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The Plot

This generally focuses on the plot of the show but it also encompasses other characters too as mains. It will follow the general flow of the show rather than the books/the film, so please do not spoil it for any of the non-readers. Thank you.


- Generally just don't spoil.

- Keep everything M rated in the M rated forum.

- Don't godmod/take control of others characters.

- Don't ignore people, seriously.

If you've read and agree to these rules, introduce yourself below.

1/30/2016 #1

I agree.

I'm the admin Clare, I've loved the book series for the last 6/7 years and yeah.

1/30/2016 #2
Powered By Pandas

I agree.

I'm Lottie and I love the books as well as the show. I look forward to RPing with you all.

1/30/2016 #3

I agree. I'm Kaitlin, and these books and this show probably take up a little too much of my time and sanity, but that's okay!

1/31/2016 #4
Ms. Winnie the Pooh

I agree.

I'm Molly and I love the books but its been forever since I read the books. So I'll try my best. :)

2/3/2016 #5
Shaper of Winds

yo consider these rules accepted.

like, so accepted that the rules are actually beginning to feel a little uncomfortable by just how accepted they are. the rules were not expecting this. they shift uneasily, glancing at me every once in awhile. their palms seem sweaty, almost like they're preparing for a fight. not that they going to get one, since that's how accepted they are. unless, of course, they want to fight, in which case i'll accept their challenge and engage in the most accepting throw-down in the history of throw-downs.


So yeah, I'm Taylor, read the books, watched the movie, and am watching the show as I type this. Whaddup all.

2/3/2016 #6
Dauntless Nephilim

I agree to the rules.

I'm usually called Ren, I don't really mind any name as long as it decent. Haven't watch the show, haven't read Bane Chronicles but I've read all the rest.

2/4/2016 #7
a daughter lost in hell
Accepted! Call me Seph or Kore.
2/4/2016 #8

Agreed. Call me Mikey, I love the books and loved the movie.

2/4/2016 #9
Pipsqueak Ninja

Sorry I didn't even see this yesterday. I agree to the rules, and call me Sam if you want :)

2/5/2016 #10
I agree.
I'm Alex I'm sort've new to the Mortal Instruments, and currently reading the first book. Luckily I watch the movie & Tv series.
2/20/2016 #11

I agree

2/24/2016 #12

I'm Odessa and I agree to these rules and plan to abide by them!!

2/24/2016 #13
a half-measure
I'm Set, and I agree to these rules.
3/25/2016 #14

I agree

I'm Alley and I have loved the books for years

5/10/2016 #15


I agree to these terms. I watched to show and read a couple of the books.

1/7/2018 #16
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