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"Speaking off getting laid," She replied, jokingly. "Why is he cockblocking you?" Katie turned around to look at Keenan "Dare I say you want me all for yourself?" She teased.

6/16/2016 #1,501
Dauntless Nephilim

Keenan blushed but he coughed and said, "I do think of you as a sister." he placed more plates, even though he knew not everyone in the Institute. "And Dante won't mind being stuffed with diabetes pancakes, he enjoys pain, period."

"Well, you certainly need to get laid and feel the loving." Dante tried to add more flour and water into the batter, but the bowl was full enough that he made a slight mess. The batter was smudged on his shirt, arms, and the counter.

6/17/2016 #1,502
Alec nodded, collecting the evidence package and tucking it under his arm. He glanced around before following the warlock to the door, wondering about who was on the other end of the phone.
6/17/2016 #1,503
Dauntless Nephilim

Magnus was by the door but he was almost late to recognize the two man standing by the door were the circle members. He let his guard down a little bit and received a jab on his cheek. He staggered but he managed to slam and locked the door with a wave of his hand. There was a cut on his cheek but Magnus pushed Alec backwards. "Alec, go."

6/17/2016 #1,504
Alec shook his head, he'd already grabbed a blade from his boot. "You, go. Take the envelope and leave it at the institute." He handed it back to him and stood, braced for the door to buckle at any given moment.
6/17/2016 #1,505
Dauntless Nephilim

"No, I can't leave the other warlocks here. I need to get them to a safety place." Magnus rolled his eyes when the door buckle. He muttered a spell and sealed the door with a magic barrier. He tugged Alec arm as he pulled him upstairs where the warlocks were. He told one of them about a storehouse outside the city as they created a portal to the place and the warlocks got ready to breach through the portal.

Magnus turned his attention back at Alec, one of the glass window broke downstairs, "You promised me, Alec." he pushed the envelope into his arm and started to make a portal to the Institute.

6/17/2016 #1,506
Alec nodded, "Keep this, just incase you need it." He handed him a dagger and then went through the portal, casting one last look at the door before he went through.
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Katie laughed "I think you're right, Dante." She took the pan off of him, and flicked the mixture into his face. "You should start over"

6/17/2016 #1,508
Dauntless Nephilim

Magnus managed to grab the front of Alec's shirt before he went through the portal and stole a kiss, "For my good luck." he smirked then pushed Alec back into the portal. The evidence was save in Alec's hand and inside the Institute, at least he could warn them. All that he needed to worry was his fellow warlocks friends. It took all his strength to made another portal to a safe warehouse and another one to barricade the door. At the end he managed to escape, exhausted and a little bit bruised.


"I'm surprised, that coming from your lips. Was the kiss contaminating my reckless behavior to you or you speak in the name of love?" Dante murmured when she was beside him. He wiped the mixture on his face with his finger and sucked on it. It was too sweet for his taste.

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"Clearly the name of love." Katie joked, winking at him as she turned to her own mixture.

8/29/2016 #1,510

Alec stumbled back into the institute and exhaled slightly. He pulled out his stele and walked over to one of the safe keeping holes in the floor, unlocked it and placed it besides other important things. When his parents or Hodge were free, he'd show them.

8/30/2016 #1,511
Dauntless Nephilim

((I'm sorry D:))

"Hey let's go to my room and work that lips of yours-," Dante whispered sweetly, his eyes was seductive, lips quirked teasingly and Keenan hit him with a spatula.

"Promiscuous boy, go clean up your dirty hands along with that thoughts." he ordered.


((Skip? xD))

Magnus have been traveling back and forth to take care the guest inside his warehouse but he couldn't do this by himself. He hoped the shadowhunter would help. So he texted Alec after a week from the accident.

'Can I see you tonight?'

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Katie rolled her eyes "Dare I say, Keenan, you remind me of my Dad." She told him, before lowering the tone of her voice and mimicking "No boys under my roof unless you keep your bedroom door open"

9/12/2016 #1,513
Alec was training when the text came through, he paused and put down his bow before grabbing his phone, reading the text quickly and then replied 'Sure. Where?'
9/12/2016 #1,514
Dauntless Nephilim

"Your dad would be thankful you're not harassed by this guy." Keenan wanted to smack Dante again but Dante had moved to the other end the opposite of them.

"I think your dad's right." Dante said, he rubbed the spot where Keenan had hit him before, "No closed door, I prefer outside making-"

"If you continue that- I'll make sure you camp outside for the rest of your life." Keenan's cheeks was red as he started making pancake from the batter and Dante couldn't help but laughed at him.


'A lounge bar across downtown? Need to sit my azz while having your company' Magnus prevented himself to add a love emoji or bluntly asking if Alec wanted to be his chair, because that would be great. He smiled to himself as he checked his watch and fixed his scarf.

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Katie laughed as well, "Keenan, why are you so protective of me all of a sudden?" She asked. "I'm a big girl, I can take care of myself. Though I...appreciate the effort." She glanced at Dante, amused, wishing that he was serious about what he was saying. She did have a crush on him now after all. She then turned to Keenan. "Or is it him that you're worried about?" She joked.

9/13/2016 #1,516
Alec rolled his eyes, 'I'll see.' In other words; yes. 'When?'
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