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rushden girl
pick you characters no clue who u can be but u cnt be buffy coz im her
12/11/2006 . Edited 12/11/2006 #1
can i be faith?! PS: I have an awesome Buffy/Angel Role Playing Site, and it's new in need of some desperate members... we have Faith, Willow, Buffy, Tara, Anya, Angel, Fred, Cordy, and Kendra, thats about it... :) www.faithslays.proboards74.com
12/30/2006 . Edited 12/30/2006 #2
Aw! Can I be Angel?
5/29/2007 #3
Could I be Andrew or Oz please.
9/1/2007 #4
rushden girl
sure you all can be those characters sorry it took so long.
9/19/2007 #5
So when do we start?
9/19/2007 #6
Well ya need a basic idea of a starting plotline first... What time in the buffyverse are ya doing it? after season 7 perhaps?
9/19/2007 #7
rushden girl
ok we can start when ever you lot want. basic story line: the good guys this is set after season seven. they have all moved to different places around the world and those who servived angels final battle have joined them. they are traing all the new slayers in new council buildings all over the world. Giles, xander and spike: england Faith and wood,willow and kennady(sp?): cleveland angel, buffy and oz: italy dawn, andrew and illyra(sp?):america these are just the main ones. all other council building are filled with watchers in training and slayers in training. the pairing are up to where the rp goes no set ones other than the ones in the show but no buffy/spike in this spike and her are just friends. the evil side: now the first evil is gone and so is the hellmouth the vampires are battleing it out for control. they are getting stronger and more violent its like demons on steroids. for every new slayer they have made two new vampires. the world is becoming one huge battle after dark and during the day peacefull and just like it was on the hell mouth theres always unexpalined deaths and all sorts of odd things happening but just beacuse of the scobby gang danger is always following. the rest is up to you who will win is our desision and where it leads us is to be found out.
9/20/2007 #8
Okay that sounds cool to me. Lots of openings for people to run their own plotlines and bring in OCs with new slayers and the like. I'll start thinking up a character of my own to throw in probably a good guy. To start we could just have them fighting regular vamps/demons ro get things started until someone comes in with an uber bad villan to fight with. An idea for a villan/s (if some one wants to use it) would be maybe someone from Wolfram and Hart that are still after Angel and co.? Have to laugh at no Buffy/Spike though that pretty much means a set Angel/Buffy if ya follow cannon (not that I'm complaining though I always thought that was better). Anyways I'll be back with character Bio once I think it up.
9/20/2007 #9
Sound fine to me. I just thinks it's sad that the Scooby gang is split up. Can't wait to play a nerd and werewolf, should be interesting. But who is illyra? And what do you mean with (sp?)? Ow and just some personal oppinion I like SpikexBuffy more, not that it matters just wanted to say it.
9/20/2007 #10
rushden girl
illyra is who fred became when she died in angel sorry if you didnt know. (sp?) means spelling i wasn't sure how you spelt hers and kennedys names. im not sure on the whole buffy/ angel either because he was involved with warewolf girl nina but im not sure if shes in the rp or nor depends if some one wants to play her.
9/21/2007 . Edited 9/21/2007 #11

I'll be Faith

6/4/2008 #12
Eox Avanason

Is it too late to join..... I'll be Angel.

9/10/2008 #13
Eox Avanason

Or a watcher......

9/10/2008 #14
Eox Avanason

You should let peeps just start and come in as they want.

Eox (a watcher) creeps up on a vampire. He takes a stake out of his jacket and stabs the vamp in the back. The vamp crumbles into dust. He turns to his slayer. "That is the fatsest way to slay a vampire." He tosses the stake to (enter slayers name here)

"Also, you can behead which is my favorite method" he says whilst he dips a sword oil, and uses a lighter to make it catch fire.

"Fire is another great way." and they march on through the tunnels, searching for THE CHOSEN VAMP (a vampire who was a slayer in life)


Ok I started. Lets continue... man i am bored today

9/10/2008 . Edited 9/10/2008 #15
Eox Avanason

Wow this forum is dead... jeezo

9/23/2008 #16
Love-el-ly Joy

I've got dibs on Illyria :]. You foolish mortals shall die! XD

11/28/2009 #17

Can I be Giles?

3/19/2010 #18

can i be an OC because i have one in mind just please reply and i'll tell the name of my OC thanks

11/2/2010 #19
If the forums not dead, or it's not too late...I'd love to play Willow :D or Tara. I don't mind which one. Whichever isn't taken if any are.
12/16/2010 #20

love to be illyra plz?

maybe make a OC too?

1/12/2012 #21

acualy i think all be an OC i made named

"Natalya" if thats ok

1/12/2012 #22

May I take on the role of Kennedy, Please? May I also please play as Satsu as well? I'd be honored to play as these two girls.

9/28/2015 . Edited 6/29/2016 #23

Could I please be dawn? :)

8/28/2016 #24
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