The People's Song
I'm curious if anyone has any ideas on my Les Mis fic... Just anything at all, to talk amongst yourselves. I may see nothing, but I'm curious, and curiousity is half the reason I do anything.
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If anyone gives a care, because I see that obviously NO ONE pays attention to these forums whatsoever, I challenge someone (anyone) to write a Montparnasse fanfic. NO ONE EVER DOES! (save for a couple really good ones, but there are only a few.) So, pm me if you shall except my challenge. I will be waiting whilst I try to write my own...
7/12/2006 #1
I'm bored, does anyone have any new challenges to post? I'm up for a few!
5/2/2007 #2

Well, I'd like to see more Valjean/Javert slash stories, but not the boring "saving-on-the-bridge-and-then-go-home-and-having-sex" type. Something other. :D

I'm writing one, too. It begins after the Gorbeau incident.

5/11/2008 #3
I Brake For Bishounen Boys

Anyone who can make a good Thenardier (Any one of hem except Eponine)/Enjolras fic gets my vote.

Yes. I'm twisted. No, I don't actually like that pairing. I've only seen one, anyways. I just thought it would be a good challenge.

8/7/2008 #4
Estates General

Crossover with something. I dare ya.


5/3/2009 #5

If anyone is into doing some researching, I challenge any one of you to rewrite the whole barricade scene from the point of view of either a random person observing everyone else or Javert.

1/26/2010 #6

*lookin at random boards then finds this*

9/21/2010 #7

Okay, well I've always wanted to read a fanfic that goes into detail about the Thenardiers between when we see them in Montfermeul (Excuse my spelling) and when they reappear in Paris. So if anyone can find a fanfic like that please PM me the link!

P.S. If you write one that is even better!!!

12/23/2010 #8
It has been a really ling time since I read the book and a lot of the people and places had similar names. Was he the young guy in Thenardeau's accomplice troup?
4/11/2012 #9

To Mam'zelleCombeferre, I had an idea from your challenge. A barricade fic in the point of view of Fantine in heaven. So as all of the Les Amis de L'ABC go to heaven they sort of talk to her. I just wondered (because it's from your idea.) if that's okay?

5/16/2013 #10
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