating to ensure that nominations are eligible.

Stories can be re-nominated for the Awards six months after they have been judged. The listing provided below is to prevent stories from being re-nominated before they are eligible, and to let people know which stories have been nominated in the competition to date.

Stories that won their section/categories are denoted by a (*W*) next to the story title. Those stories can be found on the Supernatural Fan Fiction Monthly Award community.

Nominated and Judged in November 2015

A Cheap Pine Box *W* - BlackIceWitch

A Naked Heart by LeeMarieJack

a new animal by Beckydaspatz

A Stolen Life by Thru Terry's Eyes

A Thousand Small Cruelties by Aenisses Thai

A Very Supernatural Journey by Woman of Letters

And The Music Goes 'Round and Around *W* - Linnie McCary

Angels We Have Heard *W* by 1shot

Armistice *W* by may7fic

Authentic by Lampito

Call It Old-Fashioned by MeAzrael

Call of the Wild by Woman of Letters

Challenging Relationships *W* by TheYmp

Cherry Sam & Sweet Rose Dean *W* by Winter Gray

Close Encounters of the Absurd Kind by Dizzo

Come in From the Cold by The Ymp

Consequences *W* by LCFC

Covered in Bees by LeeMarieJack

Crossing Over *W* by MarleeJames

Dean, Interrupted *W* by silver ruffian

Dean's Massage and The EverChanging Spirit Oil *W* by ilikecrystals

Desolation Angels *W* by gaelicspirit

Devil Went Down in Kansas by AlexJanna

Dream A Little Dream by LeeMarieJack

Et In Terra Pax by Imogen LeFay

Even Hell Won't Have Me by ThruTerrysEyes

Fall is Coming by Deansbabybird

Flying and Needles by Meggin Lane

Frozen by beckydaspatz

Fun on the Dance Floor by NeoCortex

Fusion by Mousme

Getting A Word in Edgewise by elementalv

Gone by Wave obscura

Human Monsters *W* by reading

I Have Worn A Coat of Scars - borgmama1of5

In Bobby's Living Room, Noone Can Hear You Scream by Lampito

In Loco Parentis by K Hanna Korossy

In Reverse *W* by sodakey

Into The Black - BlackIceWitch

John Winchester's Sons by LeeMarieJack

Just Breathe by CasXxGrippedXxMeXXTight

Lucky Charms by jo-zabby

Meeting Bobby Singer *W* by AlexJanna

Nesting by K Hanna Korossy

Night of the Hunter by gaelicspirit

Of Peanut Butter and Blood by Nova42

Parenting Your Gifted Child by bhoney

PEZ-Memories by Meggin Lane

Pillar to Post *W* by graceofgod

Poetry for No Exit *W* by LeeMarieJack

Potter's Clay by Wynefred

Sammy and the Tremendous Delightful Very Good Day *W* - Carole C

Save Me From The Dark - Heavenli24

Shadows and Tall Trees *W* by Vampyvii

Snapdragons *W* by compo67

Some Things Can't Be Undone by borgmama1of5

Something Wicked by LCFC

Soul Man *W* - Silver Ruffian

Stunning by AmyBlair

Sundown *W* by Tolakasa

Teach Me by Chiyume

The Boy in the Lake by LeeMarieJack

The Cowboy and the Camel by darkphoenix2345

The Devil's in the Details *W* by Woman of Letters

The Fae Prince by LeeMarie Jack

The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past by silver ruffian

The Patient in ER Bay 3 *W* by sharlot

The Queen of Light Took Her Bow *W* by Lady Vic

