Kamen Rider-Fused Timelines (RP Fourm)
A mysterious entity has fused all of the timelines together, making every important events occur when they shouldn't happen. Can you separate the timelines before doomsday occurs? The burden of existence rests on your shoulders...
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An example template-


Monster Name-

Monster Species-

Monster Appearance-

Monster Abilities- [Rule 1 please.]


Species Name-

Species Attributes- [Basically what attributes your Species have in common.]

Species Weaknesses/Strengths-


2/19/2016 #1
Gadget The Critic

Species Name: Nevar

Species Attributes: They all ussaly base themselfes around something belonging to the earth---a type of hazard for fire, animal for water, object for wood, machine for metal, and mythical creature for earth.

Species Weaknesses/Strentghs-

Fire Nevar are dangerously strong, but are the least intelligent of the lot.

Water Nevar are elegant warriors, who use elemental powers for damage, yet can get destroyed easily by close on attacking.

Wood Nevar are the most passive, often using ranged attacks in fear, but they can also manipulate vines around them for power---they're easily destroyed by out-smarting them.

Metal Nevar are the most intelligent and durable, often going in first before any others---simply insert fire on them, and they're finished.

Earth are the strongest of the lot, having most of the attributes of the others, yet with only one weakness---Warriors with pure hearts can destroy them easily.

Backstory- Once apon a time, there was only one Nevar---Xelor, the Sphinx Nevar, and he, along with the other beings of the primodial earth, were peacefull. Untill Xelor discovered a plot by the one Human in existence, Tadashi. You see, there was only one of each species at first, known as Immortali. And Tadashi, wanting the power for himself, divised a plan to wipe out the other Immortali. Xelor was worried, and rallied a riot with the other Immortali---but it turns out Tadashi only wanted to make sure they lived, as he planed to kill himself after the ritual, so they would all make it into the next life. Naturally, Xelor thought this was tosh, and threw Tadashi into a timeloop, where as himself used the ritual to turn the other Immortali into the Nevar---beings that believe they ARE the Earth. With this new goal, to keep "peace" he declare one day they would awaken again and "save the planet". They awoke in 2016, , when Tadashi warns the current kamen rider, Wu Xing, about the situation. Xelor, disguisted at the sight he sees, commands the Nevar to reclaim the planet---and so, Xelor intends to repeat the cycle, with only one obstacle in his way---known as Kenta Kabutsu.

3/22/2016 #2
Lupin Dark

Species Name- Spade Warriors

Species Attributes- They all transform using Spade Cards and wear heavy armor and carry swords

Species Weaknesses- they are slow and not bright usually as the cards are given to hired muscle.

Species Strengths-They are extremely strong and durable and their swords can split stone

Backstory- They are hired muscle for the Dealer Organization, the people who originally made the deck and cards Z uses (Z stole the deck and made a driver to use the powers.)

Species Name- Diamond Behemoths

Species Attributes- They all transform using Diamond Cards and wear heavy armor

Species Weaknesses- they are slow and heavy

Species Strengths-They are extremely strong and durable and can punch through steel

Backstory- They are enforcers for the Dealer Organization, the people who originally made the deck and cards Z uses (Z stole the deck and made a driver to use the powers.)

Species Name- Club Guards

Species Attributes- They all transform using Club Cards and wear light armor and wield energy staffs

Species Weaknesses- they aren't that durable or physically strong

Species Strengths-They are extremely fast and agile

Backstory- They are elite guards for the Dealer Organization, the people who originally made the deck and cards Z uses (Z stole the deck and made a driver to use the powers.)

Species Name- Heart assassins

Species Attributes- They all transform using heart Cards and wear light armor and use bows and bladed chains

Species Weaknesses- not that durable or good in close combat

Species Strengths- they are shapshooters that can work best with hit and run tactics.

Backstory- They are assassins for the Dealer Organization, the people who originally made the deck and cards Z uses (Z stole the deck and made a driver to use the powers.)

