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As we all now, this can't be a Pretty Cure roleplay without Pretty Cures, can it now? However, there are those who can't or don't feel comfortable as roleplay as one of the great heroines of legends, instead, they want to build up their own fame as one of them from zero- of course, with a little help from a companion or support from their close ones. But not anybody knows who are you in true, right?

You can suggest a theme! That way more groups can be made.

The current theme for original Cures is...Emotions!

What else but positive emotions to start this roleplay now? With a wide variety of positive emotions hanging in the air, many Cures can come to mind, right?

Once upon a time...

In the joyful Kingdom of Happiness, the people and fairies there lived happily without problems to worry about. The King, Queen and Princess were always there for their people, celebrating festivals, organizing parties and those sort of things that made the Happiness Kingdom a lively one. Perhaps a too lively.

On a certain day, a dark cloud appeared above the kingdom and brought with it a storm: soon enough, the once kind and peacefully people of the kingdom were fighting one with the other, they were greedy, rude and even cold towards each other without a real reason. Love and friendship, too, were warped into jealously and envy. Not even the King and Queen had been escaped from this, only the Princess and her royal subject -a couple of fairies and her guard- had been protect from the malice attacking her Kingdom.

Feeling a powerful presence behind all, the Princess ordered her guard and fairies to the human world to search for the legendary heroines as she stays to battle the dark entity behind all.

The villain behind all...

Is the powerful Witch Wrath, an entity that haves warped the Kingdom of Happiness and it's inhabitants. Hailing from the dark lands of Malich, she comes with a group of her loyal servants to keep the kingdom in check and also attack the Cures. Her speciality is to warp the heart of people, corrupting their Crystal Hearts- a powerful and colorful gem existing inside every living being. Once corrupted and broken, they create the powerful beasts know as Grudgest that cause rampage around until it's defeated and the Crystal Heart is purified/repaired. Once 'broken', she collects the negative Shard Hearts to fuel her power. Her minions can do the same, but their main mission is to bring them to their master.

The Crystal and Shard Hearts

As their name suggest, they are crystal hearts the size of an adult's fist become visible once tampered with. They're the color of the rainbow, with the feeling the owner shows the most being the color that appears the most (happiness=yellow, sadness=blue, envy=green). When they start to get corrupted, when Wrath's minion whisper directly in them via the human's ear as a voice in their shoulder, the start to grow until they burst out into smaller versions- Shard Hearts, which come in different colors depending in emotions. Around twelve of this can come out of a single Crystal Heart.

The Dark Knights

Beings allied to the Witch Wrath. Invisible to humans at first glance, they whisper words of doubt and such to bloom negative feelings inside their Crystal Hearts. "She's prettier, so of course they'll go easy on her." "If you only had his talent, you worked harden than him." "It should have been you..." Things like this are whispered into humans ears by them, until they break their spirit along with their Crystal Heart. Every one of them carries with them a black, spiky heart-shaped locket that hold endless amounts of Shard Hearts. They also have Crystal Hearts, but theirs are of a black color and appear chained when defeated- or, at least, that's what some claim. They have yet to be defeated. Apparently, they can absorb each other's Crystal Heart to become stronger if they can deal with the extra weight. They share their name with an unpleasant emotion.


Are named after objects in Japanese, such as scissors and such, because they turn into magic versions them to help others so they don't have troubles with task.

The Weapons are...

The Crystal Scepters, usually in color according to that of the Cure owning it. The top part arches into a C connected to a heart that can fill with the scene of the true feelings of the Cures.

What triggers a PreCure transformation?

Similar to the locket o the Dark Knights, the cures carry with them specially heart-shaped lockers that only open to their respective Cure. They vary in size and color. The secret words are "Open up! True emotions!"

New species?!

Coming soon...

Legendary Weapons?!

Coming soon...

Something you don't want to tell right away? Don't worry! Just PM the things you're keeping in secret so later in the plot we can reveal.







Appearance: (Please, be descriptive about this. What they also wear outside school or work can be added)

Personality: (Should specify which emotions they felt the most. Again, be descriptive)




Cure Name:

Cure Appearance:

Cure Introductory Speech:



Basic Attacks: (Up to three)

Group Attack: (Only after a group haves formed...)








Object: (What they turn into)

Cure Partner?:

Any special power/job?:



Dark Knight



Age they Apparent:





Backstory: (Don't wanna tell? Pm it to me then please!)

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Name: Heiwa

Nickname: Hei

Gender: Male

Age: Looks to be seventeen.

Occupation: Guard of the Princess of the Kingdom of Hapiness

Appearance: Heiwa is a rather tall young man, a head taller than that of an average human of his age, and is somewhat thin. He haves bright, emerald green eyes, a fair complexion, caramel skin from spending hours outside thanks to his duty and curly brown hair in a long braid that reaches the middle of his back. His usual duty attire is a suit of heavy armor in silver and emerald green accents, he refuses to wear a helmet like the rest of the guards of his kingdom. Due to the request of his companions, the fairies he's also friends with, he haves changed his attire in favor of more normal-looking clothes: a green sweater with grey pantsuits, and a pair of brown shoes. Regardless of the attire he wears, he keeps with him a gift from the man that trained him: a silver bracelet with a dark green stone on it that holds the magic he uses to change his attire.