The Storming of Hell by BlackIceWitch

The Treadmill *W* by Amberdreams

There Was A Life *W* by Tolakasa

Three Weeks in Hell by Aireon Maris

Through the Never *W* by BlackIceWitch

Time & Mercy Is Out of Your Reach by Raloria

Time Passes by Tifaching

Too Sore to Soar by The Ymp

Wayward Ones by gaelicspirit

Weight by Deansbabybird

When Dean Met Sally by silver ruffian

Why yer M'favoritepart 2 by Meggin Lane

Yes (an End verse Tale) by sandymg

Nominated and Judged in December 2015

A Creature Stirs *W* by Linnie McCary

A Demon's Dreaming *W* by BlackIceWitch

A Streetcar Named Desire by MeAzrael

All Things Considered *W* by reading

All Told *W* by may7fic

Apples by SciFiNutTX

Battle of the Nations by a-very-supernatural-fan

Bonding of Souls by Bayre

BReel *W* by BigPink

Can We Keep Him? by Lampito

Civil War Ghosts *W* by LeeMarieJack

Crossing Bridges with Business *W* by pdragon76

Dean's Very Bad Day by graceandfire

Don't Like What You're Kickin', Son *W* by Zelost-Mind

Finding Elrond by shallowz

Follow the Yellow Brick Road by Woman of Letters

Folsom Prison Blues by Hevaan

For Your Applause by TheResurrectionist

Forgotten *W* by Northern Sparrow

Goodbye Milky Way by Vampyvii

Guilty! *W* by GrammarDemon

Hubba Bubba! by Supernaturally Egocentric

Hunter's Lullaby *W* by etoile-etiolee

Karma Bites by Elfie255

Kinda The Whole Point by BlueRiverSteel

Moonstar by Thru Terry's Eyes

Morning Song *W* by LeeMarieJack

My Father's Son *W* by Mitch82

Of Other Fathers by Cornishgirl

Of Vessels and Bloodlines *W* by BlackIceWitch

Out of the Woods by Chrissie0707

Phoenix by Thru Terry's Eyes

Practice by reading

Red *W* by BigPink

Shadow Daevae Dancing *W* by LeeMarieJack

Sick as a Doornail by sharlot

Songs 'Bout the Southland by Zelost-Mind

Stop at Step Three by Jedi Sapphire

Summer Rain by HalfshellVenus

The Ground, She is Hard by Cornishgirl

The Mouths of Babes *W* by Linnie McCary

The Painted Turtle of Healing by Daylight

The Summoning by LeeMarieJack

Those We Leave Behind by Impaladreams

Toys in the Attic *W* by Carole C

Train Up a Child In The Way He Should Go *W* by Miciah

Under A Haystack by Janissa11

Verbal *W* by BigPink

Who But My Lady Greensleeves by Mad Server

Nominated and Judged in January 2016:

A Breakfast Proposal by Miia Swan

A Hole in the World by annaliese-michel

A Lesson that Weighs on your Skin *W* by Neblinosa

A Life Hard Lived : Chapter 18 *W* by CornishGirl

a soldier I will be by sablize

Abracapocus *W* by BigPink

After the Hunt by November'sGuest

All The Little Pieces : Chapter 5 Decker *W* by BlackIceWitch

At the Graveyard in the Woods by LeeMarieJack

Bad Company *W* by TheResurrectionist

Blow the Blues by A. Diamond

Business As Usual by HigherMagic

But For The Grace *W* by Refur

Cheap Whiskey by Psychee

Christmas Past by refur

Close Encounters of the Zoobilee Kind *W* by Chrissie0707

Come Whatever : Chapter 4 Caretaker by BlueRiverSteel

Creepy Bedtime Stories S2 : Chapter 7 Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things by LeeMarieJack

