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HK-47 Scarlet

Wait, are they writing all this in response to reviews you've made, or reviews that the person impersonating you has made?

By putting something in your profile, I meant explaining that the person impersonating you isn't you, if that makes sense. You can explain the ever so slight difference in names. I mean, logically, why would you have two account names that are identical, almost.

Not that logic is known to thrive here, on FFN.

5/26/2011 #33
HK-47 Scarlet

They're pretty stupid, so I wouldn't put any weight on what they say. I mean, they probably call everyone who dislikes yaoi even a little bit a homophobic nazi or whatever. Their words should hold less weight, even if they are touchy subjects for you. It's like, if a kid randomly says they hate you it's nothing, yeah? Who's that kid? No one. But if someone you know or care about says it with a passion, then it should bother you. Get me? This person is just the kid in that scenario. They don't matter. Don't let it bother you.

Meh, you obviously learned your lesson.

I never flamed. But I used to be purposefully brutal. I wouldn't hold back and never took the author's feelings into consideration at all. No one's perfect. (now I'm sweet as pie.) /joke

5/26/2011 . Edited 5/26/2011 #35
HK-47 Scarlet

My first and final attempt at putting an end to this nonsense. If this doesn't work, then meh. It would probably be best to ignore them, slap somethin' on your profile saying you aren't those people, and block anyone that tries to start shit up again.

5/28/2011 . Edited 5/31/2011 #37
HK-47 Scarlet

Well, this may not do shit and they may just ignore me, LOL. But yeah, you're welcome.

5/29/2011 #39
HK-47 Scarlet

Fuck it. The problem with arguments like these is that it all gets turned into some "anti-gay"/"pro-gay" w.e fight as opposed to a fight about fanfiction. Then the arguments get overrun with people fucking comparing the two. Fights about fanfiction are ridiculous to begin with, but when it starts to get into this whole moral crusade then it gets so much worse.

So yeah, I pretty much figured I'd get the brush off with a long lecture about homophobes/racism/womanizing as opposed to something that actually has to do with fanfic. All I really got in response was, "he flamed me because of my gay pairing, he's a homophobe." And even if you were, why not just disregard what you say since it's clearly biased?

Speaking as a bisexual female who's all for gay rights, I find this whole crusade that goes on in FFN to be completely stupid. If you want to spread gay rights, do so in the real world as opposed to doing so by attacking would be homophobes on a goddamn fanfiction site.

Well, I tried. Like I said, you may just want to get a new account. This whole debacle is hardly worth it.

5/30/2011 #40
HK-47 Scarlet

Meh. Even if all you did was talk about why you hate yaoi, why should she care? Honestly, there's no point in arguing with someone about this sort of thing. No one is going to change the others' opinion.

5/30/2011 #42
HK-47 Scarlet

Good. Also, link removed.

Good idea. Especially since people are usually in desperate need of a beta reader. It's almost always the perfect way to give back. That's why I always offer to help (if I can) when I'm done reviewing someone who looks to be in need of one.

Anyway. Er, topic change? Let's see. Anything worthy of a whole 'nother dimension of stupid?

Well, there's this. I spoke to an author on another site not too long ago about her Fallout/Mass Effect/Dragon Age fics because she asked me for help. I told her the truth. Her Warden, her Shepard, and her Lone Wanderer were Sues. Big ones. I explained to her why, and how she could develop them better, and you know what she told me?

"Well, they're basically OCs in the game so I can't make them OOC. Besides, they're all canon sues anyway."

Er, no. First: they're not canon sues. If you make certain choices, there will always be a consequence. It doesn't matter that Shepard/The Warden/The Lone Wanderer are pretty much the last hope -- that doesn't make them Sues. Their choices can piss people off. They can also die. They also don't single handedly save the world. The Warden had help from his companions, Shepard had a crew, and even The Lone Wanderer needed help every so often.

Second: I'm pretty sick of people assuming that just because the character is essentially a surrogate for the player, that that means they can make them sues/stues and everyone should just deal with it.

Yeah, Shepard is such a sue. That's why I got half my crew killed the first time I played. /sarcasm.

5/31/2011 . Edited 5/31/2011 #44

. . . . wait, wait, wait, wait. Manager, you're claiming you're not WiredJunkiee, but I have PMs in my inbox from your account that I know very well were originally from WiredJunkiee. Wanna try again?

5/31/2011 #45
HK-47 Scarlet

I think it's another WiredJunkiee, with a similar user name. Like the Manager0fThe Abyss instead of "of".