Personality: A nice and calm young man that favors peace above all, which is the main reason why he works as a guard: keeping the peace of his kingdom so everyone can live without problems like violence and the likes, which are odd given how lively was his home once. Perhaps, his optimistic behavior and kind nature were the reason why he wasn't attacked by the negative emotions that took over the kingdom, though, he believes his magic bracelet was the reason why he was spared. He's a little too optimistic for his own good sometimes, and can be easily be described as weird and loud by those who have meet him. He also tends to be forgetful and is a rather poor poet despite how much he tries to practice.

Backstory: Born and raised in the Kingdom of Happiness, most of his childhood was spend around the guards of the castle. His father was a guard while his mother was one of the maids that take care of the Princess, which would later come to explain why he easily came in contact with her and, thanks to his optimistic behavior and the princess's joyful nature, quickly became friends. Growing alongside her, it was no wonder why she later chose him as her guard or why he was given a companion fairy to aid him in his duties. He was well known around the castle and by the villagers near the castle as the young man who went out of his time to buy goods for the chefs in the Royal kitchen and as the one who could be easily be found in his free time patrolling the kingdom to help those in need. It was because of this that he quickly noticed the decadence of the people of the kingdom, how no matter how much he tried to speak to them nothing really happened, even the kind man that had trained him was no longer his usual self. The dark cloud above the kingdom had not only covered the bright sky- but the hearts of the nice and joyful Kingdom of Happiness, and Heiwa found it hard to keep his optimistic way of thinking with all the ruckus around him. It was only when the Princess called to him and the fairies to express her feelings of the situation that his hope was not crushed: she believed that the heart of the citizens were being controlled, that their Crystal Hearts had been corrupted, and only the kind light of the legendary heroines could save them. With that, she opened a portal to the world where these heroines could be found, Earth, and ordered them to find while she stayed to defend what she could in her Kingdom. While at first they were reluctant to leave her by herself, they were convinced that the Princess could be by herself and that they should not worry about her- their kingdom needed them. With that in mind, the three left to the human world in searches of the light that would restore the peace of their own kingdom.

Extra: He goes fishing at the oddest of places.


Name: Kattorasu

Gender: Male

Age: Has the mentality of a fifteen-year-old.

Personality: A rather stubborn fairy appointed as the partner of Heiwa, he haves been noted to be awfully proud of his knowledge regarding the Cures and their objects. While his magic abilities are not that good, he's quick to jump at others when they fail to do a simple spell to correct them. When he's proved wrong, however, he quickly becomes embarrassed and runs to atone for his mistakes, he also repays kindness with his own- though, he doesn't really know how to act grateful at all which would explain why he haves troubles with the gifts he gives back. He's really close to his cousin, Hasami, and his partner Heiwa who he normally haves to calm down when he gets way too enthusiastic.

Appearance: Kattorasu takes the appearance of an average-sized squirrel with brown fur and a green spiral on his stomach, his eyes of a dark green color, and a dark brown ribbon around his neck with a small star on it. He also haves a small bag -akin to that of a mails man- of dark green color where he carries the Wonder Encyclopedia: a book containing the many objects that are known to the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Happiness. He claims he can change his form yet has to prove this to be true.

Object: A Cutlass with a green handle.

Cure Partner?: None, though, his partner is Heiwa.

Any special power/job?: He still knows some magic that can be useful like how to conjure items from one point to another and can easily tell when a Grudgest is created.

Backstory: Born like any other fairy would in the Kingdom of Happiness, Kattorasu was raised inside the castle of Happiness as the next in line to watch over the books in the library containing the many secrets of the Kingdom. He was excited by this, because he would be able to read these books that contained such precious information about the lore of the Kingdom he couldn't find in the other books he had read in the Royal library, things that had yet to be read and were unknown to him and even those who had to read them too. He trained hard to reach the standards, even when his cousin had come to train with him he didn't really stop his ways nor even when he was appointed the partner of the Princess' guard. On the day he was about to do his exam was the same day things started to get bad in the kingdom, both he and his cousin fled to the Princess in search of answers and encountered his partner, Heiwa, in the way. They were given the task of finding the legendary heroines in the human world, something Kattorasu wasn't against and happily accepted before leaving along with his partner and cousin.


Name: Hasami

Gender: Female

Age: Fourteen

Personality: A cheerful and lively young fairy that likes to meet new people, she's as kind and joyful as the Princess herself- although she's also quite the crybaby too. She's hyperactive and carefree around those who have no problem with her personality, she's also very lazy to the point one can easily found her asleep on any comfortable surface she can find. She's not exactly a coward but greatly dislikes the Grudgest due to the fact they're born from negative emotions to the point it makes her cry out pity to them.

Appearance: Shiza is a small, light gray female mouse with light pink accents that form a small star on her stomach, her ears are quite wide in comparison to her body, and has reddish-pink eyes. She wears a red ribbon around her neck with a heart on it and a smaller one around her tail. It's unknown if she can change forms like her cousin claims he can.

