The Curse of Noble Blood
The life of a Noble has responsibility, but it never leaves you wanting. Everyone wants to be in your shoes. But what happens when others like you want more? ...Only time will tell who lives and who dies. Mafia games with characters centered around noble blood.
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"You lied to me."

Xane had been backed up against the doors to the library, surrounded by Joshua, Lyn, Lilina, Yubello, Pelleas (who was only half-there from guilt and a shattering mentality), Reyson, and a very, VERY pissed-off Marth, who was closer to him than the rest, tightly clutching the dagger used to kill Lyon.

"C-C'mon, Princey…calm down…"

"GIVE ME ONE DAMN GOOD REASON WHY I SHOULD CALM DOWN!" Marth roared. Of all the people who could've betrayed him, it was one of the people he trusted most? It was the War of Heroes all over again. And this time, he didn't much have the patience for it.

Xane gulped and backed up as close to the doors as he could. He had never seen the king this enraged before…Did all of the deaths here finally push him past the breaking point? …...He tempted fate. "Just…Just listen, would you? You're the one who cares more about the reasonin' behind an action than the action itself, after all…"

"You…" He's…right, isn't he…? Marth let out a shaky breath and took a step back, though he was still just as tense as before. "…Then speak."

Xane mentally sighed in relief. He took a breath and said, "This whole time, I've been trying to figure out who decided they wanted to kill Elice and trap us all in here. I had…" he averted his gaze, "…found somethin', that hinted Tana was apart of it. And it's not like we would've gotten anywhere if I just said somethin', so I decided to take things into my own hands. Didn't think that what I found was just something to make her into a scapegoat…"

Marth furrowed his brow. "Why didn't you say anything to me, at least? Do you not have any faith in me…?"

"You had enough on your plate. Didn't want to raise any more hell for you."

"…But what about the note, then?"

Xane shook his head, looking back up. "Wasn't me. Why'd I go doin' that? That'd be kinda hypocritical after that whole speech on not giving up on humans I gave to you."

Marth raised an eyebrow. "Then who…?"

"Oh, that was me."

A strangled cry came after that statement, followed by a scream. Marth turned around, only to see a now-dead Pelleas on the floor, blood pouring from a massive gash through his back. The scream came from Lilina, who had seemingly backed up just in time to only end up with a thin cut along her arm and her tome on the floor. Reyson meanwhile, clearly too manly to scream, had quickly jumped away from everyone else, shooting glares at the attackers.

Joshua and Lyn both had their swords out. The former's was covered in blood; the latter's had practically none. Yubello had rushed forward to pick up Lilina's tome, then glanced warily at the other two as he retreated back behind them.

Joshua waved his sword at Marth and Xane, his expression a cocky-as-hell smirk, having been the one to speak before. "Yeah, I wrote that little note. I was kinda hoping you'd be crazed enough to just kill him instead of listening to reason, y'know? Would've saved me a whole lotta trouble."

"You…?!" Marth softly growled and glared daggers at Joshua. "You're the one who did all of this?!"

"You're kiddin' me, right?" Something sounding like both a scoff and a laugh came from Xane. "Didn't ya say somethin' to Lyon along the lines of 'villains don't change'? That was just apart of the act, wasn't it?"

"Well, duh. What else would I'd've said? 'Been nice knowing you, I'll take over your job now'? That's funny." Joshua, flicking most of the blood from his blade, propped it up on his shoulder. "But really, infiltrating a group that thinks you're one of the good guys is all pretty easy, don't you think? Then you can pick them off, one by one, until you're down to the weak ones or the ones who can easily be manipulated into doing your bidding…"

Lilina shook, in both rage and fear, her gaze focused more on Lyn and Yubello rather than Joshua. "How could you do this…did all of the people you've killed – Roy, Nino, Innes, Yumina – did they all mean NOTHING to you?!"

"Hey, don't go pointing the finger at us with that last one," Joshua interrupted, pointing his sword at Lilina. "YOU guys did that, not us. She dug herself into that ditch, and the rest of you shoveled the dirt back on top of her."

Yubello stared down at the floor, tightly clutching his and Lilina's tomes in his arms. "…What can we do, really?" he whispered. "When there's a display of power, and it's a matter of submit or die, most of us end up being cowards and choosing the way that prolongs our life-spans. It's just how it works."

"But letting your own TWIN SISTER die?!" Lilina asked angrily.

"If they're in the way, they die," Lyn replied curtly. "That's how it works."

"What…?" Lilina's eyes widened; she stared at Lyn, flabbergasted. "How…how can you say such a thing…?!"