So much for a topic change. .__.

6/1/2011 . Edited 6/1/2011 #46

No, not another WiredJunkiee. Because the names attached to PMs change when the author changes their pen name, and this name, which used to say WiredJunkiee1100, now says Manager Of The Abyss.

We have a flamer in our midst.

6/1/2011 #47
HK-47 Scarlet

So many names, so confusing. We already knew he flamed before, but it's now that he doesn't. At least, I think he doesn't. I'm assuming he stopped because of all this shit that's happening with a bunch of people mimicking his account.

Did he say he wasn't WiredJunkiee before? I guess I missed that in the names of accounts he listed that impersonated him. I think he just changed his name to what it is now to avoid all of the people finding out he was WiredJunkiee and sending out PMs. He was pretty open about admitting he was a flamer but the whole point of this is that he's trying to get away from it but keeps getting PMs. I thought he was only trying to hide his WiredJunkiee name from the people contacting him? That would make more sense, seeing as the flame he gave me was WiredJunkiee and is now Manager Of The Abyss. Would be pretty silly to try and hide that now...lol.

Oh fuck me Freddy, my head hurts. It's too hot to decipher all of this!

6/1/2011 #48

Yeah, but in the past this jerk claimed he "used to be" a flamer but wasn't anymore, and then proceeded to be an asshole to the entire forum. *distrustful*

6/1/2011 #49
HK-47 Scarlet

True, but didn't he apologize somewhere for it? I dunno', he seems like he genuinely wants to change. *is mayhaps a bit too trustful*

Edit: Well, I at least think he apologized. Well, he apologized to me, at least. Either way, *points to the second part of her first post*

6/1/2011 . Edited 6/1/2011 #50

"The person you despise the most."

Yeah, so why don't you just LEAVE? Since, you know, you keep coming here, stirring shit by saying you're changing and then proving you're the same old ignorant asshole, BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWing when we yell at you, and flouncing for awhile . . . until you get bored. Giving a specific date for when you're deleting the account? Yeah, it'll never disappear. You're going to be just like w0ndyAlice, or however it is she spells it, deleting and recreating and deleting and recreating over and over.

And here I thought the phoenix resurrection was supposed to be a good thing.

6/2/2011 #52
Bounty Hunter Vincent Vega

Everything was going fine with me and HK having a calm and rational discussion about my old troubles that were plaguing me. We agreed to drop the subject and change topic but then you come along and bring it up again. So then who's being the more irrational person. And no I am not going to leave since it appears to me that you are the only one that hates me. I have no idea who this w0ndyAlic is nor do I care to know about the specific details as to what transpired.That was in the past. I am not aware that it is possible to delete accounts. If that be the case,then I would like to know how is that possible.

Your problem is you refuse to believe people can change. You got some serious issues with people that much is certain. I pity you for holding on to a grudge for so long. Also I not the one calling people names now am I?

6/2/2011 #53

If you actually wanted it to end you'd give it a rest, stop making such a fuss and stop making sweeping statements about people you barely know.

6/2/2011 #54

Oh look, another new sock account. And you expect me to believe you've changed.

. . . .


Oh wait, that wasn't supposed to be humour? Gee, my bad.

6/2/2011 #55
Bounty Hunter Vincent Vega

Umm did you not read exactly why I needed a new account? I have yet to do anything with it malicious.

6/2/2011 #56
Bounty Hunter Vincent Vega

Then tell Nina to drop it first. I wasn't the one who was starting shit again.

6/2/2011 #57

AHA. You "have yet to do." You haven't done it yet. But you may in the future. That's not turning over a new leaf. That's hiding under a new name.

Cry more, child.

6/2/2011 #58
Bounty Hunter Vincent Vega

Are you some kind of fortune teller? Tell me did they invent space machines to go into the future?

If the Mayans or anybody else for that matter can't predict the exact time when we all die,then what makes you think that you are any better.

Why don't you get off my back first?

6/3/2011 #59

LOLOLOL I see what you did there. Nice fallacy.

The word "may" should have been your hint. Also, the phrase "history speaks," which means, roughly, "someone who does the same thing over and over and over cannot reasonably be expected to suddenly become a nice, sweet harmless little guy." You might forgive a serial murderer for what he's done, but you wouldn't leave him alone in the same room with your grandma.

You say you're not a flamer or an arrogant ass anymore, but your actions on this forum under this name already prove you wrong. History speaks.

6/3/2011 #60
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