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(Roleplay for the Emotion-themed Cures)

It was a nice day, birds chirping and people walking along the park. The breeze carried with it the smell of wet grass thanks to how well care the place was, another reason for people to take some time off of their busy agendas or just take a break from school and enjoy nature in it.

Well, most people were.

"How many times have I told you?! We aren't going to find them that easily, asu...!" It certainly was an odd thing to see, a squirrel around a young mans neck as if it was really nothing, with no sight of fear or nervousness. What people couldn't notice, however, was that it was quietly whispering to the man currently sitting on a bench with his eyes scanning the area with interest. He had a small grey mouse on his lap that was seemingly quietly sleeping, another reason why kids stopped and pointed at it, but the man only await for others to be at a safe distance from him to reply. "Who really knows? We need to continue on trying! ...and we never know when one of the Dark Knights will show up endanger this people." The squirrel puffed it's cheeks, they wouldn't move from this place for the rest of the day at this pace, but it knew it's companion was indeed right- something that greatly bothered him.

1/24/2016 . Edited 1/24/2016 #1
The Seventh Sage

Miyuki was, as usual during the lunch break, buried deep within her book. This one was an English classic- Mary Poppins. She nibbled on a little cake as she read, absorbed in the book until her bento was taken away.

"H-hey!" she protested, turning red when she realized how loud she was.

"Thanks for lunch, sweetheart." laughed Ryo, his brown eyes glinting, before walking off. Yuki sighed and looked back into her book- she still had her cake, anyway, and her bag always had a few extra snacks in case she or someone else was hungry. I feel like something is going to happen today. How odd.

1/24/2016 . Edited 1/24/2016 #2

The young man was so centered on scanning the area in search a special someone and the squirrel was so busy thinking of how this was a silly idea, that neither noticed when the small mouse on the youth's lap started to move as a delicious aroma made it's way to it's nose. The mouse sniffed to the point she stood up, eyes looking around the whole area while her ears twitched. She brushed her eyes and, while neither of the two were paying attention, she climbed down the young man's legs and onto the ground below easily.

She followed the sweet trail promising sweet, sweet cake, careful of the people that simply didn't look down at their feet to see where they were stepping on, keeping her tail close by to not have stepped over on as she followed the smell. As she evaded another male walking away with what smelled delicious food, she eventually ended in front of a girl with a book in her hands and the sweet aroma close to here. Maybe it was a trick of the eye, but those who passed by could swear it's eyes we're shining.

A small squeaked came from her as she stood in front of the girl, hoping the other would notice her and not scream. Somehow, girls didn't really liked their form at first, was she an odd looking mouse or somethin? She wasn't scary...right?"

1/24/2016 #3
The Seventh Sage

Yuki finished the chapter and looked up at the clock. She had a few minutes, but figured she could stop for now. When she noticed the mouse, she jumped slightly.

"Oh... um, hi..." she greeted the mouse, though she knew mice didn't speak. It must be hungry, aren't mice usually afraid of people? "Hm..." she broke off about half of her cake, put it on a napkin, and carefully placed it on the floor for the mouse. "Um... there you go..." she said quietly, hoping nobody would notice the poor thing and scream.

"Do mice like cake?" she wondered quietly aloud to herself, nibbling on the rest of her cake and thinking. "I wonder where you came from?"

I hope Ryo didn't drop you to try and scare me like with that spider... What is his problem anyway? Her train of thought wandered off again, ending up at home, the bookshop was probably under Grandmother's watch now.

1/24/2016 #4

The mouse seemingly like squeaked happily, starting to nibble on the delicious cake. She seemed to be really hungry, nibbling on the cake and only stopping for seemingly clean her paws on the napkin that was covered by the cream from the cake. She stayed like this for quite a time before she stopped, her ears twitching as someone started to call out a name.

"Hasami! Hasami! Hasami, where are you?" It was the young man that had been taking care of her moments ago, though, it was unknown if the girl knew this, he was plainly looking around for the mouse that was currently infringement of the girl. Once he found her, the squirrel that had been on his shoulders climbed down from there and ran towards the mouse, seemingly squeaking in distress as the youth approach the girl. "Ah, hello!" He called, stopping a few steps away from the girl. "Did you give her that piece of cake?" He didn't look dangerous, just a little bit odd with his slightly long hair in a braid.

1/24/2016 #5
The Seventh Sage

The girl jumped slightly again, emerging from her thoughts. "Y-yes..." Yuki nodded shyly. "I'm sorry if I shouldn't have, I didn't know..." She watched the little animal's clean habit. She must be pretty well-trained...