During that conversation, Xane had inched up next to Marth to whisper to him, "I hope I'm not the only one gettin' the feelin' that this isn't really them and somethin's happenin' behind the scenes that we're not aware of."

Marth glanced back at him and nodded. "…Yeah, I'm starting to think that as well."

"Well, ANYWAY," Joshua said loudly, having dragged a frustrated Reyson back to the group after he had been steadily backing away from them, "if you two would hand over your weapons, that'd be nice. Unless, of course," he pushed Reyson down to his knees and held his blade against his throat, "you want someone else to die. Because, as you can see, that can easily be arranged too."

Reyson gritted his teeth and glared up at Joshua, cursing himself for being too weak to do anything against him. "…Bastard," he spat. "Don't think you're going to get away with all of this. The others won't let it happen."

"We'll see about that, pretty boy," Joshua responded casually. He raised an eyebrow at Marth and Xane. "Well? What do you say?"

Marth glared and gripped the dagger tighter for a few long moments, as if debating with himself. Eventually, he tsked and turned his head away, holding the dagger out for them to take. Seeing him doing this, Xane sighed and unfastened a blade from his hip, also holding it out. Yubello was quick to collect them as he had Lilina's tome, retreating back behind Lyn.

"Oh, you actually did it." Joshua's other eyebrow raised in surprise. "Man, you really will put other people's lives first, huh? So…'noble', of you." He rolled his eyes and removed his sword from Reyson's throat; he pushed him forward, where he ended up putting his hands out to stop himself from face-planting in the blood that had pooled around Pelleas' body. "So no one else dies today, huh? Fine. There's a much more…fun, fate in store for the rest of you, anyway."

From behind the bookcases emerged a figure. A figure ghostly white, blood staining his purple robes red, and a deep, sickening gash open on his throat.

Lyon stood again before them.

Xane stared pointedly at him. "Why. Really. Why am I not surprised in the least bit."

Lilina had a hand over her mouth, her eyes widened in horror. "W-What…How…How is this possible…?"

Reyson visibly cringed at the sight of Lyon. "You're kidding me…We're doing this again? Reanimated corpses? It's the Goddess' War all over again…"

"Yeah, zombies tend to be a recurring thing for us," Joshua flippantly replied. "But that's beside the point. You see the dead man walking? You can't really tell me you expected someone possessed by the Demon King to stay dead, did you? This might be a little cliché, but it works for us."

There was a loud bang on the library doors. It was the first sound they had heard from it during this entire endeavor. Yubello was the first to respond, saying, "…The seal's breaking…we have to go."

Joshua sighed. "Chat's over then? Fine." He glanced back at Lyon. "You gonna get us out of here or just stand there in all your undead angst?"

Another bang. The doors shifted slightly.

"What do you plan on doing with us?" Marth asked coldly.

"Now, why would I tell you that? But…" Joshua looked up, as if in thought, "I guess I can at least tell you…" his grin darkened; he stared at the group, his eyes full of maddened malice, "that it will be deadly fun."

One final bang. The doors gave way as personal knights and loved ones to those missing rushed inside. They were met with the grisly sight of Pelleas' body lying at their feet. Upon investigation, they discovered the bodies of several others lying uniformly in one corner of the library.

But there were several people missing. Marth, Xane, Lilina, Reyson, Joshua, Lyn, Yubello, Lyon…there were no traces of them. It was if they had never been there…

As if they had never existed…

Save one thing.

Lying in the center of the room, was a single sheet of paper, the words written in blood:

"DEatH Is nOT A thInG To bE FeAReD. iT IS a GAme tO bE emBRAcEd. a GaME oF LovE, BLooD, AnD DecEIT. IT iS a JoYOus OcCaSIOn To FoRevER Be CelEBRAted iN thE HeARTs of tHOSe wHO aCcEPt iT.

"AnD In a GaME of DeATh, ThE OnLY thiNG ThaT MAtteRS...

"...Is dESpaIr."

And here finally ends this game of Mafia! Congratulations to Nicole, Brandon, J.C., and Mudkip for winning the game! Still feeling guilty about that ending, though... A congrats also to Solid, Freek, and Kaylee for not dying! And...technically Yoshpa? Because I couldn't bring myself to kill Xane? ....*shrugs*

A-Anyways, no grades or anything. Don't deserve to be judging people. And I'd probably end up just giving everyone who was active A's just for being there, so...yeah.

What I WILL do, though, is post the profiles so everyone can see them and my terribleness at balancing. I'll also probably post a link to the Mafia Chat because why not.