Day of Reckoning by kelhome

Dean of the Dead by Michelle Knight 1188

Dust Devils *W* by Sharlot

Fall On Me by Vampyvii

Fly Me to the Moon *W* by Handacrossthesea

Freefall by lastknownwriter

Glory to the Vanquished *W* by silver ruffian

Go the Distance by Woman of Letters

Guardian Spirit by Ryuuza Kochou

He Ain't Heavy by Chrissie0707

Hellhounds *W* by Lennelle

Hunter's Quarterly : Chapter 3 Possession by BlackIceWitch

Impala Dreams by Dizzo

In the Eye by Woman of Letters

Iron and Pizza by Laura of Manchuria

It Takes Two : Chapter 5 Outside the Box by Dizzo

Just Two Wild and Nerfy Guys by cfccfc

Learning Humanity *W* by BlackIceWitch

Like Bunnies *W* by Tifaching

Lions, Tigers and Bears by Chrissie0707

Not Good by PADavis

Opportunistic Eater by ALetteredWoman

Our Sweet Rapture *W* by Chiyume

Perennial *W* by roqueclaisque

Poetry for Provenance *W* by LeeMarieJack

Problem Child by ALetteredWoman

Prohibition by Psychee

Queen *W* by Hunting Angels

Quit Bitchin' by Spirit Burner AKA Chick Feed

Reunion by Tifaching

Run the Gauntlet by Natashawitch

Sins Remembered by CornishGirl

Special by Lady Ophelia

Strange Angels *W* by elanurel

Strangers and Angels by reading

Surviving by Woman of Letters

The Barque of Ra *W* by LeeMarieJack

The Devil You Know by REB Jenn

The Ghost of You by CornishGirl

The Hardest Word *W* by pdragon76

The Madness of King Crowley by Dizzo

The Ocean Calls Tomorrow by sea salt

The Taste of Your Skin by LeeMarieJack

The Woods are Lonely, Dark and Deep by Zatnikatel

To Saunter Vaguely *W* by Phoenix's Moon

Toy Story *W* by ALetteredWoman

Twilight Zone by Vampyvii

Unbroken *W* by sodakey

Vocabulary *W* by Innie

Wake Up and Fight *W* by gaelicspirit

Where My Demons Hide *W* by BlueRiverSteel

Wish You Were Here by Dizzo

With Grace in Upswept Curve by monicawoe

Nominated and Judged in February 2016:

A Different Kind of Drink by water4willows

A Hole in the World *W* by anneliese-michel

And Fools Shine On *W* by gekizetsu

Before Sunrise by SupernaturallyEgocentric

Behind the Curtain by MeAzrael

Bittersweet Symphony *W* by hevaan

Breaking Glass *W* by Amberdreams

But the Days and Nights Are Long *W* by Sharlot

Carjacking *W* by CaffieneKitty

Come Whatever (Chapter 4: Caretaker) by BlueRiverSteel

Coven by elesem

Cuts You Up *W* by elanurel

Danger, Danger, Sam Winchester by Woman of Letters & TheYmp

Dean and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week by JennK528

Dean of the Dead by Michelle Knight 1188

Disorder *W* by Kohadril

Do Not Meddle *W* by BookkeeperThe

Doing Swell by Vanessa Sgroi

Fell in Love with a Girl by Lila2

Flying (just to fall) by FarFromNever

Frozen *W* by LeeMarieJack

Full Circle by beckydaspatz

I Like the Girls With Boom by Innie

Impala Dreams by Dizzo

In the Name of the Father by Vampyvii

It Takes Two (Chapter 5: Outside the Box)*W* by Dizzo

It's All in Your Head *W* by silver ruffian

Jai Guru Deva Om *W* by Sharlot

Just A Little Snag by SupernaturallyEgocentric

Kick Ass Winchesters (Chapter 1: All Grown Up) by Woman of Letters

Man's Best Friend *W* by swanseajill

Memories of Angkor Wat *W* by LeeMarieJack

Mirrors by silver ruffian

Not Good by PADavis

Oubliette by darkbird36

Outside Looking In *W* by wild wolf free17

Perspectives *W* by PhoenixDragonDreamer

Play It Again, Sam *W* by GrammarDemon

Problem Child *W* by ALetteredWoman

Road Rage by Yankeebornandbred

Roman Candles *W* by LeeMarieJack

Run the Gauntlet by Natashawitch

Season of the Soul Harvester by What You See in the Shadows

Silence is Golden by MeAzrael

Sins Remembered by CornishGirl

Splash of Danger *W* by Swellison

Strike in Pairs by Twinchy

The 12 Saves of Christmas by Deansbabybird and Janger

The Book of Abel by Madebyme

The Other Half of Me by yankeebornandbred

Till Morning by Lykaia

Training Wheels Off *W* by silver ruffian

Uncharted Waters by swanseajill

When He's Asleep *W* by Phoenix's Moon

Nominated and Judged for March/April 2016:

A Dark Heart is Beating by Red Bess Rackham

A Hard Lesson Learned by Elfie255

A Man of Few Words by cornev

A Part of the Main *W* by BookkeeperThe

A Threefold Cord *W* by Carole C

Blood Brothers by Dizzo

Broken *W* by Heavenli24

Burn, Baby, Burn by AmyBlair

Dead Man's Hand *W* by irnan

Green Grass of Home *W* by Etrixan

Illusions by kyriebess

It's Sam by BlueRiverSteel

Living in Sanctuary by Nixa Jane

Lucifer Has Regrets: CodaCrack 11:10 by Speary

Lunatics *W* by Scullspeare

My Fall Will Be For You by Jenn1984

One Winchester, Colt in Hand *W* by Derry

Pants on Fire by LeeMarieJack

Pet Hate *W* by Dizzo

Pursuit by LeeMarieJack

Rocket Car *W* by hionlife

Run, Don't Walk *W* by Zelost-Mind

Save You by ImpalaLove

Shades of Blue by Winter Gray

Sin City *W* by MeAzrael

Start Me Up *W* by Etrixan

Stones Unturned *W* by reginasong

The Carver *W* by Spectral Scribe

The Hanging Garden by Vampyvii

The Number One Rule by MsMKT86

The Shattered One *W* by MissAnnThropic

The Taste of Your Skin by LeeMarieJack

Three Dark Days *W* by Swellison

Two Directions by kellyofsmeg

Unpaved Roads by deanstheman

When You Break by gaelicspirit

You Can Go Your Own Way *W* by shirleypositive72

Nominated and judged in May 2016

3 Times Gordan Walker Didn't Take Dean Winchester by silver ruffian

A Day by Soncnica

After the Fire by J A Carlton

Ain't No Grave by artsavage

Angel Song by Scribblesinink

Awesome New Year by Soncnica

Fluffy Bunnies by Muffy Morrigan

Glory to the Vanquished by silver ruffian

Hunters Harvelle (A Supernatural Spinoff) by cornev

If You Needed Somebody*W* by BlackIceWitch

In A Desperate Land by Kansas42

Lab Rat *W* by wintereden

Sanctuary by Madebyme

Scared Not So Straight *W* by Marlowe97

Sweet Little Lullaby by Solus Nemos

Sympathy for the Devil *W* by silver ruffian

That Kiss by Elfie255

The Definition of Family by DeepLittleSOB

The Straw by Kansas42

There's a Hole in the Fabric of My Reality *W* by Etrixan

Torch Song *W* by artsavage

Unrelated by john n dean

When Dean is Alone by Aibohp

When The Levee Breaks by Red Bess Rackham

Witches Hollow by MelanieKS

Nominated and judged in June 2016

25 Days of a Supernatural Christmas by Zana Zira

3 Times Gordon Walker Didn't Take Dean Winchester *W* by silver ruffian

A Day by Soncnica

All That You Can't Leave Behind by Scribblesinink

Angels Losing Sleep by Vampyvii

Awesome New Year by Soncnica

Black Holes and Revelations by Amberdreams

Bobby's Biggest Mistake *W* by emebalia

Charnel House *W* by Vanessa Sgroi

Crap Job by SciFiNutTx

Crossing the Line *W* by gekizetsu

Exhaustion by Tifaching

Fading Memories *W* by Rae666

Famous Last Words by Zana Zira

Fight or Flight *W* by Williamson M. Scott

Home is Where You Hang Your Hawthorn *W* by Godspeed Revolution

House of Spirits by Silverspoon

It's Sam by BlueRiverSteel

Led Zeppelin Lullaby *W* by Aibohp

Levels of Insanity by Daylight

Mess by Jay Nice

Night of the Hunter by Gryph

Nightmares by Mellaithwen

Obituary *W* by Scribblesinink

Sound the Bugle *W* by unplugged32

The Hanging Garden by Vampyvii

The Taste of Your Skin by LeeMarieJack

This Christmas Day by Tolakasa

This Wasn't Even Fun The First Time Around *W* by HalfshellVenus1

Viscosity *W* by Amberdreams

When The Levee Breaks *W* by Red Bess Rackham

Nominated and judged in August 2016

A Little Less Conversation by hionlife

A Matter of Principle by BlueIris08

A Moment Like Forever *W* by Riathe Mai

A Reason to Wake Up by zookitty

Apple Pie by windscryer

Bad Medicine by Marlowe97

Beasts Under the Bed by Scribblesinink

Catalyst *W* by gekizetsu

Dead Men's Words *W* by notmanos

Game Night *W* by Linnie McCary

Hunters Harvelle (A Supernatural Spinoff) *W* by cornev

I Spy *W* by Woman of Letters

In Darkness Let Me Dwell by Muffy Morrigan

Let Us Give Thanks by Ridley C James

Light of Day, Dark of Moon by Maygra

No More Tears *W* by Scribblesinink

Our Father by devonshire64

Pope Joan: The Anti-Christ by pdragon76

Sam, Unrepentant *W* by Woman of Letters

Shine *W* by Tifaching

Sympathy for the Devil by cdewinter78

The Centaur Hunt by emebalia

The Coming Storm by Bayre

The Last Time Girls Were Made of Glass *W* by Rodevo

The Mountains in Reply by 1shot

There's a Girl in Texas *W* by Scribblesinink

