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This is a generic message to all participants of the 'The Institute: Shadowhunters' Roleplay forum.

As you are aware, many of us are from different time zones. This can create a pause in RPs, which is understandable. Due to this, we have decided to make a rule:

We would like all players, if possible, to choose a cannon character to 'understudy.' This will only happen if there is a roleplay containing more than three people that has to be paused while waiting for one character to get online. We understand that 'real life' situations causes people to not be online, this will resolve the 'death' of the forum and help keep it moving forwards. If neither the cannon character rp'er, or the understudy are online during a main event where they are required, one of the moderators will substitute that character.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this, please message Clare or Lottie (any moderator)

I hope I have made this clear,


Canon Characters

(Characters that have been put in bold need to be claimed ideally and ASAP)

Jace Wayland - Molly

Clary Fairchild - Kaitlin

Simon Lewis - Taylor

Isabelle Lightwood - Charlotte

Alec Lightwood - Charlie

Dorethea -

Camille Belcourt -

Raphael Santiago - Kaitlin

Magnus Bane - Ren

Hodge Starkweather -

Jocelyn Fairchild -Seph

Valentine Morgenstern -

Original Characters


Adele Starkweather - parabatai to Katie Aldertree

Katie Aldertree - parabatai to Adele Starkweather

Mirren 'Mira' Scalewright

Dante Blackthorne

Siyah Belladonna

Ryan Swanstone



Forum Users

Admin: Clare (Abxminable)

Playing; Alec Lightwood, Adele Starkweather.

Moderator: Charlotte (Charlotte13245)

Playing; Isabelle Lightwood, Katie Aldertree, Maria Amartia.

Member: Kaitlin (DaysofPeculiarandLegend)

Playing; Clary Fairchild, Mirren Scalewright.

Member: Molly (Ms. Winnie The Pooh)

Playing; Jace Wayland.

Member: Taylor (Shaper of Winds)

Playing; Ryan Swanstone, Simon Lewis.

Member: Ren (Dauntless Nephilim)

Playing; Magnus Bane, Dante Blackthorne.

1/30/2016 . Edited by Powered By Pandas, 2/7/2016 #1
Shaper of Winds

Hey, can I play Simon?

2/4/2016 #2
Powered By Pandas

You can :)

2/4/2016 #3

Can I claim Sebastian even though he's not on the list? For whenever he shows up in the future.

2/4/2016 #4


2/4/2016 #5

Can I claim Raphael?

2/7/2016 #6
a daughter lost in hell
Jocelyn, please!
2/7/2016 #7

Sure to both!

2/7/2016 #8
a daughter lost in hell
May I volunteer to understudy Jace?
2/7/2016 #9
Shaper of Winds

Dang I was gonna volunteer, oh well lmao.

2/7/2016 #10
Powered By Pandas

Sorry haha, if daughter-lost-in-hell isn't on, you can sub him haha

2/7/2016 #11

Yeah - we can always have secondary understudies in place of moderators.

2/7/2016 #12
Shaper of Winds


2/7/2016 #13
Dauntless Nephilim
I volunteer as Luke understudy until someone wants him :)
2/10/2016 #14
Powered By Pandas

Of course :)

2/12/2016 #15

I would like to be Camille Belcourt

2/24/2016 #16
Powered By Pandas


2/24/2016 #17

Okay so I have never been in one of these before so where do I start

2/24/2016 #18
Powered By Pandas

Okay, basically if anyones online - ask them if they want to rp. It's late for me, so I'm off to bed, but I'll message you when I can RP tomorrow. Camille hasn't kidnapped Simon yet, but I think it'll be soon

2/24/2016 #19

May I please be Lydia Branwell, when she comes into the story?

1/7/2018 #20
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