Be a pirate!
Who wants to be a pirate? most little girls wanted to be princesses or fairies, i always wanted to be a pirate. So create ur character and join the crew!
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(Welcome I found it and I was like thank you god of anime and all things manga XD)

"Well its creepy so I say vampires werewolves and zombies" said Emily she was lying about the vampires and werewolves thing but never hurt to make it seem like she was exaggerating

8/3/2010 #241


"Woah! Maybe one can join our crew!" Luffy said.

8/3/2010 #242

(lol pray to god of anime and all things manga and he shall answer)

"LUFFY STOP TRYING TO ADD PEOPLE" she yelled angrily

8/3/2010 #243

(lol XD)

"Why, we need more people in the crew."

8/3/2010 #244

"Not rotting corpses" siad Emily

8/3/2010 #245

"But vampires and werewolves aren't corpses!" He protested.

8/4/2010 #246

"Fine werewolves aren't but vampires are corpses" she snapped

8/4/2010 #247

"...Really? But they move"

8/4/2010 #248

"So do zombies" said Emily

8/4/2010 #249

"But thay stink vampires smell good"

"And just how would you know this Luffy?"Zolo asked. He just smiled and shrugged.

8/4/2010 #250

"Yeah how would you know" asked Emily

8/4/2010 #251

".......Ace......" He said reffering to 'scary' stories his borther told him as a kid.

8/4/2010 #252

"Oh fire boy" sighed Emily

8/4/2010 #253
"eh, you know Ace?"
8/4/2010 #254

"Luffy comic book my world of course I know Ace he has a bigger fan girl base than you though" said Emily she keep quiet about Ace dying until later

8/5/2010 #255

"Really? Ace has fan girls? and i have fan girls too?" Luffy asked a little weirded out about him having fangirls.

8/5/2010 #256

"Uh yeah so does Zoro Sanji Chopper who I am a big fan of Ussop Franky even arlong who hates humans has fan girls" she said

8/6/2010 #257

"Arlong has fangirls!? I hate him , he hurt Nami." Luffy stated. they went over a wave and luffy was nearly thrown out of the boat but Zoro caught him.

8/6/2010 #258

"I know after what he did I vowed to hurt anyone who glorified his cruelty" said Emily growling Arlong was a monster and should not be praised

8/6/2010 #259

"Do you have any sea monsters like sea kings in your world?" Luffy suddenly asked.

8/6/2010 #260

"Other than great white sharks no not really" said Emily with a laugh

8/6/2010 #261

"really? your seas must be easy to sail on then"

(i found out that in the golden age of piracy here there was a 'New World')

8/6/2010 #262

"Yes and we used to have Piracy though its trickle down to only small parts of the world" said Emily

8/6/2010 #263

"Did you have a pirate king?"

8/6/2010 #264

"Well I don't know if he count as a king but the most remember pirate in my world was Black beard and then queen is Mary Reed" said Emily smiling

8/6/2010 #265

(i might be doing my sose assignment on Edward teach (blackbeard). he didn't do much. so i might change to Edward Low.)

"Blackbeard....Ace was looking for a guy called that too"

8/6/2010 #266


"I think my Black beard and his are different after all some pirates from your world Oda who made the comic named after real life Pirates like Zoro or Avelda" said Emily

8/6/2010 #267

"So i'm based off one of the pirates from your world?" Zoro asked.

8/6/2010 #268

"No your named after a pirate I think the pirate your named after if I remember my history viciously slaghter women and children" she said

8/6/2010 #269

"i wouldn't do that"

(i didn't think he was based off of one of our pirates.....)

8/6/2010 #270
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