But anyways, 'nuff talking. Overall enjoyable game.

9/20/2016 #1

All the full profiles.

1. Lilina – Solid

Heir to the throne of Ostia and Roy's childhood friend. A little shy, but kind and very stubborn around those she's comfortable with. Also has a huge crush on Roy, but apparently he's way too oblivious to notice…

Alliance: Town

Ability Doctor: You're always worrying about people, and you want to make sure they're safe from whatever tricks people might try to pull on them. As such, once a day you can use your magic to protect a chosen person from any and all non-killing abilities that day, yourself included if necessary. However, the same target cannot be chosen twice in a row.


2. Lyon – Mudkip

Grado's crown prince, and a close friend of Eirika and Ephraim. Usually quiet and a bit pessimistic, but the Demon King's possession has left his mark in the form of the occasional enraged outburst. But it's not as if it happens THAT often…ha-ha…

Alliance: Mafia

Possessor: Your skill with dark magic, combined with the Demon King's power, has made you very good at possessing both the living and the dead. And so, every day you can possess the living player of your choice to do your bidding, or you can instead choose to possess someone who is already dead, but the dead player will be random and never the same. The same living player cannot be possessed twice in a row.

Godfather: You can't always keep away the Demon King's influence, and now he has turned you into the one who will lead the Mafia to victory. The kill each night will be your final decision. Your first scan will be as a Vanilla Townie, because who would suspect a frail and sickly boy to be aiming for world domination, right?


3. Pelleas – Drift

A Spirit Charmer and the supposed Prince of Daein for a time. Charming and dedicated to those he cares for, though his methods aren't always the most effective…

Alliance: Town

Schizophrenic: Being a Spirit Charmer brings you great power, but as consequence can at times make you a bit…mental. As a result, the ability used on the chosen target each day will be random. The same ability will never be used twice in a row, and so the same target can be chosen up to twice in a row…Just in case.


4. Micaiah – Pig

Daein's 'Maiden of Dawn' and future queen, as well as Empress Sanaki of Bengion's elder sister. Very compassionate towards her countrymen of Daein, but her loyalty and desire for their safety can lead her to some very radical decisions…

Alliance: Town

Inquirer: Your gift of foresight allows you to see things that others would be otherwise unaware of. As such, everyday you may ask me yes-or-no question not directly pertaining to a player's character, alliance, or role, and I will give you an answer.


5. Innes – Metal

Crown prince of Frelia and Tana's elder brother. Kind of stuck up, and a huge frenemy to Ephraim, but he does hold his people at the top of his priorities, proving he's not a complete, um…what's the word? Ass? …Yeah, that'll do.

Alliance: Town

Auto-Killer: Your skills with a bow are some of if not the best in Magvel. And, given your, um…personality, you're not afraid to show them off if it means getting rid of the Mafia. You also could care less about how the others react, whether they have a problem with you attacking other people or not. As such, you have a single chance to kill the player of your choice. If they're Mafia or the Neutral, congrats! If they're Town, well…it's been nice knowing you.


6. Yumina – Fumbles

One of Grust's royal children and Yubello's twin sister. Bold and stubborn, untrusting of most. But when she does open up to someone, she's found to be kind, caring, and just a little more insecure than she'd like to admit…

Alliance: Town

Doctor: Even if you don't like someone, you're still a cleric, and you still have an obligation to help them. So, once a day, you can use your trusty Rescue staff to bring someone to you and hide them where the Mafia won't find them that day. Or, if you yourself feel in danger, you can hide away where no one will find you…that day. But you cannot protect the same person teice in a row, either way.


7. Lyn – Brandon

Daughter of the Lorca chieftain of Sacae and granddaughter of the Lord of Caelin. Strong and kind, with a severe hatred of bandits or pirates, after they slaughtered nearly her entire tribe. Holds truth, honor, and dignity in the highest esteem, but her pride can get her into a bit of trouble…

Alliance: Mafia

Cop: Sacaens are born-trackers, and able to get any information they may need. So, once a day, you can follow someone around undetected and learn enough to know just who they are and what they're doing.


8. Reyson – Freek

The younger heron prince of Serenes and one of the few survivors of the Serenes Massacre. After twenty-odd years of living with the Hawk Clan, he has lost most of his serenity and become bold and stubborn. And maybe he idolizes Tibarn just a bit too much…?

Alliance: Town

Upgrader: Herons are known best for their powerful galdrar, and you and particular are famous for being able to lift people's spirits and make them work double-time…or was that Leanne…? Well, either way, once a day, you may sing your song to someone else, and they'll be able to use their ability a second time that day. Or, if you're lucky, it will give them an extra use AND an added effect. You have that Luck stat to make use of, after all.