4/2/2016 #3


Species Name- Sycophant

Species Attributes- The main attribute of these species is that they require a host to feed off, the main thing they feed off is mainly their memories but they can also feed off other things like Emotions, Desire or Hatred if they wished to. If a host has no use to them, as in either they are drained of the things needed for them to drain or they can't really use him/her, they just move on to the next host and destroy the previous host... unless their Sycophant Shard is either broken or contained as when feeding off the host, the host has the ability to transform into them by using the Sycophant Shard. But after abusive use, the Sycophant can fully take over his/her body and therefore drain the memories much quicker.

Species Weaknesses/Strengths-The Sycophant's strength really comes from the host it uses, the more memories it gorges the more powerful the Sycophant

However, there is one weakness to the Sycophant and that is that if it is separated from a host, say someone removes the shard from where it is when the host is transformed, then the Sycophant really has to depend on the remaining Memories that it hasn't fully absorbed yet and that makes it vulnerable to attack. Another weakness is that if the host has strong enough willpower and can resist the Sycophant from taking over his/her memories than he/she can forcible remove the Sycophant from his/her body.... though this is very rare to actually happen.

Backstory- {UNKNOWN} (In other words, it will be revealed in the RP)

4/5/2016 #4
LunarShadow 1906

Monster Name- Chaoids

Monster Species- Emotes

Monster Appearance-Most Chaoids are mechanical abominations, and can range from different animal shapes. However, one key similarity all have, is that they are all made of metal internally.

Monster Abilities- In terms of abilities, Chaoids are quite specialized. Each individual Chaoid has their own abilities, like cryokinesis, pyrokinesis, wind, etc.


Species Name-

Theta: The cannon fodder of Chaoids. They are essentially mutated humanoid machines completely covered in smooth metal plates, with only one glowing red eye. Not very powerful alone, but in groups, can overpower a foe.

Delta: The second tier of Chaoids. They are stronger than their counterparts, but don't have any notable powers, other than making Thetas.

Beta: Third Tier Chaoids generally have access to powers, like energy blasts, lightning, etc. They have more armor, and practically all of them have access to a weapon.

Alpha: Fourth Tier Chaoids are fully armored, and have strong variations of powers, either elemental or physical. All have deadly weapons, and most can't even be scratched by normal attacks. They show some degree of intelligence, and can organize the lower tiers to do their bidding.

Omega: Legend Tier Chaoids are practically impossible to defeat with a Rider's normal form. Their armor is hard, and some even have energy refracting plates, which greatly lessens the effectiveness of ranged attacks. They are really fast, compared to their lower tiered brethren. In addition, each hosts powers which have devastating abilities, enough for one Omega to destroy a city by itself. These Chaoids are intelligent, and can communicate with humans, but would prefer to destroy them.

Species Attributes- Metal frames, strength, speed, and defense.

Species Weaknesses/Strengths- If damaged too much, Chaoids have the ability to absorb other Emotes into their bodies to heal themselves, also allowing them to grow stronger. They can't short circuit, but the lower two tiers are VERY susceptible to fire. After that, the upper tiers can shrug it off like nothing.

Backstory- Emotes are humanities greatest creation, human-like androids which are capable of acting like, and look like, humans, and capable of being used to act as guardians, parents, children, and helpers. The Company which created them is called "The United Mindworks", and they are also the ones who made the Synthesia Driver. Emotes unfortunately had a problem, one which if handled wrongly, could transform an Emote into a Chaoid. Each Emote has a specific set of programming to follow, making them to act in a certain way. Certain Emotes were capable of developing their own "free will" something Mindworks made sure to resolve, by detaining the Emote, and then wiping it's mind-completly. If the Emote is given it's own free will too long, very stressful situations could force its Symphonic Core (the device responsible for an Emote's emotions, and it's Chaoid transformation.) to malfunction, taking the Emote's core programmed commands, and corrupt them into something the opposite of the original code. (i.e. Command: Protect the boy turns to Command: Kill the boy) This would also force the Emote's body to distort, eventually transforming itself into a Chaoid.

4/12/2016 #5
LunarShadow 1906

Just saying, if these Emotes seem to be like Giftias from Plastic Memories, I'm guilty as charged. The general idea was really good, and I couldn't help but use it.

4/12/2016 . Edited 4/12/2016 #6
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