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Midwich Cuckoo

Every decent message board for fans of some series, be it a literary work or a movie, needs to have this question :)

I think Dream is my favorite if I am to come up with just one person although I'd give him the first place ex aequo with his sister Death. I like Destiny too though not many Sandman fans share this feeling - he is more a function he performs than a person(entity?) on his own - I'm just fascinated with this ultimate knowledge on what happened and will happen he possesses. Destruction is too "human" to me. Delirium seems to be generally very popular among the Sandman readers and I am a fan of her as well but still I prefer her older sister/brother to her - Desire is so cruel and manipulative which I like about it. Despair in turn is my least favorite sibling out of them all - she is so ugly. My aunt Ela and, to a lesser extent, also my great grandmother Irena (who is very short but not that dwarfish as Despair) resemble her with their facial features and body built - although they wander around fully clothed, lol. Good for them XD

4/8/2010 #1

I'm very fond of Delirium, though perhaps that is because I share a lot of her personality^^

I also love Death too. She's much more calm and collected, though keeps a sense of childishness with her.

I was more upset with the new Dream, possibly because I loved the old one so much. But he could be far too negative for me. So...Tie between Delirium and Death.

7/21/2010 #2
Sayonara Goodbye


The entire family's bonkers, but there's that special element of terror I don't get from anyone but Desire. Going by how Desire rejects people who flirt with it, I'm a little too scared to declare Desire as my favorite.

Since I can't have Desire, I'm settling for Despair. Whoever inked Despair is a genius. If I had seen these characters side-by-side in a picture before reading the series, I would have recognized Despair for what she was immediately. From, you know, seeing her in my mirror every day. ;x

1/26/2011 #3

I personally like Death. I've only gotten to Game of You (That's the 5th one, right?), so I haven't seen all the Endless, but so far she's definitely my favorite. My second favorite would probably be Morpheus, followed by Delirium, then Desire, with Despair being my least favorite. Oh, and Destiny is in there somewhere, I'm not sure about him.

~Kitty G.

9/22/2011 #4
Dr. Anna Laufreyson
It's a tie between Death and Dream. Oh yeah, we should TOTALLY do an RPG on here. What do you guys think?
5/8/2013 #5
An RPG would be awesome. Damn this is a tough one, they're all so perfect in the way they embody their domain, and their personality, especially Despair. If I had to pick, I'd pick Death. So beautiful, caring and she's the one who holds the Endless together, Destiny is just the ceremonious older brother. Also love her dynamic with Dream, and her one day as a mortal every once in a while does humanize her. Second would be Destiny because of all the mystery he's shrouded in, and his omniscience is pretty wicked, makes you wonder what goes on under that hood of his. And third would be Dream, the original, although you never know, Daniel might surpass him later.
9/1/2013 #6
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