Object: A pair of scissors that can through to most things -except iron- flawlessly and can even change the pattern of her blades to make figures. She can also become a bigger size of scissors to help others if they need a weapon.

Cure Partner?: None at the moment, and she wishes to meet one.

Any special power/job?: Her magic abilities are almost lacking, though, she can feel magical objects near to compensate for it.

Backstory: Hasami was raised away from the castle her cousin was raised in, her life was always around colored paper and ribbons for her parents had chosen to work in a gift shop. Cutting things to decorate and paper to wrap little shiny things for others, it was no surprise her transformation resulted in a pair of scissors. She was so talented that her parents thought her 'gift' could even be used in the castle, so she was sent to work with her cousin. She was happy to finally meet her cousin, even if he really didn't pay that much attention to her, the Princess who was kind to her and so was the fellow guard that worked to protect her. Not even the cloudy weather that hung around the place could make her depressed. One day, while waiting for her cousin to return from a small job he had been asked to do, she felt a sudden surge of magic power somewhere in the castle: she eventually came across a room blocked by a golden gate, she pushed the gate slightly and to her surprise, it did open a bit. However, before she could wander inside and see what magic object hid behind it, her cousin came to her and informed her of the ruckus that was happening around the castle and how the others were acting odd. She, like Heiwa, was at first reluctant in letting the Princess by herself until she was convicted otherwise. She had to protect the Kingdom, she had to search for the Pretty Cures.

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The Seventh Sage


Name: Tsukiko Miyuki

Nickname: Yuki

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Occupation: Works part-time in her family's bookshop

Appearance: Yuki has long, light brown hair that reaches her shoulders without a wave or curl. Her eyes are long-lashed and light blue, her skin tone a touch pale due to her lack of outdoor ventures. She's about average height for a girl her age, but has a bit more body fat than her peers. She tends to wear clothes that cover most of her skin, especially her legs. When she's not wearing school clothes, she tends to wear a dark coloured skirt, tights or leggings, a simple pair of flats, a lighter colored blouse, and possibly a sweater. Her favorite outfit consists of a light navy-blue skirt, dark gray tights, black flats, and a light gray sweater. Yuki will sometimes wear hair accessories in her hair, such as a blue flower barrette, a snowflake clip, or a bow, but her hair is usually down nonetheless.

Personality: Yuki is shy, kind, and modest. However, she is easily irritated and prone to jealousy, a pair of flaws that she's very conscious about. Her relatively low self-esteem isn't helped by her heavier figure, but activities she finds happiness in include playing piano or clarinet, reading a good book, or talking one-on-one with a friend. Yuki usually finds ease in stepping into the shoes of another person, and will often mirror (to a lesser extent) the feelings of those around her unless she's able to deliver kind words that can help them out.

Backstory: Never anything very special, the oldest of four siblings. Yuki read a lot during her childhood and enjoyed music from a young age, a quiet but content little girl. She began to play clarinet around the age of eleven, one of the only things that kept her from being upset everyday. Yuki was teased a lot by a certain boy, Wakai Ryo, though it's lessened since then. She collects books, both in Japanese and English, of which she is protective. Her grandmother and herself would tend to have long talks, in which her grandma would talk about various aspects of people, passing on her wisdom to Yuki.

Extra: Her grandmother was American, Yuki can speak English, loves sweets, and tends to panic if touched by strangers, acquaintances, or even distant friends.


Cure Name: Cure Empathy

Cure Appearance: Hair becomes slightly curly, with the color changed to white. The frontmost parts are tied back with a royal purple bow. Her eyes become a light lavender, and she wears a ball-style dress of indigo with white lace. She has a white shrug-like thing, the sleeves of which reach her elbows, with periwinkle pattern around the edges. The skirt of the dress reaches halfway to her knees, underneath which she wears periwinkle tights and a light gray underskirt. Cure Empathy has dark indigo boots with lighter purple accents, and light purple bracelets and earrings. She wears a gold pendant, shaped like a heart.

Cure Introductory Speech: "Understanding leads to cooperation, a heart of gold- Cure Empathy!"

Element: Due to the nature of her theme, Empathy, she can borrow the elements of her allies to a small degree. Her primary element, however, is light.

Weapons: Empathy Crystal Scepter (assuming they start with that?)- a gold and periwinkle version of the standard Crystal Scepter.

Basic Attacks:

Magic Circle- A circle of light glyphs that can cause various affects to the person/people in the circle, such as a protective barrier, a heal, a hold, or a platform to stand on in midair.

Group Attack: (Only after a group haves formed...)


Please let me know if anything should be worked on, this RP looks promising!

1/23/2016 #3

Aaaccepted! I'll make a roleplay topic in a moment if you want.

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The Seventh Sage

Yay! That would be great, thanks so much!

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I'll seriously do it now, I just saw episode 49 of Go Princess so I'll work now!

