Gundam Seed AU RP: The Tears of the Valentine
Come here for an active Gundam Seed AU roleplay forum. The story will be drastically different form the source material. We'll be using original characters, original factions, and canon characters with unique twists.
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Anno Domini Era

  • Before 2016: All events are the same as in the real world.
  • 2054 A.D: Many non-renewable resources including fossil fuels begin to run out and environmental pollution worsens to the point large stretches of land become completely uninhabitable. Worldwide economic collapse ensues and many existing nations perish. The lack of resources coupled with years of pent up ethnic and religious strife causes the break out of a world wide war later known as the Reconstruction War. As the war begins a strange strain of Type S influenza spreads throughout the world.
  • April 1st 2054 A.D: George Glenn is 'born'.
  • 2070 A.D/ 0 C.E: The Reconstruction War ends with 60% of the world's population having died from disease or the effects of the war. All existing nations and world powers were left in ruin, leading to the rise of new nations and an entirely new world power order. The American Federation is one such power made up of loosely joined nations and factions, taking a leading role in rebuilding and managing to convince the world to adopt a new calendar, the Cosmic Era Calendar. That same year a space colonization program begins.

Cosmic Era

  • 5 C.E: George Glenn receives a Nobel Peace Prize and becomes world renown for his remarkable feats and service in sports, science, and the military.
  • 9 C.E: The construction of Space Colonies begins and cities begin to be built on the lunar surface with numerous space industries cropping up to take advantage of the new frontier. That same year George Glenn joins the American Federation space program as they begin to establish a military space force. Other nations follow suit and begin establishing their own military space forces.
  • 10 C.E: The fourth-generation international space station Yggdrasil is completed.
  • 15 C.E: The exploration ship Tsiolkovsky is completed and Geroge Glenn leaves for Jupiter. As he leaves George Glenn departs for Jupiter aboard the Tsiolkovsky, he reveals he is a Coordinator a genetically enhanced human and releases the necessary genetic engineering techniques to make coordinators onto the worldwide network. These vents cause an explosion of chaos and controversy, with numerous religious and ethical groups declare themselves adamantly opposed to genetic manipulation.
  • 16 C.E: An international conference to discuss the Coordinator controversy issue is held in Toronto. The Toronto Protocol on genetic modification is adopted and the manipulation of human genes is outright banned. However many wealthy individuals, including many involved in having the Toronto Protocol instated, secretly have their children turned into Coordinators.
  • 22 C.E: The Tsiolkovsky reaches Jupiter and an alien fossil is discovered. This discovery throws the world into chaos once again and the American Federation cuts Tsiolkovsky's short, ordering them to bring back the fossil.
  • 29 C.E: The Tsiolkovsky arrives back from Jupiter and George Glenn presents the fossil, simply referred to as 'The Evidence', to a research colony for detailed examination. However he finds himself prohibited from working on the fossil and finds himself the target of a number of specialized 'restrictions' involving the research and future careers he can pursue.
  • 30 C.E: The Pope creates the World Religion Assembly, a sort of United Nations for religions. World Religious figures and leaders assemble at the Vatican City to discuss the matter, but aren't able to reach any kind of agreement or conclusion. After the World Region Assembly's first meeting, 'The Evidence' fossil is proven to be of genuine extraterrestrial origin, and world religions find their influence shattered. The World Religion Assembly is disbanded. That same year the hypocrisy of those involved in the passing of the Toronto Protocols are revealed, causing the legalization of genetic manipulation and the first Coordinator Boom.
  • 31 C.E: The restrictions on George Glenn are lifted and he begins researching The Evidence fossil, becoming an incredibly influential figure.
  • 35 C.E: Mobile Armors are developed for military use.
  • 40 C.E: Being born in secrecy the first Generation of Coordinators reaches maturity and begin to excel in almost every field. The differences between Coordinators and Naturals become clear and discrimination against them skyrockets, not helped by the fact only the rich, influential, and connected are able to afford having their children made into Coordinators.
  • 41 C.E: Marriages among Coordinators leads to a 'pure' second generation of Coordinators who inherited their parents enhancements.
  • 53 C.E: George Glenn is brutally murdered in his home by an unknown assailant.
  • 65 C.E: The first prototype Mobile Suit is completed.
  • 68 C.E: Mobile suit technology continues to improve and mass production mobile suits begin to appear. Tensions around the Earth sphere begin to heat up as opposition to Coordinators begins to increase.
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