"Hasami. Is that her name?" she muttered quietly, doubting she was even audible. Yuki was kind of glad Ryo wasn't here to embarrass her further. He seems... Unusual. She thought. But friendly too. He must've been worried for his mouse, he looks a little stressed.

1/24/2016 #6

"Ah, it's not that! Don't worry, you did nothing wrong!" The young man said with a smile as he paused to look at both the squirrel and mouse that was sharing it's piece of cake with the squirrel. "It's just that not many people are nice to her- you know, not many people like...mice." He seemed to have paused for a moment before regaining his happy behavior.

"I'm really surprised and thankful you gave her something to eat, I really didn't brought much to eat with me..." He said sheepishly, scratching behind his head before bowing slightly. "Anyways, thank you very much for feeding Hasami!"

1/24/2016 #7
The Seventh Sage

"It's really no problem, she's very cute." Yuki relaxed a little. "I have extra snacks if you'd like them, I don't mind at all." She offered, pulling her bag closer to her and opening up one of the pockets, reaching for her backup foodstuffs. "My name is Tsukiko Miyuki, it's nice to meet you." She held out the snacks hopefully, feeling a bit bad for the boy and his pets.

"Going hungry can make your day pretty difficult. Everyone feels better with a full stomach," she recited her Grandmother's words.

1/24/2016 #8

"Oh, would you really be okay with that? I wouldn't like to leave you without things to eat." The youth said looking a little nervous before he smiled once more, ready to introduce himself back. "You're right, working on an empty stomach is not good. Nice to meet you, my name is Heiwa! The small mouse you have meet is Hasami while the squirrel next to her is Kattorasu, I take care of both of them as much as I can." He chirped happily as the mouse squeaked happily.

1/24/2016 #9
The Seventh Sage

Yuki smiled. "It's okay, I can always call my grandma and ask her to bring me something. But it's nice of you to be considerate, I appreciate it Hewia." She decided she liked his name, and he seemed nice. Looking to the creatures. "They're magnificent, they look almost too nice to really be a mouse and squirrel."

1/24/2016 #10

Both mouse and squirrel flinched at her words, though, the youth only laughed slightly. "Really now? What else do you think they could be?" He asked, sounding really interested in her answer. A small glint in his eyes as he awaited for her answers, the smaller being resuming to eat but now slowly.

1/25/2016 . Edited 1/25/2016 #11
The Seventh Sage
Yuki looked at her feet shyly. "You'll probably laugh at me, but..." She thought how to word her statement without sounding completely crazy. "They look like they're straight out of a fairytale, if that makes sense. One with fairies that look like animals, but can talk and use magic to spread happiness and nice things like that." She smiled nervously and blushed a little. "I'm sorry, it sounds ridiculous. They are very lovely though." She hid her face with her hair a little, looking into the distance again.
1/25/2016 #12

The youth remained quiet for a couple of minutes before he smiled brightly. "That doesn't sound ridiculous at all! At least, to me it doesn't sound like that. It's a very nice though..." He trailed off, seemingly thinking of something important. The small mouse that had been looking at the girl with attention started to climb the young man until he reached around his chest, where she moved around to his pockets where she went in. Some moments after, she squeaked loudly for the young man to realize she was trying to get his attention to get her out of the pocked, thing he did. It wasn't because she couldn't get out, but rather because she wanted the other to pick her up. Once out of the pocket, one could easily see a heart locket she was clinging to with her little paws, it somehow gave out an odd shine. "Oh, look- she wants to give you a gift!" The boy replied happily while the squirrel froze on his place.

1/28/2016 . Edited 1/28/2016 #13
The Seventh Sage

Yuki had relaxed a little again, glad she wasn't laughed at or dismissed as ridiculous. When the mouse emerged with a locket, she looked at it curiously.

But then...

"I... I don't think I should accept such a nice gift. It looks sentimental," she explained her reasoning. "I mean, I really appreciate the thought, and I'm thankful, but I'm not sure..." she trailed off, feeling odd.

1/29/2016 #14

(Replies will be slow because I still don't get replies. I will repeat myself again in case you didn't read the post in the chat topic; if you want to create a villain but don't want to show it yet you can PM it to me! I also have a villain I'm not going to post yet, I'm waiting for members to join and the roleplay to move more, but it would be nice if we could start to plan their introduction)

"Don't worry, if Hasami wants to give it to you then there's nothing bad about it." Heiwa said with a small, offering her the heart-shaped locket. "It's a...good-luck charm, or at least you could say. I had it for quite a long time and I have some like this ones, which I think explain my good luck!" He chirped happily, the locket on his hand seemingly shining brightly under the sun rays.