What Sam Knows *W* by kelhome

White as Snowby Vampyii

Nominated and Judged in September/October 2016

A Little to the Right by Zana Zira

Captured Impression *W* by TheYmp

Circles by Williamson M. Scott

Deanic Viewpoint *W* by Cornishgirl

Fine Print by windscryer

Folie A Deux by Tempestt

Game Over by Ridley C James

He Who Fights With Monsters by Scribblesinink

In Spades *W* by wintereden

Killing Me Softly *W* by Sharlot

King Takes Knight *W* by Cornishgirl

Let the Dead Dance by StopTalkingAtMe

Shadow Stalker by devonshire64

Talking to Air *W* by blinkblink

The Cruel Sea by Dizzo

Wolf Whistle *W* by Lampito

Nominated and Judged November 2016

A Life Hard-Lived: Chapter 10 by CornishGirl

Behind Me by K Hanna Korossy

Colette by Amberdreams

From Yesterday by gaelicspirit

In the Darkness *W* by Vampyvii

In The Shadow of Dark Wings *W* by BlackIceWitch

Insanity After Midnight *W* by emebalia

Last Rites *W* by Bardicvoice

Let the Dead Dance by StopTalkingAtMe

Letting Go: Chapter 2 Hell of a Thing by Woman of Letters

Now and Then There's A Fool Such As I *W* by Red Bess Rackham

Picking Up The Pieces by Micaiah

Roses in December: Chapter 10 Empty Heart *W* by BlackIceWitch

T is for Truth Be Told by darkbeauty216

Ten of Swords by Madebyme

The Diary of Sam Winchester: Chapter 9 Restless *W* by Swellison

Unsung Hero *W* by Dizzo

Wellworn by Swellison

1/1/2016 . Edited 2/8/2017 #1

Thank You!

I never thought of making a list until mid December and by then the only November stories I could come up with were the ones I judged and the Winners. If you want, I can start listing January's nominees as they become judgeable. (2 or more to a category) Only problem - I don't know how to do a line break. If you could start the section with the month and year I could take it from there.

1/1/2016 . Edited 1/1/2016 #2

Hey, thanks very much for the offer - and the credit for the listing goes to cfccfc who wondered aloud in my direction if it was a pain in the bum to do - but I've got all the stories listed here and it's not a problem to copy them to the forum topic once the nominations have closed. No point doing it before then because it's only a list for stories that have been nominated and have competed in the given month - any that don't get a second nomination and get rolled over would go into February's listing anyway.

Hopefully people will look to see if what they want to nominate is here. Happily I don't think there'll be a dearth of fantastic stories for some time :)

1/2/2016 #3

This is a great idea. I'm so happy to see it. It helps me tremendously with the holes in my memory.

1/2/2016 #4

Ha, me and you both, princess!

1/3/2016 #5
Woman of Letters

This was a great idea. It's so nice to see all the stories, listed in one place.

One of our authors did not know that they'd won in November! I'd be happy to send out a "Congratulations! You've won." PM, if no one else can, once the winners are announced. (just in case they haven't seen the announcement...)

1/5/2016 #6

I think it's a wonderful idea! Are considering going back through November and leaving a comment for all of the winners or just doing future notifications? I think if we're leaving public reviews on nominated stories, the Congrats should be on their review page as well.

I left one for the multi-chapter story I nominated (Forgotten) but FF won't allow a second review on a oneshot.

1/6/2016 #7

Hey Woman of Letters,

We don't send out PMs to winners since their stories are loaded to the Community and they'll see that on their stats. If you would like to take it on as a courtesy, that would be lovely. Thanks!

1/6/2016 #8
Woman of Letters

I sent out PMs this month and several of the authors really loved the personal notice. If they don't check the community regularly, or they're not online so much, they may miss that they've won.

I sent them the Winner's Graphic link from my dropbox and they were highly appreciative of that.

I think it makes a difference.


2/7/2016 #9

That was an extremely nice thing to do, Woman of Letters. I believe I saw a writer add an AN to her story telling readers she won the contest when I was linking the stories. It surely made a difference to her. :)


2/8/2016 #10
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