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Name: Koji Kabuto

Gender: Male

Age they Apparent: 17

Personality:Rude, stubborn, and short-tempered are three words that define Koji Kabuto. He typically tries his hardest to come off as proud and powerful, though things rarely if ever seem to go the way he wants them to. He is very unlucky, being accident-prone due to his stubborn-ness and somewhat dim-witted nature. He can prove to be a bit unforgiving at times, though due to his stubbornness he is incredibly brave. He never shys away from the face of danger, and is always willing to face any foe no matter the circumstances. He can prove to be a bit cowardly at times, and he tends to try and pull usually harmless pranks on those he actually cares for. He can go too far sometimes, however...

Appearance: In his "human" form he is a young male standing at a tall height. He has short, black, messy hair and a red bang in the middle of his forehead. His skin is a light shade of tan and he typically wears a white tank-top t-shirt, blue torn up looking, dirty jeans, and a pair of plain sandals. His clothes, for the most part, are all dirty. He has several forms aside from this. His eyes are a light shade of pink

His True Form, however, is a black-coated Pegasus stallion. Its mane and tail are red. His eyes are pink.

Special Abilities/Powers: He has a naturally incredibly high amount of physical strength and durability. In his human form, he can not utilize any of his magic, only capable of using physical attacks. When he comes in contact with a Pretty Cure, however, he can make his body change shape and form, turning into a powerful pegasus. While a pegasus, he gains power from the sun, having the ability to use heat-based attacks and control flames. He can also control his fire, making it so that it can't burn anyone he doesn't want to harm. As a pegasus, naturally he has the ability to fly, and while within this form he can also control the weather to some extent.

Weaknesses: He can only use magic when he is near a Pretty Cure. He must also obey every request and command that they give him.

Backstory: Many, many years ago, Pegasus was once an ally to the Royal Family within the Kingdom of Happiness. Providing as their guardian, it wasn't until one day in combat his soul had been corrupted. He went on an outrage, and the royals, struggling to stop him, had no choice but to fight back. He was severely damaged. Put near death, they decided that they couldn't kill someone they loved so much and let him suffer through being corrupted. They, as a result, resurrected his soul, reincarnating him as a human on Earth, where he might live out his days peacefully. However, as an ally to the Pre-Cure by heart and design, hes aways been drawn to their presence...

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Accepted, though, it would be nice if his personality could be worked on, since it seems a bit short. Maybe later in the roleplay, if his personality grow or changes, could it be edited?

5/3/2016 #8

I can change it if you like. Any recommendations?

5/3/2016 #9

Not chanhe it, but add more to it.

5/3/2016 #10

This is my very first Cure OC, I hope I didn't go overboard.


Name: Kirahoshi Reika

Nickname: Rei

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Occupation: Works at the town's bakery part-time.

Appearance: Rei has a fair-skin tone with short, messy black hair that is reminescent of a boy's hair style. She has hazel colored eyes. She is a little shorter than Yuki, practically has no chest, and her muscles are a bit more fine-toned. Rei likes to wear street-like clothes. Out of school, Rei typically wears a short sleeved shirt of varying colors, torn up pants that reach her knees, sneakers, and a hoodie. The outfit she likes the most is a silver shirt, brown capris, black boots, and a navy blue hoodie around her waist. She also wears a silver dog tag around her neck and keeps her kendama toy hooked on her pants.

Personality: Bright and full of energy, she can be slight exaggerated with her emotions at times. Despite sometimes coming off as annoying or immature for these traits, Rei possesses a kind heart and is always willing to help. She loves trying new things, not matter how weird they may be. Even though she acts like this, deep down she worries about if people hate her and that those who are close to her will bully her if she doesn't stay positive. She likes being outdoors and doing different things, but hates studying and school work.

Backstory: Unable to conceive their own child, the couple who wanted to become parents adopted her when she was a baby. From her times as a child, Rei grew up loving adventure and trying new things. She was however, constantly bullied because she wasn't the actual child of her parents. Not wanting to make her parents worry, Rei began to smile more and show great emotion to certain things. Her parents always saw through it, but loved her nonetheless. At age seven, Rei decided to start dressing like a boy, thinking that if she did so, then the bullies would stop. The bullies and her continued to butt heads, but she began to feel more confident knowing she could now talk back to them. She began learning how to bake from her mom. As she grew older, her father often took her on his travels around Japan, giving her his old kendama toy which she loves very much.

Extra: She owns a pet calico cat named RuRu and a Akita dog named Mamo, She considers Yuki and Hei to be her "Best friends in the entire galaxy and beyond", She is sometimes teased at school for looking more like a boy than a girl. Like Yuki, she loves sweets.


Cure Name: Cure Euphoria

Cure Appearance: Her hair grows down to the back of her knees, only to be brought up into a high flowing ponytail and the color changed to silver. A large, pale pink ribbon holds the ponytail up. Her eyes become silver with a slight pink hue, Euphoria's outfit is a silver debutante dress(with shoulder straps)-style with pale pink accents. She has silver arm sleeves that reach from her elbow to her wrist that have a pale pink star on the wrist area. Her dress' skirt reaches about mid-thigh with a pale pink tutu-style underskirt. Her boots are silver with pale pink accents. The finishing touches to the outfit are orchid pink earrings, and a orchid pink star shaped pendant hangs around her neck.

Cure Introductory Speech: "Glowing with emotions brings forth happiness, A burst of joy- Cure Euphoria!"