9. Marth – Kaylee

The legendary Hero-King of Archanea and Altea's 'star and savior'. Overall quiet, kind, and gentle, with values bordering naïveté. But should anyone insult, threaten, or harm any of his loved ones…then they have just incited a rage that even the gods themselves would fear.

Alliance: Town

Cop: You're a person who can be very…persuasive, should the need arise. You've no trouble getting the information you may need. As such, each day you may use your abilities to convince another to tell you everything you may need to know about them…and more…- wait, no. Scratch that. Let's not go overboard here…ahem.


10. Nino – Dustin

A mage born to a high noble house of Lycia before it was destroyed by the same woman who ended up raising her. Very innocent and sincere, though she has picked up a bit of an inferiority complex because of her…'mother'*coughcough*demon spawn*cough*…

Alliance: Town

Copier: You're considered a prodigy, being able to pick up just about anything after watching someone else do it. As such, each day you can copy someone's ability, and it'll be available for use that day. However, you're not exactly guaranteed to get it right. Sometimes, it may end up having a slightly different effect than intended…so keep that in mind. The target of the copied ability cannot be the same twice in a row, either.


11. Joshua – Nicole

The wandering prince of Jehanna. Though he's a bit flirtatious and has a huge gambling addiction, he overall means well in the end. His ways of being so are just a bit…dubious, is all.

Alliance: Mafia

Gambler: Your…habit, should we call it, can actually be at least somewhat useful. Each day, should you choose to make a gamble, choose your target. Then, pick a number from the range I give you. The targeted person does the same. Whoever is closer to my chosen number wins. If the number chosen is the same, or the differences between the chosen numbers and the actual number are the same, nothing happens. If you win, one of three abilities will be used on the target. It will be random, and the same ability will never be used twice in a row, nor can the same person be targeted twice in a row. If you lose…welp, there goes your money. And potentially your voice, if they actually realize they owe you for winning.


12. Xane – Yoshpa

A wandering shapeshifter and former divine dragon of Archanea. Though generally a huge troublemaker on the surface, he holds a deep hatred for humanity for their cold and callous mistreatment of the dragonkin in ages past. Yet, for some strange reason, he's perfectly fine with keeping Marth around…

Alliance: Neutral

Copier: Sure, not being able to turn into a dragon anymore sucks, but hey, turning into other people is a nice alternative. So once a day, you may copy the player of your choice, and their ability will be usable for the day. However, from the time you copy to the time you use the ability, you'll be scanned as that person, so be careful. The copied ability cannot be used on the same person twice in a row, but the person being copied can be the same.

Serial Killer: Revenge is so sweet, isn't it? The desire can lead you to do things you may or may not regret…Either way, every even night you will kill the player of your choice. The first time you are scanned without a banked ability, it will be as a simple Town Copier.


13. Tana – Leaf

Princess of Frelia and Innes' younger sister. Bubbly and cheerful, but not innocent to the world's atrocities. She's faithful to her friends and primarily desires for their safety. Sounds like the complete opposite of her brother…

Alliance: Town

Doublevoter: Your open and cheerful personality can give you a lot of influence. Because of that, you can cast a second, private vote alongside your public one. No one needs to know…unless they find out, of course, in which case…well, let's just stay positive, shall we?


14. Roy – Toad

The Young Lion and lordling of Pherae. Surprisingly very good at reading people, despite his generally hyperactive and at times childish personality. He also tends to fume about his height, so…don't bring it up to him. Please. For all our sakes.

Alliance: Town

Disabler: You just loooove playing tricks on people, don't you? Well, everyday you can choose to steal something from someone, and they'll be too mad at you to use their ability that day. Just…be careful who you choose to steal from, okay? Because it could come back and hurt you, whether it be now or later…You can't target the same person twice in a row, either.


15. Yubello – J.C.

One of Grust's royal children and Yumina's twin brother. Usually timid and dislikes combat, but will protect his loved ones and his values with surprising ferocity, comparable to even those who would slaughter without a second thought. It…definitely raises concern for him sometimes…

Alliance: Mafia

Doctor: Even if you can't use a staff like your sister, you'd still go out of your way to keep people safe, using the way you best know how: magic. As such, each day you can use your fire magic to create a wall of flames that will protect anyone inside from being killed, yourself included, should the need arise. Don't worry, the magic's completely controllable; it's not like it'll spread and burn the whole place down, right…? Not that you'd really mind, though.

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