1/29/2016 #15
The Seventh Sage
Yuki hesitated. "If you're sure..." she reached, hesitated, and forced herself to take it. "Oh! It's very pretty..." she looked at it, feeling... Something. Her eyes lingered on the pretty jewelry in her hand, trying to identify the emotion. "Thank you, Hasami. Thank you, Hewia."
1/29/2016 #16

The mouse seemingly squeaked happily while the youth smiled at her warmly. "You're welcome! I hope it brings you the same amount of luck and more as it did to me!" He exclaimed, a small gleam in his eyes. For it's part, the squirrel looked a little troubled as he looked between the girl and the young man in front of him with a seemingly bothered expression on his face. "It's a really beautiful locket if you ask me, but I doubt I could ever use it without looking weird!" Heiwa laughed slightly while the mouse on his pocket peeked her head from his pocket with her fur looking fuzzy as she looked around the area.

2/1/2016 #17
The Seventh Sage
"I'll treasure it," Yuki promised, carefully putting it around her neck. "I can't thank you enough." she looked at her hands, wondering what she could give in return. A thought occurred to her. "Do... Do you like books?"
2/1/2016 #18

"Yup, I do!" The young man replied with a smile as he looked at the girl in front of him. "I have a nice amount of free time, so it haves become a hobby of sorts to sit down and read..." He seemingly paused, a distant look crossed his face for an instant before his smile became smaller. "...though, I'm afraid I have already run out of books to read."

2/3/2016 #19
The Seventh Sage

"That's great! Could you please come to Tenjin's after school? It's not too far from here." she looked up at the clock, and Yuki noticed there wasn't much time. "The break is almost over, too." she added, her mind whirling. I'm certain Grandmother will let me give him a free book or two!

2/4/2016 #20

"Tenjin? Is it the name of a store?" The young man asked the girl, apparently remembering he had seen the name before somewhere. Since he had wandered around enough, he had chosen to read some of the names of the shops rather than stopping to see the insides of them. "I believe I have seen it before- yup, I remember where it was now! So I'll see you there then!"

2/7/2016 #21
The Seventh Sage
"Oh, I'm glad. Well, I guess I'll see you later then." Yuki replied cheerfully as the lunch ended. "Thank you very much, it was nice to meet you and your friends."
2/8/2016 #22

"It was also really nice to meet you!" The young man chirped happily, waving a hand as he saw her leave. As she disappeared from his view, the squirrel climbed to his shoulder with a frown on his face. "You really shouldn't give things like that that easily, asu." The squirrel replied quietly, looking at both the young man and the mouse who looked to not mind the other's words. "I don't think we did wrong, ami. She seemed like a really nice person, ami!" She squeaked as the young man was left thinking to himself. "Let's do something in the meantime, okay?"

2/11/2016 #23
The Seventh Sage

(I'll just timeskip for Yuki because school is dull)

The rest of Yuki's day was rather dull, though she got her lunch container back, at least. She mostly looked forward to seeing her new friend at the bookstore, eager to see what kinds of books he preferred. She was excited, actually, and she thought it was a lovely feeling.

2/16/2016 #24

(We really don't need to tell what happened in school unless something important happens)

The young man, still accompanied by his animals, stood by the bookstore: eyes looking through the window to the books he could see from his spot outside, he still didn't enter not because he was shy- but because he was just curious of the books he could see there. He had yet to see the inside of the store and see the many books he could find in there.

2/22/2016 #25
The Seventh Sage

Yuki caught up eventually, though she'd entered through the side door and didn't see her acquaintance. "I'm home!" she called out, putting down her backpack and heading into the public area, aka the shop.

2/23/2016 #26

Heiwa was still peeking through the other side of the window, mind still trying to discover by itself the tales behind the pretty covers of the books displayed in the front. For their part, his animal companions had taken different options: the small mouse was on his shoulder, the creature seemingly doing the same as her companion, while the squirrel was actually standing by the entrance and looking at the people inside- moving to not be hit by the door of those who left and seemingly trying to enter by itself.

2/28/2016 #27
The Seventh Sage

Yuki checked in with her grandmother and went to restock a few shelves quickly, already eagerly awaiting her special guests. Her grandmother had okayed her decision to offer a free book.

2/28/2016 #28

(I'm really sorry! I lost your reply somehow, do forgive me for my really late reply!)

When the youth's eyes were set on the female he had meet before, he smiled and peeked his head through the entrance- of course, being careful to not step over his friend, the small squirrel who still didn't look happy at all. "Hello there!"

3/14/2016 #29
The Seventh Sage
(Not a problem. I've been rather busy) "Hello!" greeted Yuki, pleased to see him and his pets. "I'm so glad you've come, I wanted to let you pick out a book. It'll be on the house, though I'll still have to register it for records purposes..." she got even quieter as she realized she was rambling.
3/14/2016 #30
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