Element: Because of her theme, Euphoria, she can power up her comrade's elements. Her main element is Energy

Weapons: Euphoria Crystal Scepter- A silver and pale pink version of the Crystal Scepter

Basic Attacks: (Up to three)

Bursting Glee: A storm of energy blasts that are fired at the enemy. The attack's power is based on how happy Euphoria is.

Group Attack: (Only after a group haves formed...)

Fairy?: (undecided)

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Sorry for taking too long! Your character is accepted!

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Spirit Dragoness


Name: Fukochi Kazemano

Nickname: "The one-hit-wonder", "Kaze-chan"

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Occupation: None, she's looking for proper employment. Part time of course.

Appearance: Fukochi is a rather tall and lean-built female, with most of her body hiding lean muscle due to her very active lifestyle. Her skin is an olive color and has a distinct sun-kissed quality, there aren't that many blemishes aside from a few sunspots on her legs and a couple of freckles on her cheeks. Her hair is long and charcoal black that she either wears down or tied up in a high pony tail when doing physical activity so it stays out her eyes, which on the contrary are a deep opal blue in color, though speckles of green are also visible. In terms of her clothing style outside of a school uniform she always sticks to a casual or whatever she can pull out of a wardrobe. Though most of the time she is always seen wearing a karate belt somewhere on her person, even if people do point it out and question it.

Personality: At first Fukochi can come across as a loner-type who either doesn't have time for social interaction or is just plain too scary for people to come near. She's often scaring people off with threats on her own terms, often because of her own hotheadedness. She cares very little for what other people think about her or her habits so she can often feel like you're trying to insult a brick wall that can punch you back. She does have some odd qualities, such as being deathly afraid of lightning of all things, having never liked thunderstorms as a child.

She loosens up quiet a lot around people she knows well, showing her more easy going and carefree nature as well as how active and confident she really is. Her spirit is often described like the wind, changing direction constantly and never stopping. While she can't care less about what happens to her, the well being of her friends often tend to take top priority, to the point where she'll challenge anyone who's trying to have a go at the people she cares about. She also feels confidence almost all the time, it's by far her greatest strength, she can have confidence in herself and anyone as long as her trust has been earned by them. The quality of confidence is what leads her into becoming Cure Sanguine in the first place.

Backstory: Fukochi grew up in a loving family and lived pretty much a normal life up until all the strange magical girl stuff started happening. It's been he dream to be a MMA champion and does a lot of training and enters tournaments sometimes, which she's been doing from an early age. Unfortunately an incident at the beginning of her high-schooling years lead her to being stuck with the nickname "the one hit wonder" for trying to defend someone and getting into a fight with a group of bullies that she won with ease. No one else was too happy at her after that.

Extra: None


Cure Name: Cure Sanguine

Cure Appearance: Cure Sanguine's theme is predominantly yellow with streaks of blue in her uniform. Her hair changes from black to orange that fades into canary yellow the further down it goes. It also ties itself into a very, very loose plait with quite a bit of excess hair running off the bottom. The top of her hair (which now has two fringes on either side of her face) are held in place by wing-like extensions that are colored mainly blue with lavender feathers every once in a while, all of this is also kept by a hairband that has blue wind designs on it. Her earrings become white wings on either side and her eye color changes to a bright cerulean. Her dress tends to be less formal and makes sure her mobility is kept to a maximum, with long sleeves that fall shot of her wrists and makes sure they stay by a ribbon on each wrist colored blue. The dress itself is mostly different shades of yellow and any fancy bits are shades of blue with blue ribbon and bow being it. She had long boots that reach above her knees and tend to hug her skin. They're also combat boots and not heels. They each have wings designs above the heal, but are plain white until the top which are held by blue bows. Her hands are kept bare as well. Her skirt is a paler yellow with baby blue underneath or on the inside. They also have wing-like extras coming off the back and falls short of reaching the ground so she can't trip on them.

Cure Introductory Speech: "The winds of Boundless confidence, Gale proud! Cure Sanguine!"

Element: The wind and air, she can use it offensively to do multiple different things and even aid her jump and allow her to glide short distances.

Weapons: The Sanguine Scepter, Hurricane Bow (provided by her fairy)

Basic Attacks:

  • Gale Blade: Cure Sanguine performs a sweep or kick from her legs that produces a solid volley of air to push back or stun an opponent. It can also be used to cut through obstacles, though it cannot exceed rock solidity.
  • Sanguine Tornado: Placing her hand on the ground and spinning from her hands, she creates a vortex to draw attacks and enemies into (fueling this attack with her confidence can count as a basic purification attack right?).
  • Hurricane Shot: She uses her Hurricane Bow to produce arrows made of compressed air to pierce obstacles and enemies.

Group Attack: We'll see!

Fairy?: Yumitoya


Name: Yumitoya

Gender: Female

Age: Early teens

Personality: Yumitoya is a rather timid fairy, having never been that boisterous or outgoing. Though she has a deep passion for reading and dancing (even though she knows she has two left feet) and is often rather bubbly underneath when she's not being scared.

