Be a pirate!
Who wants to be a pirate? most little girls wanted to be princesses or fairies, i always wanted to be a pirate. So create ur character and join the crew!
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what happens when a group of teens end up sucked into a portal that takes them to the one piece world and end up joining Monkey D. Luffy's crew will they ever get home again (the part of one piece world will be after Franky joins) Name: Emily Age: 18 Bio: she was heading to an anime convention when she ended in the one piece world specialty: she is good at identifying what plants and animals are safe to eat Appearance:
2/12/2008 . Edited 2/12/2008 #1
Name : Mimi Age: 16 Bio: She was performing on stage, doing a cover of a JPOP song when the lights went out, she went to check the power and was suckied into the one piece world. specialty: Fighting Apperance : When she enters the one piece world Regular:
3/11/2008 #2

Omaga this sounds so interesting!! :D can i join!! pretty please!! :D

7/24/2008 #3

damn... it looks like no ones doing this anymore. D:

7/11/2010 #4

i know right :(

7/11/2010 #5

wonder if it would be alright to go ahead with it anyway...

7/11/2010 #6

Well if you do can i join? *crosses fingers and shuts eyes really tight and holds breath*

7/11/2010 #7

If we do then yes ^_^id on't know if its alright though

7/11/2010 #8

Can I join too :D (*jumps up and down excited*)

7/12/2010 #9

Oh what the heck let's just do it anyways! ^_^ people want to do it so lets do it!!

7/12/2010 #10

YAAAAAAAAAY :D Ok what exactly are we doing??! Lolz*)))

7/12/2010 #11

well do you want to go along with what the original person wanted to do or change it slightly?

7/12/2010 #12

It's cool with me either way. What is your plan?*))))

7/12/2010 #13

I dunno, keep it how the original person wanted to do it (Strawhat pirates) or use a completely different crew eg. Trafalgar Law's, Eustass Kidd's, Whitebeard's, Shanks' etc.

so choose a crew to use

7/12/2010 #14

When I RP I usually do it like this. Each person picks whatever crew they want and they are on that crew and each person would pick a significant other for the other person and rp them.

Like if you picked whitebeards and you liked Ace I would play Ace and my character. and If I picked Trafalgar's crew You would RP as your character and Trafalgar. If that doesn't sound good then do we just appear on The strawhat crew? haha*)

7/12/2010 #15

I like that idea!!

or the Rp'ers choose a Supernova Crew and they can all end up meeting at Sabody. And there can be (maybe) a couple of Rp'ers for each crew.

Did that make any sense??

7/12/2010 . Edited 7/12/2010 #16

I think you got it right.

ok I get the supernova part haha

What did you think I wrote? Why meet up at Sabody? I can rp more than just whoever you pick and my character. Like a few other crew members from your supernova pick if that's what you mean ha*)))

7/12/2010 #17

I just got confused at first but after re-reading a couple times i got it ^_^

I dunno they can run into each other and stuff along the way, its just 'cause thats where they were in the manga and anime... anyways i know what where talking about now :D

7/12/2010 #18

Lolz ok :D I got it too (*I hope*) lolz Ok soooo we start now or do we need to formulate a plot or what not?*))))

7/12/2010 #19

are we sticking with the supernova's? if so should we be able to have two oc's but in different crews?

any way i guess we create our characters and choose the crew. ;D

7/12/2010 #20

wait...I only know Trafalgar Law the best. The others I didn't really pay attention to. so now I'm confused again haha You can have two characters on two ships and I'll still rp two guys for you :) But I'll stick with one cuz that's pretty much all I know haha besides luffy's crew and a few other crews but all I want is Law's right now. Are we doing the inter dimensional thing?? Like the girl at the top of the forum did?

7/12/2010 . Edited 7/12/2010 #21

ok, i know, Luffy's, Law's and Kidd's and thats all i payed attention too. Kidd just recently became a fave lol. Alrighty that would be good!

The interwhat? ?_? let me check it...

7/12/2010 #22

Lolz ok thats cool and the inter dimensional thing is what I meant!! Stupid spell check... haha It's at the beginning she put "what happens when a group of teens end up sucked into a portal that takes them to the one piece world"

7/12/2010 #23

Yeah definitly! thats what makes it all awsomo!!

7/12/2010 #24

OH YEAH :) Ok let's get this party started kay :D I'm working on my info right now

7/12/2010 #25

I shall do the same!! but i'll have to go to bed soon 'cause tomorrows first day back to school D:

7/12/2010 #26

awh! Dude!! I'm sorry to hear that :( but hey enjoy your first day :D what grade you going to be in? So does that mean I start the rp since you gotta go to bed soon? I can if you would like haha. Oh and you are picking Kidd's crew and what other one?

7/12/2010 #27

haha i meant first day back after the holidays for term 2, now it'll be term 3 but i'm in year 10 and hating it D:

I dunno guess so. start it if you like :D

you have law's right? can there be two for his crew: your character and mine. so that would make Kidd's and Law's... maybe.

7/12/2010 . Edited 7/12/2010 #28

Name: Kai

Age: 21

Bio: She's a young martial artist who teaches a student martial arts class. She also is amazing with two swords and often competes in contests gaining more money to fund her Martial Arts class. She has a lot of skill.

specialty: Kicking serious butt. Swords.


or better yet this after entering the One Piece world

7/12/2010 #29

I thought I was going to have law?

7/12/2010 #30
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