A War Has Begun
Here is another agents of SHIELD roleplay. I hope you all can join and come have a good time.
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The Demonic Sorgin
Here is where the RP will take place and it will start at the end of season 2
2/27/2016 #1
The Demonic Sorgin

Agent Melinda May was in the training room going at it with the punching bag. After losing Simmons to the Kree this was her best way at trying to think of an answer and to help her relieve the stress that she had building up.

Kollyn was in room pacing. Losing Simmons was hard on her since she had considered Simmons a great friends. She sat on her bed and crossed her legs. She breathed in slowly and closed her eyes. She tried to sense out Jemma but she was not in Kollyn's range. She signed and stood up. She walked out of the room and looked around slowly to make sure that no one was around as she walked through the base and walked towards the Kree. Coulson had given everyone strict orders to not go anyway near the Kree but Kollyn was hoping, if she got close enough, she might be able to sense Jemma's emotions, if she is still alive.

2/28/2016 #2
a daughter lost in hell
They had put a cuff on Summer, a tight metal band circling her wrist and bicep, and a small green light pulsed steadily on it as she pushed a strand of inky black hair back behind her ear and stepped forward, having caught sight of Agent Kollyn. "It was talking to me earlier," she said lightly, abruptly, indicating the Kree with a casual wave of her hand. The wristband's steady light did not flicker or change, but she knew from her first week in SHIELD custody to that if she showed signs of being violent it would be used to stop her immediately - a paralysing electric shock would be delivered directly to her nervous system, knocking her out with the same technology HYDRA's mind-wipe machine used. It wasn't a pleasant experience, and she had no interest in repeating it just yet.
3/1/2016 #3
The Demonic Sorgin

Kollyn looked over at Summer. "I talked to you earlier?" Kollyn looked back at the Kree. "I didn't realize it had that capability."

3/1/2016 #4
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