Appearance: Yumitoya is a small hummingbird-like fairy about the size of a parrot, with deep blue feathers and yellow highlights. She wears a robin-hood style cap on her head with a large green father poking out of a red base. Her eyes are an oakey brown color and she has a small orange beak.

As the Hurricane Bow she's feathered (not literally, it looks carved that way) up and down the bow, in the same colors as she was before, with the lack of a visible string. Her beak makes a nook for the wind arrows that Sanguine can generate from out of no-where.

Object: Cure Sanguines' Hurricane Bow

Cure Partner?: Cure Sanguine

Any special power/job?: To become the Hurricane Bow but that's about it.

Backstory: She was injured int the attack on the Kingdom and crawled her way into Fukochi's backyard. The female in question nursed the fairy back to health and now she won't stop following her around.

Extra: Her form might be upgraded later on.

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I like how she's looking right now, I do hope to see the finished product!

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Spirit Dragoness

Done! I'm sorry if the cure design sounds all over the place but I can't really draw to gather my thoughts.

10/4/2016 #15

Great to see a new Fairy in too!

Cure Sanguine and Yumitoya are formaly accepted now!

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The Seventh Sage

Name: Kagami

Gender: Male

Age: Has the mentality of a thirteen year old.

Personality: Kagami is usually reserved and prefers to observe rather than speak or act in most situations. He doesn't think of himself as particularly helpful and is hesitant to offer assistance. He takes insults to heart and can be a bit of a crybaby. He gets nervous if he has a lot of attention and sometimes shapeshifts involuntarily into his object form, a mirror, if he is particularly flustered. Despite all this, Kagami is a bit of a romantic in his views, always wanting to see the good in situations.

Appearance: As a fairy, he looks like a hamster with tan fur and a white belly. His eyes are a very dark blue, almost black, and his left side has a white patch resembling a crescent moon. He has a clear, yet blue-tinted hamster ball that he has acquired and can exit, though he enjoys travelling in this ball.

Object: A hand mirror, made of a dull gold and with a crescent moon decorating the handle.

Cure Partner?: None as of yet.

Any special power/job?: As a mirror, he can reflect magical attacks back at an enemy.

Backstory: His parents would often tend to the castle gardens in the Kingdom of Happiness, and when the attack on the kingdom began he had been tending to some flowers with them. Panicked, he entered the castle and searched for a guard or somebody to help. He entered the room of the Princess just as Heiwa, Kattorasu, and Hasami left. After a short talk with the Princess, he tried to follow them but could not find them in this strange world.

Extra: ends sentances with -gami.

10/12/2016 . Edited 11/10/2016 #17

Cool, another fairy!

Kagami is accepted.

10/18/2016 #18

Dark Knight

Name: Apathy

Gender: Male

Age they Apparent: Seems around 12

Personality: A seemingly calm and aloof being, Apathy is more monster than anything else; he barely speaks at all, preferring to squeak or make other types of sounds to agree or reply with his companions. He prefers to hang around in any body of water found around and steal food from the humans that cannot see him, enjoy their looks of confusion and horror as their food goes flying away from them. However, it should be noted that this doesn't mean he's harmless; he doesn't simply rely on brute force like one would think, but rather seemingly plans his with strategy and carefully, which may be the reason why he was sent to earth rather than have him simply transporting his companions around. The only problem is his seemingly lazy behavior, for once he has lost interest he'll leave whatever he was doing be. The only warning when approaching him is to not anger him, for one should remember he is not a human being.

Appearance: Apathy takes the appearance of a young boy with pale skin and ebony hair with an overgrown fringe that covers his eyes from other's view. However, it is here where any resemblance to a normal human being ends; from his elbow down, his skin turns into black scales that turn his hands into long scaly hands with sharp claws on them, while his legs are long and also covered in dark scales with sharp claws on them too. He appears to wear a headband that hides in his hair that makes him look like he has three bluegills sprouting from the sides of his head. A long, thick tail curled around itself is an appendage he also has, and is strong enough to cause damage to anyone hit with it. For clothing, he wears a black tattered shirt with black tattered shots along with it. He has, like the rest of those who serve under the witch, a black, spiky heart-shaped pendant hanging lowly around his neck. Oddly enough, at the lower part of this 'heart' two chains tied it lowly around his mid-chest. Another thing Apathy keeps always with him is a large sphere the color of the sky, as he's always seen curled around it or balancing over it. While not usually seen at first, Apathy has sharp teeth he flashes in a grin when trying to intimidate others.

Power/Magic: Other than the annoying power to warp himself away from battles, his mistress has granted him -along with his companions- the ability to remain as an invisible voice to the humans he torments with saddening thoughts enough for him to harvest the negative emotions he's after, only the Precures and those who hail from the Happiness Kingdom can see him, along with those who come from the darkness. As his main ability, he can create powerful bubbles of water that are sent at high speed towards his enemy from his mouth, and can also make them float around and make the area around him and his enemies land-mined, exploding upon contact. A good swimmer by nature, he should not be fought in water, for he uses his speed to tackle opponents in it. As a side note, the sphere he's on is actually an entrance to Happiness Kingdom that Apathy keeps close by standing over it.

Weapon?: His claws, tail, and sharp teeth.

