The Curse of Noble Blood
The life of a Noble has responsibility, but it never leaves you wanting. Everyone wants to be in your shoes. But what happens when others like you want more? ...Only time will tell who lives and who dies. Mafia games with characters centered around noble blood.
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The stage was set. Nobles from around the world travelled to Altea's capital of Anri for an event described to them as 'grand and wondrous in celebration of peace and prosperity throughout the kingdoms.'

All were gathered in the grand hall, a chorus of laughter and conversation that ceased only for the entrance of their host upon the stairwell balcony, dressed in elegance with expression of serenity and peace. He began to speak.

"We are gathered here under the premise that our nations suffer no longer from the oppression, instability, and heartache of war. We are here because we are those whose people are without need, without unending toil to little purpose. Our lands prosper, even after being so wounded from the strife brought upon them in years past. Together, let us celebrate the good fortune given to us and our people. And shall the future of our nations shine forever brighter."

The room sounded with applause and the occasional cheer of 'Long live the king!'

King Marth raised his arms and said, "Let the festivities beg-"

A piercing scream broke the cheerful atmosphere. Several of the guests followed behind their host, who broke into a run in the direction of the scream, as if recognizing it's owner. It led them to the castle's expansive library where, not too far from the entrance, they were met with a horrifying sight.


Princess Elice, the king's elder sister and last known living relative, was lying dead at his feet, her blood seeping out into the cracks in the floor.

The door slammed shut behind the group. A few tried to open it, but to no avail. They were trapped.

There was a note near her body, a few drops of blood on the corner. The handwriting was unidentifiable, but legible enough to read:

'A noble gathering for a not-so-noble cause. A celebration for those who stuff themselves and have little a care in the world, while those outside the castle walls suffer more than their peacock lords seem to feel isn't enough to be bothered with. Well, no more. The people kill for their rulers, but now it is time for the rulers to kill for their people. No one against this shall leave alive. Who is your ally? Who is your enemy? ...Figure it out.'

No one knew who was with them when they came upon the slaughtered princess and who was already there when the deed was done. They didn't know how many were against them, or how long it would take for them all to die.

The clock is ticking. Find them, before they find you.

1. Solid

2. Mudkip

3. Drift

4. Pig

5. Metal

6. Fumbles (AKA Senpai :3)

7. Brandon

8. Freek

9. Kaylee

10. Dustin

11. Nicole

12. Yoshpa

13. Leaf

14. Toady

15. J.C.

Ratio is 10:4:1. Majority is 8.

The day will end Saturday, July 16th, at 1:00 PM EST. If no majority is reached, for Days One and Two, it will be an automatic No Lynch. Starting Day Three, it will be a Random Lynch.

Town: Succesfully lynch all Mafiosi and the Neutral.

Mafia: Equal or outnumber the total number of Town and Neutral.

Neutral: Survive to the final three.

Day One, start!

7/13/2016 . Edited 7/14/2016 #1


...Let's go!~

7/13/2016 #2

Fair warning to people, this was balanced when I first set the roles up. Once I edited some of became kind of questionable. So if one side ends up seeming OP compared to the others, I apologize ahead of time. But I made a chaos setup for a reason, so...

Also, Metal's making me ask everyone if they have Google Hangouts. Because I believe there was something about making a huge Mafia chat.

And I made a tiny edit to the rules. Just so you know.

7/13/2016 #3
Sir Pig

Hello everyone!

You might need to PM people that this started, as I'm sure not everyone is watching the forum to see that it started.

7/13/2016 #4

Ah, right...I should go get to doing that...

7/13/2016 #5


7/13/2016 #6
7/13/2016 #7

So, how's everyone doing?

7/13/2016 #8
Doctor Fumbles

-smacks the dead body- WAKE THE DUCK UP! NO SLEEPING AFTER 11!

7/13/2016 #9


Humans were interesting creatures sometimes to Xane. They seem to be taking this threat so seriously...

But they also had some skills that he could make use of. While he was casually perched on one of the bookshelves, he watched someone walk past him, and decided he was going to have some fun for the day.

So he jumped down and moved out of sight, returning back a few moments later, looking himself up and down, now looking exactly like the person he just saw. He rubbed his hands together and muttered to himself, "Time to have some fun with this..."

Xane has Copied someone!

7/13/2016 #10

Oh hey, a Copier! It's always fun seeing those guys around. Especially when they can be used to ruin the plans of the mafia.

7/13/2016 #11

Oh we have life and an ability! Copier's fairly standard, probably town but maybe neutral. Too early to tell.

7/13/2016 #12
Doctor Fumbles

I feel like a copier would be a bad guy, with his hand rubbing -still slapping the dead body-

7/13/2016 #13
Foreteller Ava

Oh I come on as soon as an update comes up, alright.

Posting just for subscriptions. I'm playing Dust right now and don't wanna stop for some Mafia. (It's soooo good and this is the last day I'll have any time to play until Monday (although I think I'm doing something too on Monday? Can't remember if it's planning something with a friend or Animal Kingdom/MGM day tho) since I play in the mornings and I work for the next four days so...)

7/13/2016 #14
Sir Pig

Hello copier, hope you found someone with a really suspicious ability.

By the way, anybody that doesn't know me, you can just call me Pig.

7/13/2016 #15


There was no time for fooling around. Pelleas knew that. But he also knew that his head was killing him, and all he wanted to do was go find somewhere to lie down.

But on the way of doing that, he almost ran someone over from not noticing where he was going. He quickly got out of the way and apologized.

"Oh no, it's okay!" they replied cheerfully, then carried on past the shelves of books.

But not before they dropped something that Pelleas was quick to pick up and look over. It just so happened to tell him all that he needed to know about them.

Pelleas has Scanned someone!

7/13/2016 #16
Doctor Fumbles

-stops slapping the dead body- I declare that this person has dead by bunt force trauma to the head.

7/13/2016 #17

And here we have one of our cops. Now it's just a matter of if he's mafia or town.

7/13/2016 #18
Doctor Fumbles

I probably got scanned because of my profile picture......

7/13/2016 #19

What even IS your profile picture...?

7/13/2016 #20
Doctor Fumbles

It is Doctor Fumbles

7/13/2016 #21

Ohhhh. Can't tell. Phone. Tiny picture.

7/13/2016 #22
Doctor Fumbles

I will change it then

7/13/2016 #23

You don't need to do that...

7/13/2016 #24
Doctor Fumbles

Nah it is fine

7/13/2016 #25
Doctor Fumbles

I'm going to watch Camp camp

7/13/2016 #26
Currently double dipping in Mafia games
7/13/2016 #27
I feel like the copier is Dr. Fumbles
7/13/2016 #28
Doctor Fumbles

I can insure you, that I am not the copier. I wouldn't even copy off of other peoples homework.

7/13/2016 #29
Doctor Fumbles

Well I wouldn't copy them, because either they don't know what they were doing or they didn't do their homework, but still.

7/13/2016 #30
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