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Come join an epic RPG to save the Lylat system from a new Andross Rebellion. More rules and plopt inside. People needed.
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Ok, before you start requesting characters, please familiarise yourselves with these rules. 1) You are not allowed to control another players' character. 2) You can only control your character and the enemy that you are fighting. No creating NPC's. 3) Try ont to go overboard on the bad language. This is meant to be T rated. If you want to say something OC, put it in brackets. Only brief notes allowed, as I wuill post a topic for OC postings. 4) If you want any romances between the characters, PM me for permission and PM the other person for their permission. 5) You can put yourself in trouble (i.e, say that an enemy is chasing you) but you cannot put other players in danger (i.e, tell falco that he is being chased). 6) Only any future moderators and the Admin (me) can bring in new enemies. If any new ruels crop up, I will add them. If you have any queries, PM me or post in this category for clarification.
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Just a bit on what will happen when rules are broken. Every time somebody breaks a rule, their post will be edited and they will receive a warning on the forum. You can have pu to three warnings. If you receive a fourth, you will be banned and your character written out.
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Just a few rules if you want to use Peppy and ROB in your posts. 1) Only admins and moderators can use them to set up the plot, since that wlil be their primary role. If you want to use them in a post, they can only say one speech per post. There is no limit as to how long the speech can be though. However, you can have them both speak in one post. 2) During missions, you cannot get them to use the Great Fox's big guns, since they are too powerful 3) This should be obvious but I'll say it anyway. Try to keep them in character.
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Ok, here are the rules for wing riding. It's nothing personal, I just want a bit of order to this RPG 1) If you want to have a wing riding section, ask me for permission first. There will be some sections where wing riding is part of the script. Also, be sure to get the permission of the other person as well. (E,g, if Gaspard wants to ride on Falco's arwing, SPG inc [who controls Gaspard] must ask Zenfry [who control's Falco] for permission and ask me so it can be worked into the scene. Nothing personnal against you guys, I was just using you two as an example.) 2) You can do solo wing riding sections with Krystal or Slippy since they aren't taken. You don't need my permission if you want to do it like this. 3) All wing riding sections have to have a ground enemy lock on to the flying arwing at least once (like in assault). 4) You cannot say that an enemy has hit the plane you're wing riding on. However, you can say that you missed one and it was about to fire. 5) The pilot is free to point out where enemies are coming from and if he/she has been locked onto. I will tell you what enemies are about before the wing riding begins. 6) You are not allowed to hit the person you're riding on in 'friendly fire' accidents, no matter how funny it is. 7) The pilot must not do anything that may shake the wing rider off. This includes excessive speeds, barrel rolling, u-turning etc. 8) Yes, you may do 'wing riding' sections on landmasters instead of arwings if you wish. 9) The gunner is only allowed to use the plasma cannon during these sections. The pilot can fire at enemies directly in front of him. 10) There will be wing riding 'boss fights' but you will be informed pre hand if one is coming up and who is involved. Only Admins can set these fights up.
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looney; could you PMme what charcters are taken? thanks.
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