Backstory: Like his mistress, nobody knows where he came from exactly. He one day appeared inside the castle, the Witch quickly accepting him as if he had been with her since her arrival in the kingdom. Bothersome to his companions, Apathy is never really seen inside the castle during what could be considered nighttime and nobody knows what exactly he's doing when out. When he does return, he always appears to be in a good humor and with a big grin on his face- a face his companions can describe as a mocking one, seemingly purposely then shaking around his companions to dry himself of the excess of water on his body...only to then return to the small yet deep pond he's seen in most of the time. That's why, when he suddenly started to jump In and out of the pond one day, they didn't though much of it, only for them to discover the cause for his cheerfulness: their mistress had given them the task of going to Earth to harvest emotions, something he seems to really looked forward to. Even since he set a foot on earth, he has been searching for things in the common land, not really minding if he ends up creating monsters in his wake.

11/10/2016 . Edited 3/15/2021 #19
digi next gen


Name: Akemi Oshiro

Nickname: Kemi-chan, "Wonderful Baker" or Aki for short

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Occupation: Works Part-time At her parent's Bakery.

Appearance: Akemi is a young Girl that looks younger than she really is. She has mid-length Forest green hair, fair skin, and has Mint Green-Colored eyes, that has a wide-eyed look to them that is extremely expressive and has a soft look. She has a White Headband on top of her head. Due to her tomboyish nature, She's not too picky about what she wears and goes with the flow, When She's out of school she normally wears is a white shirt, a cream-colored knee-length skirt, ankle-length tennis shoes.

Personality: Akemi is a calm, polite, and passive person. who's quiet and watchful of people sometimes. She likes baking and Cheering people on. She is a bit timid about certain things but is always willing to help friends and strangers alike when they are having trouble. She can also get brave and compassionate a lot. She'll sometimes get angry when someone irritates her, she'll shout out something a little rude, but she'll apologize repeatedly about it. Hana is very thoughtful and creative, which Helps her baking talent A lot. When she's timid about something, it might be because it's about something that could go wrong and might cause a problem and she will warn others about it.

Backstory: Akemi Grew up With her Parents and her Younger Brother, She Helped out A lot when she Was a Kid and Also Helped out icing The cupcakes until she was six to help out with the baking, She Go out on Trips With her Father in Grocery shopping or nature walks, they sometimes Stopped at a clearing and watched the clouds, She Was happy With her Father and When akemi was 5 her brother Ichi was Born, When She was 8 her father Went missing, it upset Akemi A lot, but she pushed on and she Made Friends with a girl named Chika and also helped out with her brother .

Extra: How she got "wonderful baker" was from a baking contest she won.


Cure Name: Cure Inspire

Cure Appearance: As Cure inspire Her hair and eyes changes to Neon Green. It gets put up in a ponytail held up by a Dark Green Bow, With a Small Gold color. Her eyes change to yellow, and she gains red heart-shaped earrings. Her outfit consists of a Short Forest Green Dress, With Neon Green Accents, Also On the bottom of the Sleeves, and the Skirt Part of the Dress is Still the same Color, With Neon Green Lace lining Along with it. on the back of the Dress is a Small Neon Green Bow. She Wears is White Knee Boots With Neon Green Detail, with a Forest green Bow at the foot and She gains a Pair of white Gloves.

Cure Introductory Speech:"Blooming Hope and New ideas From Many things, Cure Inspire!"

Element: Her element is Plants, it Also Allows her To Create petal Shaped barriers and Be very offensive.

Weapons: Inspiration Crystal Scepter- a Neon Green and White version of the Crystal Scepter

Basic Attacks:

  • Petal Barrier: it Creates a Tulip petal Shaped Barrier made from Green Light.
  • Inspired Rose Shoot: Creates a Rose made from Green light and Cure Inspire Fires it From her Scepter and it fires at the target(purification attack)

Group Attack: I'll wait for that

Fairy?: Hon


Name: Hon

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Personality: Hon is Friendly and kind, she Listens to People and Hearing them out, but she is Sometimes impatient and Always tell the person to hurry up, Which does sometimes get on the person's nerves, she Loves Reading books and also Baking, she also will Protect her Friends not matter what. hon Also is Serious about her job to find the legendary warriors and Will sometimes go overboard With it. she Can be Stubborn When he's Wrong. she's also a person who can calm someone down.

Appearance: Hon is a 20 cm Tall Mint Green Fox-like Fairy, With Blue Eyes Near Her Eyes Are Forest Green Heart Shaped markings. with a Forest accented flower-shaped marking on her forehead. she Wears a Forest green Frilly collar with a Gold Heart Shaped Ornament on it. on Hon's Right Ear is a Blue Bow.

Object: a Book, Called the Book of Light

Cure Partner?: Akemi Oshiro aka ure inspire

Any special power/job?: To look for the Cures and also has the ability To Create Portals, when in her book form.

Backstory: Hon Grew up in The kingdom as the Royal Librarian, ALong with her older sister, her life was with books she loved Reading and helping out, Hon Loved Helping out, She also Looked up to her big sister a lot And always tried to be the best she could, when she first Transformed into the book, She was happy and showed it to her sister, which pleasured her. one day her sister disappeared without a Trace and it Upsets Hon a lot. When their kingdom was attacked she followed Hasami and Kattorasu, Which She ended up Getting Split Away from them and Landing somewhere else.

