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Forever-I suppose

It is the second day of my existence on this site and that means I can begin to write stories, the first thing I need is for someone to coach me through this story so it doesnt come out horrible, as I fear it will. If some one could help me, then that would be appreciated

11/1/2010 #1
HK-47 Scarlet

A good place to start out is to make sure your first idea is well thought out and believable. :) It helps to think over your idea, and look for possible flaws and plot holes that may arise, ya' know?

I'm terrible at advice, haha.

11/1/2010 #2
Forever-I suppose

thanks for the advice, I certainly appreciate it more than nothing

11/1/2010 #3

Well, if it's YGO-related, throw the idea at me and I'll see what it looks like right now? Can't really help if I have no idea what you're thinking of.

11/1/2010 #4
Forever-I suppose

Well Im thinking of doing some type of story, where Shou has a secret friend, who is a mirror of his relationship with Juudai, only I'm not sure of the canon characters who this would be

11/1/2010 #5

What do you mean by "secret friend"? As in, he starts to form a relationship with another character similar to his relationship with Juudai? If so... I think the closest match would be Johan, but not many of the canons fit the bill well, either way. I kind of have a hard time picturing anyone having the same relationship with Shou that Juudai has.

I wouldn't mind seeing some friendship fic, though. Maybe Shou and Asuka, since they didn't get a whole lot of interaction with one another?

11/1/2010 #6
Forever-I suppose

yes by secret friend I mean someone who he can spend some time with when he isnt with Juudai, I have I feel like I might have to go the OC route, even though Im very afraid of how it might turn out then. I hope to mirror the more negative parts, so that Shou will get more out of the relationship, as it grows. I hope to have some sort of development of it as the series progress from something that was Shou using the person to feel better about himself to a real friendship

11/1/2010 #7

Sounds a little like Shou and Kenzan, just with less squabbling in the beginning. You could always conform your idea to their relationship, I suppose.

Or if you really felt like you had to use an OC for it, you could set it after the gang graduates, and have it be someone assisting him and his brother with establishing their pro league circuit. Someone who reminds him eerily of Juudai, I guess?

11/1/2010 #8
Forever-I suppose

BUt what if instead the OC (if I use one) was in Shou's position in their relationship and Shou got to be Juudai?

11/1/2010 #9

...Actually, that's not a bad idea either. I think at that point, Shou's more than grown enough to fit into that kind of role.

11/1/2010 #10
Forever-I suppose

hmm I guess I could begin to type the skeleton of it and send it to you? if thats alright with you

11/1/2010 #11

I don't mind, sure. My (new) email is in my profile; don't use the one I have assigned to FFnet, even though it has a forward set on it. Just in case.

11/1/2010 #12
Forever-I suppose

do you mind if its the dub Im not sure what to type it in

11/1/2010 #13

I don't know as much about the dub, honestly, since I don't watch it, but I guess if you feel like you can't write sub personalities, that's fine.

11/1/2010 #14
HK-47 Scarlet

Glad I could offer up at least a bit of advice.

Also, the idea you have up sounds really interesting. I have never seen a good OC/CC friendship fic, either (aside from one or two) -- so in my opinion that would make it an interesting read if you decided to do it and could pull it off. Let me know how things turn out -- I'd be interested to read. :)

11/1/2010 #15
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