Kamen Rider-Fused Timelines (RP Fourm)
A mysterious entity has fused all of the timelines together, making every important events occur when they shouldn't happen. Can you separate the timelines before doomsday occurs? The burden of existence rests on your shoulders...
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LunarShadow 1906

This thread was made in order to organize the story that this RP will be following.

Each "saga" Thread will be taking place in an individual Rider's own world, with the foreign Riders either helping the main Rider of series, or hindering them.

This thread is for the people to Write out their Rider's storylines. It's okay to have the description as a summary, but please don't make it too vague. With the current Kamen Riders outside of their world, we need to have a vote as to whose timeline we are currently in.

4/14/2016 #1
Lupin Dark

In the world of Chance, the Organization known as Dealer has taken control of the world's economy through their use of casinos and technology advancements. They deploy their suite forces to enforce their rule on the people and collect their fortune through the gambling in their halls. led by their elite inner circle, the organization controls the world. All this changes when a thief breaks into their labs and steals a prototype Driver and a deck of their special enhancement cards. Using this, he becomes Kamen Rider Trump and fights back against the evil, taking back their money and giving it to the world while seeking their inner circle to shut them down for good.

4/14/2016 #2
LunarShadow 1906
Alright Trace, is it okay if we begin in your world?
4/14/2016 #3
Gadget The Critic

In a strange world where the past meets the future, the Nevar had been appearing through flashbacks, altering human history simply by suggestion---this had to stop. The order of White Star was founded in order to investigate that, and the sudden unease between countries---one wrong move and they declare war. To do this, the China branch of White Star forged powerful armour and chained into a shuriken like charm---this was the latest Wu Xing armour, the armour descendents of the Kaibutsu family had been using for ages. Arriving in a futuristic and over-the-top looking Tokyo, they located the most recent member of the bloodline, who reluctantly agrees to take on the mantle of Wu Xing, sadly.

Differs from normal earth:

Nevar were altering human history, making everyone tense around eachother and an almost hatred flows around countries.

Japan declares itself "independent", and activates a shield that covers Japan, with the only transport remaining out being the underground.

The Order of White Star was founded---a peace keeping organization that has been able to figure out how to fuse powers with oridanry objects, such as belts, making it easier to perform stealth objections.

The Wu-Xing timeline is dangerously close to the Kabuto timeline, with any major thunderstorm a Worm sneaks in and starts causing havoc.

4/15/2016 #4
Lupin Dark


4/15/2016 #5
Gadget The Critic

I guess i'm okay with it taking place in Z's timeline at first---but what do we do in it? I mean, the worlds aren't fused yet, and only ONORE DECADE! can travel between worlds.

4/16/2016 #6
LunarShadow 1906

Riders get displaced from their own dimensions. That's the reason why Xing and Beat got transported from their own dimensions. It wasn't of their own free will.

4/16/2016 #7
Gadget The Critic

Oh joy---so Shocker are teleporting random riders around the universe just for giggles/to test out the timeline fusion device.

4/17/2016 #8
LunarShadow 1906
Basically, the Riders were guinea pigs to test an experiment.
4/19/2016 #9
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