Extra: n/a

3/15/2021 . Edited 3/15/2021 #20

Akemi and Hon are both accepted.

3/15/2021 #21
digi next gen


Name: Chika Fujimoto

Nickname: Chi-Chi, Chika-kun

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Occupation: is apart of the Student conceil At her school.

Appearance: Chika is a Fair-skinned girl with a Slender build. Chika Has Shoulder-Lenght Blue-colored hair and Side-swept bangs, but on the Right side of her bangs, it's a little longer than the left side and has a Heart-shaped Hairpin on it. She has Wide Azure-colored eyes that are always filled with happiness and Curiosity, She has a short Short Curled Ahoge on top of her head. When She's out of school she normally a Pink sweater, and a Black Shirt under the sweater and Blue jeans, and Green Ankle Lenght boots, with Pink lining across the boots.

Personality: Chika is very enthusiastic about being part of the Student council, She likes having fun and making sure everyone else is ok and also will do anything to help those in need. Chika can be a little too Serious when some things come to her, Chika also doesn't like to be bothered whenever she's Busy. Chika Also Likes Playing the violin, Which she's good at. Chika Also Likes helping out peoples and is a good listener and Sometimes Gives advice to people.

Backstory: Chika Grew up in Rich Family, Both her parents Were Business People that owned a corporation, Chika Grew up Getting Taken Cared of by her Maid, And sometimes her mother did when she had off days, Which Was sorta Rare, Chika Was happy, but Was upset at the same time because she didn't see her parents much. When She was 6 She learned how to play the violin and Also Went to school, She became Popular Quickly. Chika liked it, but not much, She then befriended a Girl name Akemi, and they became best friends.

Extra: Chika was known in the school as one of the Best math students ever.


Cure Name: Cure Passion

Cure Appearance: As Cure Passion, Her Hair Changes To sky Blue and her eyes changes to Baby Blue. her hair Grows longer To Mid-length and looks wavy, She Wears an Azure Blue Headband, With Two Baby Blue Hearts on each side on the headband. She gains A pair of Two Baby Blue heart-shaped earrings. Her outfit consists of a Short Blue dress that has Short sleeves and White Detail, The Sleeves Has Baby Blue Lining. o n the back of the Dress is a Baby Blue Bow. She Gains White Knee Boots With Baby blue Detail, with a Baby blue Bow at the foot, fuchsia shorts, and white Gloves, with a Baby Blue ribbon Adorned on the Gloves.

Cure Introductory Speech: "The Passionate Wave of water, Cure Passion!"

Element: Water

Weapons: Passionate Crystal Scepter- a Baby blue and White version of the Crystal Scepter

Basic Attacks:

  • Passion Kick: Jumps up in the air and Goes down at the Target, Quickly Casuing the Target To get Knocked off their Feet or Stun them.
  • Passionate Wave Shoot: Creates a Heart, By Drawing it out and then Spins Around with it and Launches it At the Target.(Purfication)

Group Attack: Still waiting

Fairy?: Sutairasu


Name: Sutairasu

Gender: Male

Age: mentally a teenager

Personality: Sutairasu is a Shy and Kind Fairy, He likes to Have fun and make friend, but her does lack Self-confidence For himself, He loves listening To music and Likes to Bre in a quiet area now and then, He is normally very eager For most stuff and Pretty playful, He Does Show a Caring Big brother side, whenever helping out with younger Fairies. Sutairasu Doesn't like when someone interrupts his Peace and quiet Time, he Get Extremely Startled and hides, it takes a minute for him to come out. he has a crush on hasami.

Appearance: Sutairasu is A small Dove-like Fairy that is the size of a parakeet, With Blue Feathers, and has sky Blue colored Eyes, Near his eyes Are Two Baby blue Heart Shaped marking, He wears a Dark Blue collar, with a Gold heart-shaped ornament on it, he also has a yellow beak.

Object: Can Transform into a Stylus

Cure Partner?: Cure Passion

Any special power/job?: to find the pretty cure and can also Draw out Small Beams of light, by only a Cure that is holding him.

Backstory: Sutairasu Grew up in the kingdom as one of the royal Fairies, he Helped out and Serves the Princess and was her best friend, he always Tries to help out around the kingdom, but her can cause Some trouble by accident, He loved being Around the others, He also Loved Helping out with the others, While he was around Hasami, he would stutter, because he has a crush on her. When the kingdom was attacked he Esacped Extremely scared out of his mind, until he got lost in the human world unable to fine anyone.

Extra: he emds his sentences with ~Rasu

3/15/2021 . Edited 3/15/2021 #22

I'll accept Chika too, but let's not take all Precures before others join too. It's no fun to forever be stuck on a two-person roleplay when it's a group roleplay.

I'll also accept Sutairasu too, just edit in the missing parts of his character sheet/part.

3/15/2021 #23
digi next gen

Updated Sutairasu!!

3/15/2021 #24
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