All about Fang. Obviously. What's Fang's power? Why is Fang so quiet? And most important of all... DOES FANG LIKE MAX?
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People that LOVE fang AND HATE james Patterson for making DYLAN

7/30/2010 #1

I don't like either of them, but I do wish JP would have just stopped after STW. And used that book to wrap up the plot threads instead of giving us the lovely anticlimactic three books that followed.

Where the hell is ter Borcht, I want him back. F*** Fang and f*** Dylan, gimme some hot accented mad-scientist action up in this b***.

...seriously, he was set up and pitched to be the Darth Vader to Janssen's Palpatine, and then he has a few lines and disappears. What the f*** was that.

teal deer: I am not a p***, but would gladly reverse-cougar 100 percent of the mad scientists in MR.

7/30/2010 #2


He's an idiot for leaving Max like that. I hope he realizes that he's making a mistake. A HUGE mistake.

8/7/2010 #3
Welsh Gem


I have noticed smiliarites( soz i cant spell) betweeen Fang (droole) and Edward (Bleah): Both left the ones they love and know someone is trying to take their place in that girl's heart. Edward loves Bella and Jacob wants to tear them apart (b***) Fang loves Max and Dylan(F*** U) is trying to tear them apart(Gr...)

I say Max 2 should come back and Dylan loves her instead. I agree that Ter Botcht should come back. Maybe he should kill dylan. yeah.....I love ter borcht accent. I'm gonna go and have a look for any TB fanfics. *disapperes*

10/3/2010 #4
Welsh Gem

Damn their all slash with Jeb (shudder)not very intresting.

10/3/2010 #5

*dies laughing*

All right, sorry, that's my fault.

"MR5: End Game Wanna Play?" has ter Borcht in a starring role. Other than that... if you want to hang around until Novemberish I can whip up something with him. I'm not fond of accents, but what the hell.

10/3/2010 #6
Welsh Gem

interesting....I'l like to see some new experiments. Do u remember in Angel Experiment whaen they busted out of the school in New York? What happened to those experiments? After I finish the three FF's im working on (two almost done, one just started) I'm thinking of writing one with one of the experiments.

10/4/2010 #7

I rekon that Fang will find some of those experiments that were freed for his new flock... Oh and just a point. Dylan anoys the hell out of me he should just go back were he came from.

10/10/2010 #8

I figured Fang for more of an I Work Alone type, since new flocks reek of badfic to me, but eh.

...I'm fond of Dylan, but then again, I have a tendency to get attached to any and all fictional characters with the same eye color as me. Aren't too many green-eyed people in literature.

(I know, I know, they're 'turquoise', but goshdammit that's close enough to green for me. Also I want to be his gay bff.)

10/11/2010 #9
Welsh Gem

Is there ANYONE in Maximum Ride with proper GREEN eyes? They're either brown or blue *pouts*

Has anyone read the first 8 chapters of the next book yet? Other than moi?

1/23/2011 #10

Maximum Ride was an amazing series......until JP started up this junk about saving the world from Global Warming. In Max, it all started to sound like a poorly written FanFiction story with no apparent meaning to the story.

And Fang leaving was just the most BS thing I've read. Fang's my favorite character but Dylan sadly lacks any feeling and personality. He is just that random character that JP suddenly decided to put it after waking up one day. So totally did not mean to bash MR like that, but its the truth.

1/26/2011 #11

Fang is so freaking awesome. And i don't blame him for leaving... dylan and angel told him to. Soo... i wonder.... if dylan and angel just mysteriously killed, by me;), then he would come back. I absolutely despise Angel, she is a backstabbing, two-faced, full of herself, evil little genetic mutation gone wrong. Why can't she be like she was in the Angel Experiment, angelic and innocent. And don't even get me started on that creep, Dylan. EWWWWW...

4/2/2011 #12
Zenith's Nadir

Dylan is so STUPID!

James Patterson made him so there would be a plot twist but at the end, it will be FAX!!!

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7/11/2011 #16
Gasping For Breath

i hate dylan so much. i mean what the hell, it was perfect then HE showed up. screw him.

11/6/2011 #17

If it's perfect it's boring.

If it's boring no one wants to buy the books.

JP wants people to buy the books.

11/6/2011 #18
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