All about Fang. Obviously. What's Fang's power? Why is Fang so quiet? And most important of all... DOES FANG LIKE MAX?
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Preferably, those of you who don't ship Fax, but if you can argue convincingly or swear fluently, I invite you to join my party of soul-crushing over this way.

What are we doing?

There are these two fans who are convinced that Canon Is The Only Way, and I am determined to play Martin Luther to their indulgence-selling Catholic Church here. Even if I can't start my own religion or make a bunch of peasants revolt.

I know, I know, fandom is not my private army, but I know you guys (Maiyri, mergirl, carino, Supergirrl, I'm looking at you lot especially) care about this just as much as I do.

7/1/2008 #1

I. Like. Canon.

7/2/2008 #2

The problem is that they're having the kind of ZOMG KILL IT WITH FIRE response that makes me want to buy an ax and make Molotov cocktails. Canon = teh funz.

Freaking out over vanilla pairings?'


' -- really, we don't even have tentactle p*** or vore, not to even speak of bondage, domination, sadomasochism, I-could-go-on-all-night. I think the kinkiest we've ever gotten is a threesome, and it makes me sad when fans still freak out because OH MY LORDIE, THERE ARE THREE PEOPLE HAVING SEXUAL RELATIONS.

Edited twice because my connection is fail and my formatting mutinied.

7/2/2008 . Edited 7/2/2008 #3

My view:

Fanon + Canon= True luve.

Canon + Canon or Fanon + Fanon= True hate.

It's like positive and negative charges in science.

7/2/2008 #4

You kinda did stir them up. That thread was roadkill until you started it again.

I'd prefer to laugh at your futile efforts to educate the stupid people than get involved. ;) Pairing related Soul crushing is only fun if you're doing it en masse, not to two little kids who are on some s***-funny crusade to stop people smarter than they are from posting what they like (and are perfectly entitled to) on a public site.

This doesn't mean, however, that I won't join in at a later date.

7/2/2008 #5

It's fun because I'm doing it for the lulz, not because it makes any sense at all. Besides, the canon vs. fanon argument (and the Your Pairing Is Sick, Disgusting, and Wrong argument) have been argued many, many times before. XD.

7/2/2008 #6

Exactly. And what's the point of arguing without originality if it's that originality you're fighting for in the first place?

7/3/2008 #7

Wow. Someone's speaking in riddles today. *coughmilkcough*

Yeah... I like most of canon, but I have nothing against other pairings. Unfortunately, I'm not in the mood to torture little children today.

7/3/2008 #8

I'm in a start-w*** mood today, sooooo...

7/3/2008 #9

So uhh, what is Canon and Fanon, and all that jazz?

You have not idea how incredibly stupid I'm feeling right now.

7/3/2008 #10

THEY'RE MURDERING GRAMMAR *howls in despair*

Nathan, I join your quest to remove the idiots! With Soul Crushing!




Hi Raccchel! Why do you have three c's in your name? It's kinda different...

Canon - factual things from the books, in this case. Things that have happened.

Fanon - Things that have become so common in fanfiction that everyone thinks they're true or going to happen.

Fax is an example that fits somewhat between these. It's practically canon, practically happened in the books, but it hasn't quite yet. Niggy would be an example of a pairing that's fanon. there's very little supporting it except it's convenient.

7/3/2008 #11

Uhh, Hi.

I have three c's in my name because,, well i really don't know why, but you didn't have to write the three c's lol.

Okay, I get the whole canon, fanon thing now.

so everyone thinks that iggy and nudge are gonna hook up?

7/3/2008 #12

I would contest that, say, Faega is complete and utter fanon. (So are pretty much all the slash pairings, because JP seems pretty militant about the whole EITHER YOU'RE FAX OR YOU'RE CELIBATE bit.) The two characters never meet in the books.

7/3/2008 #13

It's not surprising. Omeaga has like, one scene, and it doesn't do him any justice at all...

7/3/2008 #14

Okay, you guys(namley Nathon-P) have got to stop using those big words around me, seriously.

I have no clue what your saying, and yeah I might sound stupid, but that's probably because I am.

so what does celibate mean(or w/e you put)?

7/4/2008 #15

Celibate = abstaining from sexual activity. Sometimes it's a religious thing, sometimes it's not seeing the attraction of sex, and for a lot of JP's characters, it's because they're villains.

7/4/2008 #16

Right...I totally got that.

7/4/2008 #17


Griffon is saying that JP's evil guys don't have sex or romance because he's biased and unfair about only good guys only going at it.

No gory hot r*** scenes for MR, you see, it's mostly all fluffy embarrased high school crushes~

7/4/2008 . Edited 7/4/2008 #18

True, true, it is all fluff,

but maybe he doesn't want to give teens the example that it's okay to get pregant.

7/4/2008 #19

The funny thing is that even grownup characters never do the nasty.

7/4/2008 #20

Because he thinks he's writing the books for kids, and kids shouldn't know about all that other stuff? I have no idea...

7/5/2008 #21

Yes, incredibly annoying.

"Uhh, yeah. JP? MR's in the Young Adult section... And yes, I DISINCTLY remember the 'sexy' mating ritual THE ELEVEN YEAR OLDS were having in your FIRST bird-hybrid series. And the adults were DOING it EVERYWHERE! You.... THING!"

But for the Fax thing- I personally like it, but STILL. The fandom is just- ugh. All the crappy writers are writing it, because they're too... crappy to think of anything else. And all the good writers shy away from the pairing, because the CRAP writers RUINED it!


7/5/2008 #22

So- you're saying alll the good writers should write Fax?

7/5/2008 #23

Even though disneydork said that about the whole fax thing, i think the gooood writers should write more fax.

7/6/2008 #24

Not all of them. We need diversity. I'm just saying that it's unfourtunate that due to the fandom's sudden growth, the better wrtiters, who may have originally supported Fax, just... don't.

Fax has been overdone to the extent of extinction.

Though there are some (good) writers who continue to write, because they were smart enough to stay away from other FanFics :P

But NO, we still need healthy diversity!

7/6/2008 #25


It's just stupid that the crappy fanfic writers had to ruin it for the good ones,

7/6/2008 #26


But hey, they're trying to improve. It's a free website, we can't kick them out. Everyone has a right to be here *sigh*.

7/6/2008 #27

Yah they're trying to improve, but they..well I don't have any room to talk, I haven't written any stories yet, haven't even tried. I know it's harder than it seems to write a story.

7/6/2008 #28


Besides, I'm one of those crappy Fax writers. I'm just trying to improve.

7/6/2008 #29


But I haven't even gotten to Two thousand words for the first chapter of my HP fic.

I know it seems like I'm whining, because I've been trying to write it for like, a month, it's just so writersblockish when I try to put the words together and they don't fit. I haven't written anything good in ages.

7/6/2008 #30
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